There are many types of ways to get the Santa bag too Tips 1. The game will eventually become better but the only problem is they keep building more and more cash items which are really unbalanced. Cain armor has extremely high stat but it is level In each game mode, different alphabet letters will drop and you can get extra 50 event points when you complete the words! If you want a game to take out your aggression on for a few hours per day — this is it. Flood warning has been issued Stabbing in Waterloo sends person to hospital Synchronized Skating Championships come to an end Crews battle fire in roof of Cambridge industrial building. So, yes, there is PvE in this game but no role-playing PvE. London police naming those charged with buying sex.

It is fun at first, and looks beautiful, but a few days later you get sick of the same old attack moves and just download a different game to play. The graphis are pretty good. Try to gain a certain No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And also a lot of the time there might be cash players on the opposing team but so will there be on your team which again balances it out more. You will often see patchy black spots and makes some rooms impossible to even play. Notify me of new posts by email. Ehh its alright, kind of like a different version of gunbound, gunz, and stuff like that.

I think that the classes are well balances. How to get the Santa bag: Warrior, Blacksmith, Ninja, Archer and Mage. You can also do a lot of other things.


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In Rakion, you press a button, and your sword swings, you switch weapons, you take aim, or whatever. Armor and weapon that created by the hottest lava that continue burning flame while wearing it. You are commenting using your WordPress. Graphic is pretty cool. Ninja, mage, blacksmith, archer and warrior. More like a Third-person fighter, you control your character with the W, A, S, D keys and attack with your mouse. Watfh can check out total no.

A level 1 can kill a level 99 with ease and vice versa. Low levels the game is based on who can wait for their opponent to attack wet longest. Yes, it makes working in Toronto possible. That means 90 Basic Attack for a warrior will now be This was actually one of the first online game that I played, and I really liked it. Log into your account.

[Press Release] Rakion Silver Christmas Event | The Reimaru Files

You will die of boredom. Once wattch get started and get to about lvl 5 it is sooooooo fun the best class to start is swordsman Post Date: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The community wahch Rakion is good I guess. Vehicle fire shuts down near Guelph. There are new event each month. Archer is a range character as you can understand.

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This game pretty much owns all. Guelph Storm lands top prospect Suzuki. Im Very Ashamed of this game because it doesnt let me in the rooms The only way to play is solo but if you have a low computer then you can enter sigh how I wish Peoples computers werent slow.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Move the Santa bag received in the post to inventory and open it up. Yes there are hacks in his game which some are prevented by GameGuard. Grade of the kill count can be confirmed with different colors. Close to humans and live among them for the majority of its life. It could use wach lot of work.

[Press Release] Rakion Silver Christmas Event

I even went so far as to dissable all my firewalls and net security making my computer very vulnerable i might add but to no avail.

This game get boring. Let see how magnificent this set when it was release. Doubt I need to explain them.

But not too strong, since you can still be killed if the enemies cooperate to kill you. There are also some great things about PVP like having the ability to boot laggers.

Rakion Item Database 2.0

I really have no idea nifht im going to level up. Ehh its alright, kind of like a different version of gunbound, gunz, and stuff like that. However, great graphics, i like the bgm. Skills — No skills sorry. It is a very small download with decent graphics. There are really overpowered cells, like Musketeerking. Join a room or create one.