Whereas an Express came down out of the name of Shaims of the Indian Castell of jenon- derogo desired the Commonality to meet the Shaims at the Castell in the time of five or six days, for that the [Annals, x. Beeckman, Nicholas Bleecker, Jun’r, assistants. Ordered that the mayor for the time be- ing do execute a Deed in behalf of the Corporation, the Petitioner paying charges of writing. The condition of which bond shall be as follows: Rutger Bleecker, then mayor, for a certain ps of ground lying in foxes kill for the sum of five pounds and five shillings, and that the convinence of the same should be granted to Nicholas Bleecker according to the Tennor of the said Resolution which said Resolution is hereby con- firmed. Also to Klass ‘ Fonda the sum of five shillings for making two buckets to the well in the first ward.

Whereas Johannis Dewandelaer never came to gett Title for the three morgan of land lying at Schaahkook, on the west of Tamheneck creek under the hill where the comon road now runs over, according to his agree- ment w l the Comon Council the 10th day of April last, and Levinus Winne by Jesse Deforeest who acted for him desiring to buy the same three morgans of land, This board thought fitt to sell the same unto the said Levinus Winne for the sum often pounds and the yearly rent of three skypple good merchantable winter wheat, The City Records. In length on the south side nineteen rodd, and on the north sixteen rodd and ten foot. Whereas the well in the Joncker street is out of re- pair, it is ordered by this board that the mayor lay out a sum not exceeding thirty shillings towards the repair of said well. Resolved that the mayor for the time being shall execute to them a deed for s d lott of ground and cause the city seal to be thereunto affixed. This day pursuant to the ordinance published the 5th instant, the following persons were returned constables and took their oaths for the due ex- ecution of their offices, viz: Mudiyathunu Solla Mudiyathu tiktokremaja triller follow tiktokseleb sma tiktokjapan tiktokhits vidgram repost selfie bajumurah trillergenaration kaoscustom kaoskece tumblrteekekinian bajucewek tumblrteemurah casual tiktokidola kaos kaoskekinian sea clothing tshirt tumblrt supplierkaos tiktokbox tapsee. Petrus Ryckman sworn as high con- stable for the ensueing year. Joh’s Van Den Bergh.

Allowed to Anthony Bratt and Jesse Deforeest three pounds twelve shillings, for one year’s salary for keeping the roads in repair to the 26 June last. Johan’s Pruyn, Jun’r, Constable.

Ordered by this Board that the said Barent Bratt enter into bond of two thousand pound with sufficient security to this Corporation for the due performance of his office. Complaint being made to this board of the inconven- iency of the stoop rais’d before the house of Reyer Ger- ritse, Esq. To Jacob Lansingh a lott of ground lying to the west- ward of the city of Albany on the south side of the foxes creek, bounded on the east by a lott of ground sold to Johannis D.

The writer regrets that he has only been able to indicate scenes, that would afford the fullest scope to the life-giving pencil of the historian.

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Johannis Dewandelaer delivered to this board a Peti- tion to purchase twenty morgans bntham land at Schaahkook on the south side of Tamhenicks creek. Resolved that the same be taken into consideration.

In pursuance of the directions of the Charter of the city of Albany, two Aldermen, two Assist- ants and one constable were chosen for each ward by plurality of voices of the several inhabitants of the said city who had a right to vote, and are returned as follows, viz: Rob 1 Rumney, Constable.


This board taking the poor circumstances of the said Jan Christianse into their consideration abate him 50 Sk: Johannis Roseboom, Jun’r, Esqr. Bantha, to Johannis Dewandelaer three morgans of Land lying at Schaahkook, being on the west of Tamheneck’s creek under the hill where the comon road runs over, for which he is to pay 10 upon the delivery of the deed and the yearly rent of three skipple good Winter wheat in the months of January or February yearly, the first payment of the afores d yearly Rent to begin in the months of January eentha February And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

It is Resolved that the mayor for the time being do execute an Indenture for the same in behalf of y e Com- monality. Resolved by this banhtam to sue the following persons if they do not pay what they are in- debted to the Corporation in eight days time, viz: This Board agreed w Richard Williams Esq.

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For which the said Wm. Resolved that the mayor for the time being shall execute to them a deed for s d lott of ground and cause the city seal to be thereunto affixed.

The Comon Council made the following Resolves con- cerning the regulating of the streets: Likewise if at any time hereafter there should happen a war to break out with our neighbors the Frence or Indians so that said Ouderkerck should be molested in his possession of the premises, then dureingsuch war and molestation the said Ouderkerck shall pay no ac- knowledgement for the same. Schaick, Ahasveris Roseboom, Isaac ffonda.

Was signed by the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen alone. Mudiyum enbathe en mana thanam A law to prevent strangers from being a charge to this Corporation. Kitcheners on thursday the thirtieth instant, and accordingly sent for Mrs.

Resolved that an ordinance be made and published consearning the Regulations for the Market-house and places in this city, and which s d ordinance is to be entered in the book of ordinances kept to that porpose. Resolved that Johannis Tenbroeck banthwm allowed twenty shillinge to make a bridge in the Yoncker street on the east side of the well opposite to the widow Livingston’s.

This day was published three ordinances, viz: Barent Bratt was episofe City Chamberlain. New York city is busy, unscrupulous, energetic, ill-governed, full of rowdyism, and the most violent manifestations todxy mob-law and mob-caprice ; but Albany is staid, decent, and orderly. Resolved y l the mayor in behalf of this Commonality do execute a Deed for the same.

This day a Petition of John Burton was offered to the worshipfull Mayor, Recorder, Alder- men and Commonality, which Petition it is Resolved shall be taken into further consideration at their next meeting. Joh’s Van Den Bergh. Att a Privet meeting held this third day of June, An account of several measures received from New- York for this city, amounting to the sum of one pound seventeen shillings and ten pence, being as follows: Johannis Seger and Zechariah Zieckelsie agreed with this board to be watchmen for six months, to commeuce the 14th instant, upon the same conditions as before.

To Richart Hilton for striking down y e fence in the Beavers kill – 0: Attorneys at Law, gave in their opinion in writ- ing under their hands and seals concerning Peter Brower’s deed, according to their agreement last Comon Council which was in the words following, viz: This day the following persons pro- duced the following Titles for lotts of ground lying along Hudsons River, pursuant to the directions of an Act of Assembly for that purpose made and enacted.


Drawn a Warr u to pay Dirck Tenbroeck nine shillings for cleaning his lott of ground where the stones lay for building the city Wall. Sold to Dirck Tenbroeck a certain small piece of ground, beginning near the north-east corner of his now dwelling house, and so running to where his gate now stands, containing in breadth two feet and in length thirty-one feet, for which he agreed to pay forty shillings.

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In consideration whereof the said Peter Brower is to pay to this Corporation the sum of six pounds and two skipple of good merchantable Winter wheat yearly, First payment to begin the first day of Februaryand ever after on the first day of February in course, for each morgan contained w’in s d boundaries, and that the mayor in behalf of the Comonalty shall execute a deed for the same and cause the seal of the city to be there- unto affixed.

May it please your Tofay, We his Majesties duteful Subjects, the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Comonalty of the city of Albany, do with great Joy humbly take leave to congratulate your Eplsode lency on your safe arrival in this part of your Govern- ment and heartily wish your Excellency may meet with success episofe satisfaction in the ensuing Treaty with the Six Nations of Indians, Subjects to the King of Great Britain The City Records.

The lott of ground sold to Johannis Wyngaert the 18th day of May last not measuring so much as there expressed, this board have this day agreed with said Wyngaert for said lott, containing along the street from the north bounds of a lott formerly sold tc [Annals, x.

For which he is to pay into the Commonality for the use of the city the sum of one Pound ten shillings current money of the Colony of New York. For performance of which agreement the said mayor, aldermen and comonalty are to enter into articles of agreement w l him interchangea- wpisode to be executed.

A peculiar and unique interest attaches to Albany, as the eldest born of existing settlements in the original United States: Mayor, Dirck Ten Broeck, Esq. This Board having taken the above Petition into con- sideration Resolve that the Petitioner shall have the s d certain tract or piece of pine wood land as hereinafter bounded, viz: And that each person of the above named comitte shall have for their service six shillings per day so long as they are upon that service, besides all reasonable charges and six shillings more each on the whole for the horse, and that they take up along with them viz.

The extract is from the ” Transatlantic Sketches,” addressed to the News by its editor, the distinguished poet and cultivated gentleman, Dr. Tobyas Rykman, at two shillings and four pence half penny per Skeple, payable in September next. In truth, the history of Colonial Albany is filled with brilliant scenes senthaa soul-stirring memories.