Moving to a more populated part of LA with possible crazy fans and less security will not help them any. Elton John as Elton John. I feel like they’d fix a lot if they just passed a law that acknowledged your individual right to take pictures of people in public places but banned selling pictures that are specifically taken of other people without their consent. He was saying that he would be the greatest rapper of all time before The College Dropout was even released. When I had first moved out here I went to my bank and next door I think it was Shyrel Crow was shopping with her daughter. I also don’t know but can only imagine the other side of the fence.

Pretty accurate description of social media. I don’t have anything personal against these people, but to see them decrying the paparazzi, when they could just as easily be thanking them for keeping them relevant This is actually an awesome idea. The idolizing of celebrities has become a fucking disease. The dude went off the deep end. Before in small tribes this was useful, now we look at the stars even though this is mostly pointless.

Lil Wayne did the same thing after “Tha Carter 3” with his album “Rebirth”. Post Share on Facebook. Here’s the link http: A few days ago TMZ or some trash like that came on after the show I was watching. One must cultivate an image. Papparazzi just need to fuck off.

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It’s a supply and demand issue for the celebs. Man the fuck up you rich bitches. That pisses us off too. If you don’t want to be hounded, stop seeking fame. If you want to keep being as famous as you are then you have to accept this as a way of life. RIP the ‘Through the Wire’ days Unless you know for sure don’t call a photojournalist a paparazzi.


There can be a notion behind it of just consuming and sitting in front of the TV all day every day, never doing anything, but since the video does go that step and say “dont even listen to NPR” it does not sellebrify that message imo.

Don’t know how but it works. Celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur gives an all access pass to life behind the velvet rope and in front of the camera. To all the people complaining about how the American Dream is now to be famous Look at all these fast cuts.

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Movoe a watch if your looking for a film on this topic. Really grinds me gears. Already have an account? Click ‘spoiler’ after posting something to give it a spoiler tag!

Exactly, Garner used the paps to push the whole wholesome family image for her and Afleck whilst he was campaigning for mlvie Oscar and is now complaining about the intrusion. Then the editor, told me, no you don’t understand, he’s expecting you, this is how fame works.

The irony of this shit is off the charts – every single celebrity in this trailer wanted to be famous!

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Sadly the guy who posted this took it down. In those photos, she is attending public outings, events and the like.

The sellenrity monkeys were also willing to pay with more juice to see female monkeys’ hind quarters. Or if its that bad move outside Hollywood, right? They are the scum of the earth and I wish there were more people like you out there. Spike Lee, literally black Hitler. Some people are interested in driving, playing golf, watching football etc. I personally think k a year is a pretty decent salary.



Everybody is a celebrity in their own little world now. The sellebrith is a double edged sword for famous people. You can’t deny she has a nice butt though. Do you complain about the affirmation-based romantic films that insist that everyone has a super handsome guy waiting for them?

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist aatch rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Jan 11, Rating: It doesn’t help that he’s clearly wrong at times see: Mazur miscalculates when he tries to direct viewers’ outrage at stars’ inability to walk down the street without getting cameras thrust in their faces.

Marc Anthony as Marc Moviie. It’s only a good thing that he wasn’t. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In a crowd, the subject of the photo isn’t an individual, it’s the crowd. The impulse to look at these “celebrity” monkeys was so strong, it superceded thirst. Bitch I’mma let you finish in a minute. Their job is to make entertainment, that’s it.

To make 3 million dollars at that rate it would take 30 years.