You be careful not to wake your son. Now fond plastic tits. Full Cast and Crew. A cruel chain of events turns a quiet, introvert boy from a desolated adoption Center into a fierce leader of a group of ruthless youngsters, who decide to take revenge of the world that has done them nothing but harm. So you are, young man. What did you do with the translation? I mean, life after death, ghosts

Don’t break the door. Toronto International Film Festival Even when I am with her, she’s not there. Dr Karpuzovski Vanja Radmilovic You get everything on a silver platter. If your mother didn’t teach you how to show respect, I can’t, either!

An old woman got into our place Do you want help? To return on Macedonia; it seems like Manchevski wanted to show both beautiful and ugly sides of his land.

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A crash like that! They can’t go back to their world. He had an upstairs veranda. The old folks say these poor souls suffer plenty. That’s what you keep saying all your life. I do everything for you, and this is makedonsk I get? Are you trying to give me your number? We viewers are drawn into the story with ease, cause it is very interesting to wait till the end to found out what is happening with our main character. Look what I got, Lazar. So, tomorrow back to work, Mr. My bones are whole.


Menka, talk to me! Your wife doesn’t want to return with you?

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I like experienced men. If you can’t find these And it’s not because I’m old. Only in the movies. Will you come in? Well, she’s my mother. We’ve been waiting 34 years for someone who can hear us.

Did you call the police? If she dies my mom’s going to kill me. Who wants to play with me? I was born marked.

Mother was pregnant with me, big as a house! Have you no shame?

Senki milco mancevski cel

Are you going to fix the world? Your next bathroom fixtures. Zoran, a boy of 11, witnesses the horrors of war. Because no one else can see us. You’re right as rain. I need these books. I want to ask you He’s like you, a little fish.

If it weren’t for your mother, God bless her, bless her golden hand Doris, come here, girl! His wife and child don’t live with him any more and soon he starts having appearances of strange people who are asking from him do to something. You were here yesterday?


You don’t care about anyone. What do you mean “got in”? Do you see what you are doing to him? Whose are these bones? Then you realize it’s become too late. Consider the entire matter under control.