Husna was the key point and the tragedy of haveeli.. Anyways ill be sure to check this one out, especially since I can come back to your reviews after each episode!! Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein Mom film. By sharing those opening Lines of Sanata.. Honestly I think a little bit of trimming here and there wouldve kept the freshness alive and as well as trimmed off at least 3 or so episodes. I would love to hear the real ending to Naseebans story..

And un ke get up ke tau kiya kehne! I mean ager is nay pari ki help k ilawa kuch nahi kerna tha tou itni museebat ki kia zaroorat thi ek sada saa banjara be-gher type character dikha detay …. Retrieved 3 February Again thanks to you and everyone else here for being such a great company on this journey and helping me keep hanging in there till the end. Keep up the good work! U never leave anything to comment..

I agree about the side tracks and how well the looped back to connect with the main one, but as I said above, I think 28 episodes was a bit too much and particularly for a complex story like this one… this was infact one of the main reasons behind the missed reviews.

She said k hum puri tarah involve rehtay thay takay hum ne jaisa likha hai waisa hi character concieve ho Like Like. Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Us get-up k kisi b insan pe koi kaisay yaqeen kr sakta hai chahay un-parh log hi hon… Us k baad me husna aur babban ka track b nae enjoy kr saki.

Archived from the original dfama August 19, As much as i liked the ending and the meaning behind it.

Kahani Raima Episodde Manahil Ki. That last narration, along with the opening one, was the crux of the story and to have that cut off is really lame. Tamam umar woh Ruqqya ban-nay ki koshish karti rahi… Woh keh jati, kar jati jo khud Ruqqaya bhi nahin kar sakti thi… Magar sab tha Ruqqaya ka….


Retrieved 3 Episde Living people Actresses from Lahore Pakistani female models Pakistani television actresses 21st-century Pakistani actresses Pakistani film actresses ddama Pakistani actor stubs.

Video is violating privacy. Mager shukr hai aap ain tou! As i know ppl who left watching this play coz of unneccassiry dragging, which hurt me as a fan… At the end, Sannatta introduced me to Ayesha, and Ayesha introduced me to SZ.

Used to discuss your SZ reviews with my cousin Rehmat and always praised your style.

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Pari was the one deemed mentally unstable right from the get go. Retrieved from ” https: I agree with FA about the connection to the main track and why it needed to be there, but the way it was dragged out aannata no impact on the sannara turnout, except to pad the episode count.

And i m thankful to her, as ur reviews r always brilliant. Maine kuch pics dekhi. By sharing those opening Lines of Sanata. Ahmed Habib Ki Betiyan. In honour of the day I meet my beloved who has lured me so long, O Khusro!

I think ive gotta b the worst at that!

Sannata Episode 27 – video dailymotion

U pulled devout audience to sannata. Show All Video results.

The way the drama had ended several things could have happened. Us get-up k kisi b insan pe koi kaisay yaqeen kr sakta hai chahay un-parh log hi hon… Us k baad me husna aur babban ka track b nae enjoy kr saki Like Like.

No matter how fabulous a story, seven months is way too long. Aap to bilkul meri behen nikleen. And haan he was played pretty badly by R. Bht achi actress hai, ab modeling pe km concentrate karen tau sajnata ho Like Like. Na nind naina na ang chaina, Na aap aaven na bhejen patiyan, Sleepless eyes, episod body, neither comes she, nor any message. Hindi film debut [15] [16] [17].


I m waiting for few episodes of Pehchan to pile up, phr dekhna start karun gi aur ap k reviews b parhun gi… Have u seen promos of Adhoora milan? Sannata was def a one off and much as we might complain etc, our comments are more a reflection of our engagement with the story rather than a negative critique of the serial. Saji Gul has simply amazed me at every step and character that how one word. Husna was the key point and the tragedy of haveeli.

What were we supposed to see and what it meant.

This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat Those wigs should be thrown out ASAP! It was lovely to interact with you earlier on in our discussions on your Sannata, and its a pleasure once again to hear from at the end of this journey. Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali appreciated, but future uncertain”. Apa bi sahi kehti theen… Ruqqaya ka naam, Ruqqaya ki gurya, Ruqqaya ka d ulha, Ruqqaya ka hasad aur phir Ruqqaya ki maut bhi… Sab cheen liya Dayan ne….

All Azam does in this drama was to shout at his family members for degrading Ruqqaiya, shout at Ruqqaiya for always taking side of Pari and when Pari gets married to Azam, he starts shouting at Pari.

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