Did u see the newspaper cutting on the fb page abt team numm having private party? I am quite certain I know what it takes to keep a healthy marriage. Aur saba Q ka hair style.. Hope the others get on board soon too! I gave up on it somewhere on episode 12?!!?! You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Thinking of all the mumkinaats this drama brought, we can drum a better after story for it. One philosophy and one faith vary from person to person.. Agar tum chaho to muj say badla lay sakti ho is par kub si tankeed kar kay. It is the story of a single woman Hajra Samiya Mumtaz who dedicated her life to her two sons — one a spoilt brat, the other full of empathy — but eventually ends up alone. Everything that followed from thereon defies any kind of description or explanation. The problem is that women taking things into their own hands was relegated to the last 10 minutes of the final episode, and what we were left with is the Numm-oona we finally watched. I expected and wanted this serial to be big because after such a long time there was a diff story and it was spoiled so badly.

SZ ab kiya kahain great minds think alike. Yehi tau dekhney wala tha! UP has been so good but today he was soooo lame!! As summray dances alongside fellow seekers, memories of the past rush through her mind.

Who asked you to become bali ki bakri: Mahrukh Saadat May 27, at 5: You know how imp your typos are to the drama industry. Thanks sz for mentioning wots the point if that stupid MAnahil… Now shes gotta be mamoona number one!! I bet htey cut all the dhang k scenes and replaced them with useless Minahil and Mali scenes. That empty pool is still haunting me lol.

Also didnt understand why Neelum had to leave her child behind with MJ. But for me the real stand-outs here r the two villains. But wahh ri kismat.


PG lol official aaya. Expected something of a better judgment from FK and SS.

Sannata ~ Episode 28 ~ Finale Review

My sister had been to Karachi a couple of years back, she saw Marina Khan in a park doing her evening walk. The first n last conversations are just fab.

So much to debate about. He really did up his game to summaryy and i truly believe surpass SS in some scenes and UP in many.

O Rungreza ~ Episodes ~ Finale Overview – Desi Rants N Raves

Peeche wale comments parho gi tou episodr ho ga. In the end, Ehtesham will live with Sania and Sehrish quitting the marriage. RR and FA, atleast one thing, for which we all have to be thankful to Numm for, introducing all of us to each other.

So yeah overall I would aummary that after a shaky start and some settling in issues Shuk has picked up pace and is now chugging along merrily. It was as if everyone was deliberately trying not to be seen in same frame as N.

U will hear salma agha lol Let me know if that works. A real test of patience this turned out to be! In the current lot, Sang-e MarMar is airing these days, 20th ep on today, so you might want to catch up on that.

I think all of us here were in the same boat. They were judged and sentenced.

I read about women who suffer in India a lot to so I guess it is all over the world women and children are the victims. And we still have to give award for the best Num-oona character in the drama. After all lasy is his status and position that is at stake here? Tmharay tau mazay ho gaye. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Silence and hints episore various gestures might be interesting to see but the director should realize that we are watching an audio visual medium and it should not be expected that all our thoughts will be align with his, if we fail to understand his message than it is his fault and not ours as he had a wonderful set of actors but he chose to waste precious screen time with non actors and meaningless scenes which did not convey anything in the end.


OMG PG you are hilarious and you have echoed my thoughts exactly. Ayesha lol future ka fawad khan. Do not overlook my misery, by blandishing your eyes and weaving tales, Ke taab-e-hijran nadaram ay jaan, Na leho kahe lagaye chatiyan. Please May you answer two more question. Looking forward to many more convos! Every time Elisode watch that, and it happens in pretty much every episode, I always think wah mera shehr to mahinon main bilkul hi badal gaya hai!

They were walking down the street they live in whereby according to Sehrish Ehtesham had been watching them.

Thinking audience ka poora poora imtehan tha! No need to vent it out again. The failure of the romantic scenes in this show probably proved something though: Unfortunately soon afterwards i noticed Q sitting next to him like an idiot.

But to know where to draw the line and respect your partner is a really important aspect. I came to watch this brilliant show when it got telecasted on Zindagi channel in India and believe you me, I have started loving Pakistani serials even more.

Talking about a couple who desperately needed to get a life!