Meanwhile, Monisha strives to resolve the rift between father and son, but fails. Indravadan is visited by Yamraj. After reciting the chant, whatever Sahil says shall happen. To teach her a lesson, he hires an actress to play a sexy maid. When Monisha sees the maid, she becomes very jealous and agrees to keep the house clean and take care of the other responsibilities also. Sahil and an engagement party 13 years ago. Maya, as is the norm, criticises Monisha for her lack of sophistication.

Best family comedy tv show in India 3. However, Sahil is more upset after the suggestion. Maya has bet with Indravadan that she can make fool of Sahil. IMaya loses her memory and even forgets her son Rosesh. Dinesh, while playing a card game with Indravadan, drinks something and dies. Everyone recalls Dushyant causing a blackout. His eyes have been blindfolded by Monisha!

Monisha fasts for his recovery. The Sarabhais are faced with the prospect of their house being demolished and are unable to find their lease papers.

Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. It is a magical time for the Sarabhais because of The Midas Chant which makes whatever Sahil say come true. The family then ends up watching their performance except for Sahil. The funniest part was his father Indravadan and sister-in-law Marrigae queen of bargains bargaining the ransom with the goons.


Yamraj for Indravadan Ep 64 Jan 26, Rosesh gets kidnapped Rosesh, played by actor Rajesh Kumar, was kidnapped in one of the episodes. How do I follow my topics’ performance? Indravadan fakes her report to scare her. Rosesh and Indravadan fight 13 years ago.

Indravardhan Sarabhai and Rosesh Sarabhai have

Rosesh in love with Youyou Ep 61 Jan 5, Monisha Dreams of Maya Ep 55 Nov 20, He obliges, but Indravadan is hypnotised again, when he refuses to believe that Siddharth had hypnotised him. Edit Storyline The mannat is fulfilled and Rosesh is all set to marry Jasmine.

As a birthday wish Maya gives Indravardhan his bachelorhood.

After that she totally loses her voice. Yamraj for Indravadan 13 years ago.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Reunion!

Indravadan makes fun of Sahil publicly and they have a fallout. Maya wants to gift them a house but is made fpisode that things are not in order as far as ownership is concerned.

Later Rosesh gets stuck on a bridge but Sahil saves him. When everything fails, Indravadan gets very tensed and Maya tells him that it was just a prank.

A jealous Maya asks Monisha to give it all away to charity. We look at the 10 funniest episodes from the show. Safabhai refuses to attend his college reunion.

Ila behen, Madhu Phoopha and Sarita arrive, they try to hide that fact that Dinesh is dead. Most sarabhaj shows on TV Hotstar 2.


Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Here are 10 best episodes from the hit TV show

Nilima and Sahil Ep 31 May 29, Poetry competition between Indravadan sarxbhai Roshesh Ep 54 Nov 13, The party, ironically, is cancelled. This time it is funnier and more insane”. When he talks about that, she gets angry and fights with decides to leave the house.

This proves to be a disaster for everybody. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Maya, Monisha, men and women Ep 17 Feb 20, Maya and Monisha fight to accompany orsesh. Maya is also suspicious about a phone call that Indravadan received.

List of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai episodes – Wikipedia

Sahil and Monisha getting married 13 years ago. What are the hilarious incidents that ensue? They aarabhai to Sarabhais for help. Watch Sarabhai vs sarabhai on hotstar.