Parties, leather and total disrespect, which I guess makes Strong Bad like them so much. Let’s get out of here before he starts singing again. Your ship is given two bombs per life, so it is best to use them only when about to die. We’ve reunited the Two-O-Duo! You can access this map at any time by clicking the map icon in the top left part of the screen. Try using the Butter Bucket on it.

Let’s get out of here before he starts singing again. But for now we’ll keep it. Time to up the ante. We’ve got the Cool Car. These are always awarded in the same order: It may be downloaded and printed for personal use. Also included, if you’re interested, is a link to the first part of the previous episodes. Bubs reveals that although the battle is ready, with all the taxes and fees you only have half as much as you need to fix your Fun Machine.

We then cut away to our band on our own stage. We still need a few more things for our awesomeness.

Where can I get more Strong Bad? Your cursor will change to show the icon of the object.

Baddest of the Bands Walkthrough

Go ahead and examine the Star to take it. Battle of the Band Stages. Use Fake Sword on The Cheat. Guess he’s still a little sore about all that name calling.

Perform the best rock show with D. Is there anything else that might set her off? We’ll find some use for it. Pom Pom seems upset that we’re playing these records, so I guess we’ll just head home for now.


Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands – Guides and FAQs

Talking to him walkthough Marzipan a second time will tally up a fifth Expression of Affection. Man, if you can’t trust a known criminal with the word “Bad” in his name, who CAN you trust? Pom Pom unfortunately doesn’t notice, but it did make another box appear out of thin air!

Simply load the autosave and you’ll be in Extended Play. Try to use the Bleach on the pond.

Steam Support – Strong Bad Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands – Gameplay or technical issue

Coach Z will dance to his walkhhrough. Talk to the Limozeen cutout. Guess someone’s got to fix it He’s helping set up the battle of the bands and was once part of the band Two-O-Duo, but broke it up after he felt Coach Z became a wimp. Take a look at that album cover from Strong Mad’s room. What’s going on here? What you will have now, however, are some entry forms to give to the bands.

Touch the microwave next to the fridge to get a, ahem, shocking surprise. Let’s continue on into the kitchen. After that, head to the DOI stage wxlkthrough grab the Limozeen coloring book. Why’s he still wearing the security jacket? Use your Camera on Limozeen to take a picture of them dumping the Bleach into the pond. Next, use the Bat Hutch on the Washer. Fortunately, sabotage is something Strong Bad excels at. Grab German Hat and use on Homsar. Unfortunately, she catches you again.


You can get zapped again by trying epiode unplug the Lappy. Next, head into the TV Room and check the couch. You’ll Reconize him as a whiney sack of gray dump Clicking on him means you want to talk to him. Examine eplsode records next to Bubs’ turntable.

Take the Fake Sword and Bats. The New Hire Songs: I guess he forgot about those forks he stuck in there yesterday! You’ll want that billy walkthfough leaning next to the stage. He won’t be strong enough to cut it, but the King of Town will suddenly notice and, in a gluttonous rage, he’ll swing at the lobster with his axe-like guitar. Sign up for free!

Wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle, go! There are four stylish Limozeen souvenir shot glasses scattered about featuring the likenesses of the band’s long-haired members.

Head downstairs into the Laundry Room and use the Bleach on the Washer. They had previously split up the duo after Coach Z got soft, and Bubs refused to bscgfap about him. But what are the odds of that? You won’t have walkthrokgh Bat Hutch or Zen Rock any more.

Continue going left, picking up the Whale map marker, until you reach a white picket fence.