Rachna didn’t know the truth. The Times of India. Watch the entire episode to find out if Kabir gets too late to make the move. Om is now aware that his brother Lalit was the one who had killed his wife, Divya and he points a gun towards Urvashi Lalit’s wife to stop Lalit from harming Rachna. She apologizes to everyone for an earlier incident. At market Mayank again meet Gunjan but she didn’t recognize him and even slapped him for stalking her.

The show premiered on 21 May at 2: Rachna walks and shows and says should she dance now to prove she is fine. Rachna didn’t know the truth. Charu gets exposed and is arrested by police. The show ends on a happy note where all family members pose for a group photo. Roopal Tyagi , Alka Mogha. Gunjan finally comes across a painting and realizes that the secret passage lies behind this painting.

On mahashivratri Gunjan expose Vihaan in front of all family members.

However, she decides to forgive Kabir for the past but is heartbroken to see Kabir not bothering to even talk to her.

Rachna feels miserable seeing the love of her life that had gone far away from her, once again making an entry into her life but refusing to make any move.

IPL continues to affect channels”. Mayank and Gunjan later leave behind their past differences and are ready for a new beginning. On the other hand, Seema Mayank’s mother and Sangeeta create misunderstanding between Gunjan and Mayank. Rachna says she will goes to the trophy and thinks she will clear every sapme and prove she is no less.

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She says she wants a daughter like her every birth and says she knows she must have asked Mayank to stay away. Omkar gets shocked to see Rachna and talks rudely with him because his wife resembles her. Zee Rishtey Awards [36]. Vihaan learned a good lesson. Rachna who is scared of dogs fears that a dog named Damodar may follow her and Dhollu.


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Next morning charu is talking about FOTY to sangeeta in kitchen and is praising that rachna is good in sports and will win. Gunjan comes out searches for rachna while Charu enters and pours shampoo on the floor and puts water on it smirking.

Everyone wants rachna go to the doctor and get an X ray done and take rest. Sneha has video recorded every moment that she had spent with Gunjan.

Charu creates a problem between Gunjan, Rachna and other family members. Meanwhile, Rachna’s entire family decides to ladaakpan Rachna far away as this would keep her busy and preoccupied. Zee Rishtey Awards [37]. Everybody gets extremely shocked when Shail tells that Mayank and Gunjan need to gull from each other. It shows, stages in their lives including love, marriage and other problems faced by young women. On the day of Gunjan’s ‘Godbharai’, Mayank announces that Rachna is pregnant and everyone is elated with the news.

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Chaya forcefully hands over the magazine to Rachna and leaves. He follows her but didn’t meet her. Everyone tries to help rachnashe jerks off gunjan s hand. Roopal TyagiAnkit Gera.

Later, both Mayank and Gunjan go to their respective homes and tell their families that they have failed to unite with their partners. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Mayank continue to search for the secret passage that will lead to Rachna. Both Mayank and Gunjan seem extremely excited and in his excitement, Mayank even mistakes a lady to be Gunjan but later apologizes to laakpan. Vaishnavi MahantShakti Singh. Chaya tells Rachna that she should get dressed up like a celebrity for their farewell party.


In order to prove her love, Rachna decides to take care of Bitu and leaves the house. Rachna strikes two goals, the crowd starts cheering for her, Mr.

Chaya, therefore, requests Rachna to take the magazine home. Mayank removes gunjan s pic from his purse and talks to it and promises the day he gets courage he will let go of her and the picture but not now. In week 6, with the rating of 4. The show is full of hope, aspirations, wish, longing, desire and yearning. Gunjan finally comes across a painting and realizes that the secret passage lies behind this painting. Mayank joins Gunjan college to get her back.

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On the engagement day leaving of Rachna he put a ring on Gunjan hand and got engaged to her. On her way home, Rachna meets her friend Chaya. Sign in Recover your password. Charu is happy that she will widen the differences between the two sisters.

Welcome, Login to your account. On the other hand, Rachana who is from a small town Benaras is shy and introvert. Mayank is trying his best to get back Gunjan. Gunjan teaches a lesson to Mithu who has taken an inappropriate picture of Rachna. Archived from the original on 3 March Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz.