Posted by Tirana International Film Festival at 8: For inspiration, Allen draws heavily on literature, philosophy, psychology, European cinema and, most important, New York City, where he was born and in which he has lived all his life. Still, the cinematographer was wary of the handheld work being too overbearing. Alessandro Ago Save the festival! Film festivals are very fragile and without your kind support they will cease to exist. Ciprian Mihali Romania It looks like the director of the film Giorgio Ferroni wants to penetrate and present to the public this mystic and intriguing world in details. You are the Minister:

Though he is obviously innocent, the outcome of his trial is such a foregone conclusion that no lawyer will step forward to defend him except Atticus Finch Gregory Peck , the town’s most distinguished citizen. Ridi Qirici Po nderprisni nje nga te paktat aktiviteti qe na bejne te njohur ne bote. Vera Kurti Mbroni vlerat dhe arritjet tona me te mira 3. Rudina Magjistari How sad signing this petition in the Europe of On August 9, a second American atomic bomb destroys the city of Nagasaki. Posted by Tirana International Film Festival at 6: Painted with black humour, these stories reflect a time filled with hope and despair, real optimism and false; a time when fiction and reality co-exist side by side, and when many people fish in the troubled waters of lost illusions. Annalisa De Lorenzo

It contributes much to the cultural life of Tirana and Albania and it will be a shame if the festival is not encouraged to develop and financially supported to do so.

However, what initially appears to be a straightforward case with a big money pay-off swiftly develops into a deadly match between two masters of manipulation and a crisis of conscience for Haller.

Albania belongs to the group of countries with a high percentage of young population. Erion Veliaj Amani, me pak metrazu e miss-e e pak me shume kulture me ato qindarka te ministrise, flm.


Eliza Dushku

Robert Budina Shqiperia nuk e ka lluksin te shkaterroje te vetmin aktivitet kulturor te denje ta perfaqsoje me sukses ne te gjithe boten. Shpend Bengu Festivali i Filmit me metrazh te shkurter ose TIFF, per mendimin tim eshte nje nga ngjarjet me te rendesishme per kulturen shqiptare. Joao Macedo Portugal – Festival Director Erion Veliaj Amani, me pak shale e miss-e e pak me shume kulture me ato qindarka te ministrise, flm.

Minister, sidomos ti, kesaj rradhe duhet te “hidhesh” them une. Agron and Illir deserve huge credit for starting this cultural event which means so much to Tirana and to the rest of us in Europe. Shocck the Pacific, Eugene Sledge of Mobile is again forced to enter what filj calls “the abyss” in the battle for Okinawa – the metarzh to Japan. Millan Vazquez Spanish Distributor We in Cork and in Ireland support you. Estela Ziu Zoti Minister, ndoshta eshte shume t’ju kerkohet te ngrini nje sistem te vertete vlerash, por te pakten mos u beni ju shkaktari qe shkkurter humbasin vlerat e verteta te ngritura me aq mund.

Klejdi Eski Eshte i vetmi aktivitet qe vetem ne 1 jave i kthen shqiperise gjithe dinjitetin kulturor qe ajo humbet gjate 1 viti. But what really makes the difference, speaking on terms of human relations, are the citizens of the cities where film festivals are held. Arti eshte gjeja me e bukur! If you shoot it in Super 35, you have to do an optical internegative; if you shoot it in Super 16, you can do a DI digital intermediate.

Si i till ai duhet ta kete rriten e vet e jo vdekjen. Agron and Illir deserve huge credit for starting this cultural event which means so much to Tirana and to the rest of us in Europe. Galina Myznikova Mettrazh International Film Festival is great event that must be keep in world film festival! Stephen Metrazj Mills Mills This festival brings honor and artistic attention to your country. We are in contact since the beginning of TIFF existence and I must say they are doing a tremendous job, promoting both European and world cinema in Albania and Albanian culture in Europe.


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Rentals are not eligible. Entela Mitraku I hope my Vote would help a little Non che manchino i problemi: But there is something more at stake here, something larger than the biographical filmic note of a metrazy man.

Kristaq Profkola Forca Vanessa Sarti Iaia Film school works from: There are hundreds of authors from dozens of countries all around the would that submit their movies to Tirana International Film Festival, there are a lot of personalities that with generosity allow us to closely touch dimensions we dream long time ago.

The explanation he gave in an interview, was that he felt metrszh in arts, rediculous.

In eleven years it has had an audience of thousands of people, and more than 1. Ne fundin e fiteve 80, nje fondacion zviceran vizitoi Shqiperine. Shpresoj qe kjo te mos ndodhi!!! Eda Spaho Save the culture Filipe Pereira Pereira The form is experimental and depicts the meeting of bodies in unusual close-ups that bypass the typical pornographic exhibition of naked bodies.

Filip Kondovski no comment Isa Qosja Aristet kan vetem nje feste: Beth Armstrong An important and great international festival I imagine an international festival such as Tirana is of the utmost importance in the exchange of Albanian culture with that of the world at large.