They did all along until they reached the city of Isfahan, there they rested, examined the water and soil and found that both resembled Jerusalem. The fang is thus built up from the tip to the base, without any folding of the tooth surface. As Iraq’s Kurdistan region develops rapidly, it is creating jobs that require a solid education and technical skills. Silicon diode measurements for monoenergetic neutrons and critical assemblies H. The spectra of passive red galaxies were stacked in narrow bins of stellar mass and redshift. Following initial observations, we hypothesized that vipers are able to discern the body mass of a perched bird and hunt accordingly. Kurdistan crude oils as feedstock for production of aromatics. Interpretive comments according to three interpretation guidelines were compared.

Non-random purposive sampling because the students needed…. Retrieved 28 April Cellular effects of the venom are still incompletely understood. During envenomation, venom components mainly affect the hemostatic system. Kurdistan was divided in to sectors; from each sector, one household was selected randomly. We found that both physiological increased metabolism and body temperature and morphological body distension changes contribute to an increased evaporative water loss in pregnant females. Although neurosurgical training is available, the local population lacks trust in its own neurosurgeons.

Owls and vipers facilitated each other’s hunting through their combined effect on gerbil behavior, especially on full moon nights when vipers are more active.

As the data are a repeated cross-section in which the individuals are observed when they are subjected to landmine incidents, and to account for the dynamic aspect of the process and heterogeneity by location turqque well as to control for unobserved location and time effects, a pseudo panel data are created where districts are observed over the entire time period forming a panel data.

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With a population of 1. Alinti9am 2 ep 11, al intikam saison 2 ep 11, al inti9am 2 episode 11. The isolated VLCII displayed proaggregating effect on human platelet in a concentration-dependent manner with an absence of lag time.

In line with this, work environment and organizational health are two key factors to decrease stress and increase productivity in the work environment. In males in all age groups they were lung, leukaemia, lymphoma, colorectal, prostate, bladder, brain, stomach, carcinoma of unknown tturque CUP and skin, while in females they were breast, leukaemia, lymphoma, colorectal, ovary, lung, brain, CUP, and stomach.

The ability of two antivenoms to Vipera spp.

United States English English. Therefore, hidden infection might be considered as a health threatening and limiting factor in animals used in therapeutic antisera research and production centers. While the CMH has received considerable empirical support, its broad applicability is still debated and alternative hypotheses predict different spatial patterns of genetic diversity.

This result can be used in the planning, monitoring, and resource allocation for mine action, as well as labor market programs and rehabilitation activities. Twenty-six to 40 tanks must be retrieved by The irradiation was spent on air and in vacuum. Jules Joseph Augustin Laurenscommonly known as Jules Laurens26 JulyCarpentras – 5 MaySaint-Didier, Vaucluse was a French artist in drawing, painting, and lithography who is remembered above all for his Oriental works.


The rainiest seasons are spring and autumn, where heavy downpours may happen, Carpentras is famous for the Truffle market that takes place every Friday morning during the winter months. After the detection of arsenic As toxicity in sheep from Ebrahim-abad and Babanazar villages in Kurdistan province, the concentration of this element in drinking water, cultivated soil, alfalfa hay, wool, and blood samples was evaluated. The achieved results show that the political reasons alliance of the periphery and development of the strategic depth in closeness to Iran, economic accessing the energy and mineral resources in Iraqi’s Kurdistanthe importance of the Kurdistan ‘s hydro-politic resources for Israel and the Israel’s economical influence from the Nile to the Euphrates, military-security presence in the strategic environment of Iran and the external threats in the Middle East, creation of an environmental crisis un the Kurdish region of the Middle East, weakening the Iraqi’s central government and disintegration of this country, Israel’s security-intelligence expansion, acquiring a strategic territory and getting out of isolation and the resolving the its legitimacy crisis, controlling the currents of thought in this region, all have been influential in thein Israel’s Foreign Policy Concerning Iraqi’s Kurdistan.

We concluded that Saw-scaled Vipers hunt prey based on thermal cues; juveniles practice on different prey groups prior to perfecting their foraging techniques i.

An extensive range of studies has focused on revealing mechanistic aspects of mimicry shared education and generalization of predators and the evolutionary dynamics of mimicry systems co-operation vs. An interview was carried out using a special questionnaire form. The entrance and discharge orifices at either end of the canal develop by a similar invagination but the initial width of the invagination is very different from that in the middle of the tooth, and is associated with higher proliferation.

What little evidence exists, points to a region experiencing an epidemiological polarization, with different segments of the population experiencing rapidly-diverging rates of morbidity and mortality related to different etiological patterns of communicable, non-communicable, acute and chronic illness and disease. The principal causes of mortality after snakebites are acute renal failure and hemorrhage, which occur not only locally, at the site of the bite, but also systemically, contributing to the cardiovascular shock characteristic of severe envenomation.

These results altogether forge a framework for our deep understanding into eipsode history of molecular evolution. OXA-carbapenemases present in clinical acinetobacter baumannii-calcoaceticus complex isolates from patients in kurdistan region, Iraq. Though in the global literature the data are resulted on researching of zootoxins, however many questions still remain not mentioned and need deep analysis and studying.

Gamma radiation has been shown to be effective for attenuating venom toxicity. Segie of Trimeresurus albolabris green pit viper venom on mean Static magnetic field changes the activity of venom phospholipase of Vipera Lebetina snakes. It comprises spectroscopic measurements together with all additional information necessary for optimal scientific exploitation of the data, in particular the associated photometric measurements and quantification of the photometric and survey completeness.


Snakes from the Vipera renardi, Vipera lotievi, Vipera kaznakovi, and Vipera orlovi species feed on wide range of animals including insects, 45 snakes from Vipera berus and Vipera nikolskii species do not include insects in their diet.

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The existing data indicate that snake venom is most toxic towards the natural vertebrate preys. The median age was 39 y y and were male. We here found an increase in annual cancer incidence rates across the period of study, because of increase of cancer with age and higher rates of hematological malignancies.

Hemicylce of the Ecole des Beaux Arts 2. Here, we report the high-quality genome of the five-pacer viperDeinagkistrodon acutus, and comparative analyses with other representative snake and lizard genomes. The study results show that female genital mutilation is a frequent practice in Iraqi Kurdistan. The beginnings of ancient Kurdistan c. Severity of clotting abnormalities was associated with venom concentrations.

Prey choice by vipers of both age classes was not random and adults focused on Blackcaps with turquw lightest body mass. Sit-and-wait ambushing and active hunting are two strategies used by predators to capture prey.

Montpellier, first mentioned in a document ofwas founded under a feudal dynasty, the Guilhem. The A activity had a pH optimum at 9; B activity was low at this pH but increased steadily beyond pH Pharmacological Aspects of Vipera xantina palestinae Venom. The purpose of this study was to identify the causative agents of equine piroplasmosis based on molecular and microscopic assays in equids from Kurdistan Province, Iran.


A phylogenetic tree obtained by Bayesian Inference based on DNA sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b 1, bp grouped them within the Northern clade of the species but failed to separate them from the subspecies V. Our results suggest that reproduction is more thermally sensitive than digestion or growth, indeed gestation faltered under moderately cool thermal constraints.

Conversely, none of the cool females gave birth to healthy offspring. The epithelial cells proliferate to enlarge the canal and then the cells die by apoptosis, forming an empty tube through which the poison runs. Injury by the sting of Lesser weever fish Trachinus vipera may lead to severe pain, edema or soltna necrosis.

Several non-venomous snakes, including the subfamily Natricinae, commonly flatten their heads also known as head triangulation when disturbed.