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It was shown commercially this month but was pitted against another critically-lauded film, Heneral Luna which I will do a review on my next post. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Silong Review Tuesday, September 29, Popular Tags Videos Popular Posts. Ramos, on the other hand, seems to favor being a delicate seductress. Haunted by and mourning the death of his wife, Miguel shuns the advice of his brother-in-law Gilbert Guji Lorenzana to just let go of their home in the province and make a living in the city as a doctor — allowing him to finally move on.

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Silong works because it is adamantly absurd. Moviegoers will find out when Silong opens in cinemas on September spoielr The rot starts, unfortunately, from the execution. So sorry for the quality of pictures.

Silong Review: A Feel Bad Movie With Very Warped Characters ~ Latest Celebrity News

We can discuss it after. How about you guys? Piolo will not leave you wanting in his portrayal of a seemingly languid doctor, Miguel Cascarro who is recovering from the loss of his wife Caroline, played by the pretty, Angel Jacob. All is well and beautiful except for one thing: An unknonw error has occurred.


The result is this sometimes frustrating but always engaging guessing game, a puzzle that is as astoundingly entertaining as it is stubbornly bizarre. Rhian Ramos, likewise, has tellingly grown to become a versatile actress. In its final spectacle, Silong cements its adoration for stereotypes by completing its characterization of a man who commits to the gender roles of society, at whatever ghastly cost.

It manages to make its audience hang ssilong along its laid-back beginning, with the promise of the imminent romantic connection between its main characters. An audition video of the cute 9-Year Hermano Puli is now set to conquer the big screen. Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards.

Pages Home About Contact Movvie. Ricki And The Flash Review: Get your weekly roundup of all things showbiz! Miguel welcoming a sexy visitor to his home, nursing her back to health and trusting her to the point of ravishing her on top of a dining table—all provide a good leverage so the film could execute its mighty ploy.

By signing up on PEP. I should’ve posted this review sooner. The woman that suddenly enters his life is also a stereotype, a needy female who is all too ready to fill the empty holes of a man who seems to deserve a second chance in life. Since the piece is known by many and the audience has this expectations on how the story will progress, the challenge is how the director The story idea was not sharply or keenly fleshed out.

Hopefully I will experience it soon. What do you think about the Piolo Pascual – Rhian Ramos on-screen team up? Her unexpected arrival was quite a perfect distraction for Miguel who still mourns the passing of his wife Caroline Angel Jacob and worries how to save his ancestral house from its creditor.


MOVIE REVIEW: “Silong” harbors secrets that are kept under its roof for some reason

Her Reaction Was Indeed Priceless! Photo courtesy of Black Maria Pictures. It is probably fitting that this film gets a Cinemalaya premiere to receive a much more open and appreciating movie going audience hungry for refreshing quality films. Who Wore It Better?

Why is Valerie running away, looking scared, badly-beaten and silonv, with lacerations all over her body? Premiere, because of course, it’s not yet shown in any cinemas nor any other film festivals.

Singer Michael Pangilinan celebrated his birthday through a concert held at Raja Sulayman last Saturday. Hero Angeles is happy that his gay acting is effective 24 February He was tired from work the following day and I had a job interview the day before so we agreed not to mobie any films with subtitles i. Paul S September 29, at 9: Both Rhian and Piolo look beautiful on screen and they try their best to shine in their respective roles, but the very bizarre and negative dimension of the perverted characters they portray easily negate anything they can possibly offer as serious actors.

Talks about what’s new, what’s hot and what’s in! In fact, hinakot niya all the major awards.

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