He asks her are you…….. Kusum requests Kabir at last. He says I visited by the place where Saraswati used to go, and there is the lake in which.. She says you are alone there. Saras hears this and says donkey. He practices saying Miss. He says I want to ask you something, Do you like Kumud.

The girl is fat and with specs. Sunny shows his hand, Rupal says you will not get married. Kumud and the principal come to meet Mr Shukla. He looks around for Anushka. Its morning, Kusum asks Danny to go and pick Anushka. He says my wife loves me a lot, I feel to come Delhi.

Saraswatichandra can’t sell pots

They say our parents are stopping us from going to school. Aww bless kabir brought the wrong kusum friend home.

Vidyachatur says once this school matter ends, you guys go. She says my husband wants to talk to you. He says he was busy. Saras thinks he will be having a love marriage that the whole family will see. He asks her are you……. She asks Saras to show his hand. The principal tells Kumud that they have no other option except waiting.

Kusum thinks what to do and she smiles seeing Kabir. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Saraswatichandra 27th May Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Its morning, Kusum asks Danny to go and pick Anushka. They say how can they be so careless, what will we do if anything happens to kids. She asks why and gives the phone to him. Mr Sharma’s behavior seems weird to Saras, as he keeps making non-sense comments and blaming the cook.

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Kumari calls Saras, and asks him to sit. He says I will talk to them, go home and get the books. Saras hears this and says donkey. Kumud waits in the minister’s office with the school principal as per the appointment.

She closes the door and asks Saras whats this. She asks hows everything in Mumbai, he says everything fine. She asks him to pick her friend Anushka from saraswatidhandra stop. This includes cookies from epksode party social media websites and ad networks.

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After two hours they are informed that the minister is suddenly going out of station for some urgent work. He fails to avoid it and goes to receive Anushka with much disgust. He looks around for Anushka.

Saraswatichandra: 27th May; Kumud-Saras To Stay Apart For Longer! (Pics)

He says my wife loves me a lot, I feel to come Delhi. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Kusum talks about Anushka. The principal says fine, this meeting is important, lets take two days later appointment. He becomes more irritated seeing her, as she is utterly stupid and talkative. The Episode starts with Kusum talking to Anushka and asking her to come.


Kumud and the principal come saraswwtichandra meet Mr Shukla. Episkde says how can this be your best friend Kusum.

He says a meeting is going on, please wait. Kabir takes her and leaves.

Ghuman says no one gets all the things easily, and she will tell him when to leave for Mumbai. Saras visits the school and sees children playing outside. Kusum requests Kabir at last. Badimaa says I m unable to concentrate on the marriage finction, Vidyachatur says I will focus on you and Kumari now. They say Kumud has broken our trust by making fake promises to us.

Its really about the heart. Saras comes in the hall and looks at the Bhagwaan, he smiles and goes to the Mandir.