Also, was it just me or when Nanami talked to Shiina at the train station, she had a weird her Osaka accent I assume? But I disagree with your idea on how Mashiro could have been “fixed”. Likewise, instead of attempting to sugarcoat it and just saying it like it is, had a much greater effect and I felt quite moved by his speech. Atsuko Ishizuka Series Composition: It turns out, Shinji and a certain group of viewers had perhaps a little too much in common. Kimikiss Pure Rouge doesn’t seem to play by those rules since, Spoiler:

Megumi Toyoguchi as Chihiro Sengoku. Theron Martin Oct 1, For me, Best Girl rankings have been pretty clear throughout most of the series. It turns out that all the residents, in addition to being uncontrollable and weird, are outstanding in some way: At least, that’s what the novel reader told me. I have to give him credit this time around, for actually understanding the situation and finally spilling his guts to Mashiro. Chinese Taiwan cast none. Get a hour CrunchyRoll guest pass here.

Especially the final third just misses the energy and wit that made this series so addictive at the start. They crush me every time. Rita x Ryuunosuke makes a triumphant return, with her randomly being in Japan again, and Ryuunosuke actually hanging out with her in a non-forced manner.

Ikumi Hayama as Research Student B ep 6. I think one has what the other doesn’t.

Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Do not post Hentai here. Today, I get to add another to that list in the form of Banana Fish. Aoyama meanwhile still has a dodgy part in this: I’ll trust you on that: I am hoping they have a real, not BS, surprise and that the show has been a long con. This is bad ssakurasou. Nanami ship goes down in flames. I don’t really like Misaki just because I’m not a fan of the super-energetic types.


[Spoilers] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 22 [Discussion] : anime

Several episodes to build up a dramatic scene? Nanami has arguably gone through more suffering than anyone in this show and has been able to keep her head up the whole time, even at the end when she couldn’t bring herself to tell him how she felt about him and threw her support behind Shiina. Kaonjo actually really like that way in which that subplot is going: For Kemurikusa, episode 6 was a slow one, even slower than its standard and that says a lotbut the latest […].

I gotta comment in nq first hour after release or I get buried. Vonter I think people get too worked up on Preiew Hero. Drama that is just a bit too overblown. I’m running out of things to say about the show. For it to previfw a harem, the other girls actually need to have some sort of chance.

Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but I haven’t felt that show has been as mentioned as many other shows since. She was meant to be creepy.

It’s kind of a pity though that it looks like she didn’t hear Sorata’s full confession, but I’m sure this will be lead to an cute and awkward romantic moment on the school roof in the last episode or two, once Jin and Misaki’s plan is completed. This time we follow the cop who caught Shounen Bat, see a bit into organized crime and watch a man fall apart at the seams. J Musashino Production 8 episodes eps 2, 5,13, 16, 19, 22 xenron eps 5, TAP eps 18, 23 Triple A 18 episodes eps 1,8, Key Animation: Anonymous And so this episode of Kaze ga is a breather episode, but we do get some more character development with the twins.


Majora’s Mask has more in common to Link’s Awakening being more about the characters you meet, and even Link himself. It’s been while since I commented or watched anime Have you ever watched Shuffle? I can only recall one bad episode, which randomly introduced incest for no reason whatsoever. I actually agree that stuff like the cooking should have been explored way, way more thoroughly, and would have led to nice tension with Sorata as she became less dependent – but I still think that would have required starting with a more driven, unique, and believable Mashiro.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (TV)

A beautiful girl called Mashiro moves in who is an internationally known painter but is so devoted to art that she can’t even dress herself, and Sorata dpisode given the job of looking after her. I remain half-half on how I […].

Considering his anger-management issues, it wouldn’t have been beyond borders if he tore it up. This episode was really building them up to go down the predictable, dull and overused path. One ppreview on the new OP and ED by the way: She indeed is miles beyond Sorata and he can easily forget that. Also new Putin isekai chapter is out. They’re also starting to unravel more on Haiji’s past as well.