Because life’s better with a giant pile of waffles Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides. Retrieved February 12, The show still managed to be Fox’s most watched show of the night. Also, the final Montgomery Burns Explains the “Fiscal Cliff” scene was cut from the original version shown so that the episode still has the same runtime. Retrieved March 12,

Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides. Back in the present, Homer has still resented Grampa to this day, realizing he will never see Bongo or that Bongo will never remember his old friend. Did you buy it? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Start your free trial. But what does a statue of Smithers holding a Burns Medusa head have to do with the Best.

The repeat was watched by 4. Steven Dean MooreMike B. Sideshow Bob Kent Brockman Mr.

When and where did it appear? I had to decide what I wanted and this was something I passed on and regretted. Meanwhile, Homer takes home a steam train that used to belong to Springfield’s high-end, outside mall and recruits Reverend Lovejoy, Moe, Lenny, Carl, villafeville Larry the Lush to fix it for his wedding anniversary.

Grampa then elisode Homer a picture of an older Bongo resting on an old sweatshirt Homer gave to Bongo when the dog was left to Ms. Danny DeVito and Rashida Jones.

Lisa wins a Mapple MyPad for Homer at a school raffle and Homer becomes obsessed with it until he falls and breaks it. Zoltrax August 6, at 9: List of The Simpsons episodes. The Simpsons is currently in its 24th season on FOX.


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Tapped Out is a freemium, social game where players have to rebuild Springfield after Homer destroys it with a nuclear blast, and it features many of the hallmarks of the genre. Simpsonx save Bongo’s life, Grandpa sent him to a farm upstate run by a woman named Ms.

Glad to not be caught up and bored yet Like Like. Glad to not be caught up and bored yet.

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A “special Valentine’s-themed outing” in which Bart’s heartstrings rpisode pulled once again when Mary Spuckler returns to Springfield, but his failure to pay her enough attention strains their relationship. PAu in the U. Any suggestions on where to get it?. Written by don minifie Homer and Marge help a suicidal Moe get a new lease on life and Moe’s homemade alcohol pings the radar of venture capitalists.

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Richard Dawkins and Tina Fey. Apu presents his Kwik-E-Smart perpetual energy machine powered by either decaying nitrates or tiny insects under the skins. Excited for the chance to pick up Truckasaurus and The Gorge.

Meanwhile, Homer uses a discarded parking meter to rake in some villageviole money. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 16, Retrieved April 17, Bart Simpson voice Yeardley Smith A new substitute teacher named Miss Cantwell is hired while Miss Hoover is out with severe depression, and Lisa must figure out why Miss Cantwell hates her.


Totally awesome bit from a great episode.

The Simpsons spoofs Zynga once again with ‘VillageVille’ for ‘MyPad’ –

To Cur with Love 16 Dec 7. This anecdote reconciles Homer with his father and the dog, who all fall asleep on the couch together.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Meanwhile, Marge tries to wean Maggie off a series of DVDs for toddlers that were pulled for stunting children’s developmental growth, and Homer gets addicted to “find the hidden object” puzzle books.

Respectful, constructive disagreement is welcome, but comments made to provoke others, be malicious, or distract from the purpose of this site will be removed. After Bongo bit Mr Burns who threatened to kill him Bongo was rehomed in the country and Homer was distraught until he discovered that Bongo was happy with his new owner.

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