And also wrong, come on my friends. I feel very mixed about this episode: I laugh and clap my hands in delight. We spend some more time in the police station, because Don has been arrested along with Malay photographer, who has been arrested for allegedly setting off some explosions, and Don feels compelled to get him cleared, and in the hopes that clearing him will help him work out who attacked Joan. Sam Callaghan Joan Chen This is the second job that the detective agency has taken from the company; first the investigation to bribes last episode, and now investigating who is watering down the medicine that the company is paying for at the hospital. You never have any good idea. Serangoon Road is a detective series set in in Singapore.

Inspector Amran 9 episodes, Don Hany Stars In: I have some questions during this scene. Kok Tao Aunty 6 episodes, Ted Maynard She speaks Singlish to emphasise her point and does kind of okay at it. Just as someone says yes, Don sees a dude with a hawk tattoo leaving a shack. The episode opens at the boat shed, where Alaric talks about how with a few more good jobs of easy money, he can buy a new boat.

Sam is all of that. So Don is running and Claire and Frank are getting into the car Frank steps away. It is all part of an elaborate scam run by the Secret Society. Singapore was also a major character in the b plot of evil mobster Kay Song and gambling addict Alaric Tay who tries to wager his half of the boat he and Don own. The heartbeat of the nation stems from one main artery that runs through the island.

This is all very sinister and then roda comes to nothing? Implies that Frank enjoys the good life while others try to save to company money. Singaporeans acting great in mando though. She stiltedly attempts to talk to him about his dream, he turns on the radio and they start dancing.

Cat Hogan returns to Episde Meath upon her mother’s sudden death – she has an accident at home and died or was it an accident? This storyline, this episode, this work and this show? Don swings to a stop at the kampung and leaps out of not the Kombi.


Then the street explodes.

But the acting was average at times, and the script was poor. Please hold while I ask my mum. In the Dragon House, the Tiger General is watching his coffin being made, as is a tradition.

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Goofs Some of the telephone sets used are Singapore Telecoms standard telephone sets from the ‘s. Claire who adds nothing of interest and fun to this show follows the Malay trader down an alley where he gets aggressive and tries to sell her some sex and then his buddies come to steal her purse and Don comes to rescue her, which a racist and b oh what a surprise, thanks everybody.

Use the HTML below. Kay Song perhaps will have episofe to do with it. I am not shipping CIA dude with Pamelyn, on the grounds that no.

Don gets angry because now the professor is going to die from his wounds, presumably ; Alaric reminds Don that he was about to be hanged and Don was the one who made the original deal with Ario. Don ends up really sweaty and is all shirtless, and this show continues to fan service. Don tells her to do better than CIA dude. We cut to some American sailors in Bugis Street, eating hawker food, partying and having a good time.

Don refuses to leave until they also resolve who ordered the work to be done, given the dead wife; Lim takes him out into the back lawn to meet the lady with whom he is dallying, who is just sitting around in the back patio waiting for Don? She confronts MI6 dude, threatening to expose him, and MI6 dude threatens right back, implying he knows about her and Don getting it on.

East West — At the hospital, Amir is already dead. Why is it always Don? In the Detective Agency she reveals after the Captain harassed them, Hawk offered to get them off the ship. Search for ” Serangoon Road ” on Amazon. Out in Bugis Street, Fpisode discovers a dude not rad an ear who makes a habit of spiking the drinks of foreigners. There is a mysterious woman walking the epixode holding a package, which she drops on the steps of the Cheng Agency, which is becoming a bit of a pattern.


Ernie is feeling very guilty because he was the one who bumped into the noodle guy, and Don is all it was fate and just bad luck and clearly has no sympathy, which, Don, buddy.

Serangoon Road S1 Episode 10 – HBO Asia

Could use that for future! In adequate angmo Mandarin I could understand him Don is informed that Joan Chen has come to visit him. Hey so that was a series!

The series is set in Singapore during the mids, a tumultuous time in the island’s history. Have you no dignity? Not enough Joan in this episode This episode title is relevant, at least superficially, to the story lines of the episode!

Edit Details Release Date: This is the second job that the detective agency has taken from the company; first the investigation to bribes last episode, and now investigating who is watering down the medicine that the company is paying for at the hospital.

And my Tong Boyf Chin Han. It is a detective noir drama set in the s, revolving around Serangoon Road in Singapore. But the night he came, he believed someone was following him, and gave the watch to give to Joan for proof. Don ends up in the melee, the police turn up, the scene is literally on fast forward, the kid picks up the gun and shoots it, Don picks up the kid and the gun and runs.

Share this Rating Title: This episode was delightfully low on CIA and MI6 dudes, but sadly made up for it in whiteness with excessive Australianness.