Sam and Cat are ordered by a lawyer to rename their babysitting business because it is too similar to the name of a popular kids’ TV show from the s, Salmon Cat. Sam breaks out and saves Freddie as he falls into the pit full of tuna fish. A gruff government agent named Mark Bonner confiscates the remaining soda at Handy Quick, and happens to see a sign advertising Sam and Cat as babysitters. Sam ends up texting with one hand, and Butler drops his phone on purpose to get back at his mother. Michael Eric Reid , who played Sinjin on Victorious. So they head to Bots next and look through security footage. She also wonders why her hair is blue, but finds out she was with Nona at Elderly Acres earlier in the day. Jet has to go to a scalp hospital and Dice gets the cover instead.

College Football Snares Top Spots”. Retrieved January 19, Meanwhile, Cat prepares to star in a play called Baberaham Lincoln where she portrays a British, female version of Abraham Lincoln. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The customer service representative from before approaches them, again with the cheerful attitude that this is a routine mishap, and brings them to a room full of items mistakenly taken by the drones: Sam and Cat must help convince her that he is a high school history teacher instead, because if she finds out his real job, she will take him back home to Louisiana.

When Kim reveals she wants a Fresno Girl doll more than anything, the duo agree to buy her one if she excels on her math test. They discover John Zakappa whom Goomer fought in the episode ” GoomerSitting” stole the motorcycle, and Cat handcuffed herself to Sak friend Hector. When Sam later accidentally damages Kim’s doll, she and Cat take it back to the store, only to face another steep price for the repair. The girls decide to look after Dice after he complains about episofe to go with his mom and aunt to Puzzle-Con for the weekend.

This is a one-hour drondbabydrone episode. Sam sees this and borrows a Spear Fisherman’s spear gun and shoots the truck down, which knocks out Del DeVille. Paul Coy Allen [27].

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Nona relays the same logic to Cat at Bots. Then, they all agree that Del would have been way better if they had never met him. Their landlord’s son, Dilben, threatens them with eviction as goats are not allowed in their apartment.


Sam rescues Cat and Dice, and Nora is taken to a maximum security prison. Retrieved April 10, — via TVbytheNumbers. Michael Eric Reidwho played Sinjin on Victorious. She then realizes Cat snooped and gets angry at her for doing so, but they make up quickly. Sam asks for Dice’s help in stealing a zebra-print lamp from the show so she can give it to Cat. Zoran Korach as Goomer.

Cwt and Cat soon realize that Dice never went to any poker game, but was instead dancing at a kid’s birthday party, to earn money to replace his mom’s laptop. As for Goomer’s t-shirt, it turns out he was wearing it backwards the entire time.

Sam agrees and they become roommates.

Sam and Cat then go to the house and confront those babysitters. To thank Sam, Cat lets her reside at her grandmother Nona’s apartment with her.

Sam & Cat – S1 E31 – Drone Baby Drone

Retrieved July 13, Even when Cat is able to get Poober away from Ellie through persuasion, which also leads Cat to blab epiode secret of where she and Sam stash their babysitting money, a small storage container disguised as a pineapple, Ellie finds a way to get Poober back. Meanwhile, Cat prepares to star in a play called Baberaham Lincoln where she portrays a British, female version of Abraham Lincoln.

They lock Dice in the safe as punishment for what he put them through. Never having wanted their revenge plot to escalate to death, Gwen and Ruby feel wretched about what they have done and quickly turn against one another, throwing a fit outside. Sam discovers a safe in her eisode closet, and attempts to crack it. Cat visits the girls to see what went wrong, dronebabyrone ends up trading her bike for bibble, a fictional popcorn snack that she covets.

After a grueling interrogation, Goomer requests chocolate milk, but upon receiving it, splashes the lady in the face and runs away with Dice in tow. When they don’t get the dog back, they threaten to return with a court order and a police officer. Retrieved July 3, They part ways the next day to calm down. College Football Snares Top Spots”. Dice and Goomer show up at the girls’ apartment and present a dronebavydrone, metal box that he claims to be used as a magic trick, which can make people disappear.


Sam and Cat search frantically for Dice, and learn from Gibby that Nora is responsible for his disappearance. Retrieved March 20, Episkde volunteers to jump the killer tuna fish. When the group enters an alleyway near Goomer’s apartment, three thugs try to steal his mom’s purse, prompting him to beat them up. Sam and Cat babysit Butler, a champion speed-texter, and discover that Sam is also a fast texter. Cat thinks this is crazy and episodw Sam’s place by locking her up.


Neither of them care to meet the Vice President of the United States, another prize for winning the competition. Sam dronebabydfone revenge by getting her twin sister Melanie Jennette McCurdy, reprising a dual role from the iCarly episode fronebabydrone out to Los Angeles from her boarding school in Vermontthen making up an illness known as “twinfection”.

Cat figures out the soda’s recipe and sales take off, yet the gang becomes paranoid and decides to shut production down. Dice gets his money back, Cat gets her bike back, and Sam gets her community service form signed. Butler is content with his consolation prize, a bike.

Retrieved July 16, They use Goomer’s toy rocket for Poober’s farewell, but before they launch the rocket, Ellie wants to have a drojebabydrone moment with her companion. While heading out to see her, Sam and Cat run into three kids, Chloe, Max, and Darby, whom Nona was supposed to babysit.

The gang meets with Zakappa to retrieve the motorcycle in exchange for his friend, but he gets tricked as Sam and Cat decide to keep Hector. TV by the Numbers.