Making a new simmie and house for her. I love the sound of this it has been way to long for Seasons. I recall really enjoying the Winter vacation area in Sims 1 as well as the summer one. Stop trying to pull rumors out of your behind. It is one thing to let slip a few tidbits of interesting info, but to actually capture and provide screenshots of the questions to the community was not right. This is the main thing I thought of without even looking at the poll, but I think it has to be handled incredibly well to be worth it.

I took the survey and did not agree to any kind of non-disclosure agreement. Of course, on Maxis tradition of voting, now that the theme chosen is FARM, the end result is going to be a SP revolving around… tire swings. I agree with you on the supernatural one. I have no connection to the Store LOL Alexis ignore my Email you didnt have this up when i started my survey so i took pics and emailed them to you now you have your own up and they look better than mine hehe…meh it was worth a try. What was the email address people are getting it from?

Posting screenies of the survey is an even bigger seqsons. As I see it the developers are doing their best to avoid all the issues they had with Sims 3.

Flipping houses in sims is my dream sim job!! Heure de Gloire But then, this survey just may not be real!

The Sims 4 Survey

I love them soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next would probably be the one about Town Expansion. Though I thought about Off the Grid. Did you mean something like this? Instead of just disappearing, your sim now has to go to their car, get in, back srasons out of the driveway, and drive off-lot. I would like them to bring back the ability to send your child or teenager to Military school or boarding school.


God forbid people have diverging opinions, right? Les Prismes d’Or 1. Although, I seriously think that horses should be included in that as well. I did not receive a survey.

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Just ask the creators of FarmVille, and all the other spin-off games. Is it possible for the slowdance to make it into magic even though it was mentioned in the seasons survey? Do people survej like doing chores?

This is another reason I want Seasons simsvpi come out this year. If they actually put that in the game? From the selection that has been put forth on the table it is obvious they have been listening to the fans. Log into your account. If EA is going to cling to the family friendly rating, just include bewitched style witches and cute sparkly fairies. Why is nobody mentioning World Adventures from Sims 3. And ive been waiting for a desert town in along time for the Sims 3!

I want to see a supernatural expansion pack made.

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Christmas cards, costume parties, it would be more in an expansion pack than ever before! I really hope they can create all of them but I dont see the problem. I agree on farming not as an EP. Instantly tells us it will not be a complete farm experience.

Adding those supernatural elements into the game basically changes the whole point of the game, which is simulating real life with humour. This looks great and I would love it if dates were updated and more dynamic and fun like in the sims 2, where you could fail dates and sezsons rewards.


I would love to have that too in TS4.

Other than that though, wow. Cats and Dogs Of course, I commented before voting anyhow:. Of course, I commented before voting anyhow: Surfey also think a Family tree would be nice for those who use it….

Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance. Here we go again with limited options.

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The Sims 4 Get Famous: A favorites system would be great to have, too. If it snows and ur crop is not protected it will freezetoo siksvip water they die, or too much sun they burn, not enough sun they wilt that would be cool.

I honestly feel weather and pets are not in the survey because they will obviously be made no matter what since they are surve most popular EPs by a landslide. Conversion Sims 2 New Game Update 1. Log into your account. I took it ages ago. It would be great to see teacher, lawyer, etc make a return, and University seems like a logical pack to bring back teaching.