The Southern party lost and was purged from government and was driven out of politics with numerous executions and exiles. King Sukjong orders that Gaeduara be beheaded and Chun Soo to be exiled to a distant island. I assumed that you will be reading these summaries and watching the videos chronologically. Dong Yi later meets King Sukjong and finally reveals everything about her connection with the Sword Fraternity. When Chief Suh says that they need the original document from the Royal Treasury, Dong Yi volunteers to get the document. Through the lens Photojournalism Queen Inwon Episode 55 recap:

Dong Yi Promotional poster for Dong Yi. But Jang Hee-jae finds out that she has entered the Palace as a water maid. The reward Episode 10 recap: The death sentence Episode 54 recap: Meanwhile, Queen Inhyeon realizes that, with this development, she may never be able to regain her status. But Lady Jang finds out about it later on.

Word Starts with Ends with Mentions. Queen Inhyeon and Lady Jang Episode 19 recap: Depth of field Photojournalism Types of pictures Photojournalism When finished, click Answer to see the results. The fire Episode 45 recap: As the Qing entourage arrives in the capital, Geum and several lowborn children get into trouble with a haughty scholar.

With the record of the medicinal herbs and tonics in her hands, Dong Yi walks away from iy Royal Pharmacy in deep thought. Dong Yi begins adjusting to her new life in the Palace and learning the rules of the Inner Court. King Sukjong tells Dong Yi to lie about her relationship with Gaeduara. Protecting Dong Yi Episode 29 recap: Chun Soo tells Dong Yi that the Queen Mother could have become sick when her tonics were mixed with other tonics.

After reassuring King Sukjong that she harbors no ill feelings towards him, Queen Inhyeon makes a final request for Dong Yi. She repeatedly tries to get in touch with Chun Soo through letters and the stone messages that she sends out through the itinerant merchants.


Pages Free photography e-books, cheat sheets Famous photographers Free resources for youth groups Sports photography Creative writing using photographs Cinematography, DSLR videography. Queen Inhyeon and the shaman Episode 48 recap: Governor Jang Mu-yeol, meanwhile, plans to use the murders to create chaos in the capital and to totally discredit the West faction. Dong Yi orders the soldiers to arrest Minister Jang Mu-yeol and his men.

The most-loved theme in this drama is the friendship between Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon. Chief Suh shows King Sukjong how the mysterious piece of paper that Dong Yi found can be decoded and what its message means. Not knowing that the Justice Officer is really King Sukjong, Dong Yi steps on his back so that she can climb over the wall. By the time Dong Yi returns with the policemen, however, the Inspector General has died.

Besides the friendship between Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon, another well-loved theme is the relationship of student and mentor between Dong Yi and Lady Jung of the Office of Investigations.

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But Jang Hee-jae finds out that she has entered the Palace as a water maid. Later, she meets Chief Suh and Chun Soo.

Dong Yi collapses because of all the stress that she has been through. Queen Inwon Episode 55 recap: Dong Yi turns herself over to the Qing envoy, but she tells the envoy that the Kim Yoon-dal incident is a trap. King Sukjong shocks everyone when he declares that Dong Yi must leave the Palace.


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Prince Yeon Ing finds the voodoo doll and name tag that were used by the shaman in cursing Queen Inhyeon. Woon Hak and Prince Yeon Ing climb up a mountain and look for acorns.

Chief Suh hastily follows him there. Lady Jang confronts Queen Inhyeon and brazenly tells her that she will become Queen.

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The reward Episode 10 recap: The rumors begin spreading that all the officials close to Dong Yi will be demoted or dismissed. The nurse later confesses that the Crown Prince may not be able to sire children. Shooting groups Photojournalism Shutter speed; how to freeze fast-moving subjects Photojournalism The new Sword Fraternity Episode 39 recap: Despite stiff opposition from both the South and West factions, King Sukjong refuses croan give up Dong Yi and plans to send the royal guards to get her from the Qing compound.

Through the lens Photojournalism As Lady Jang is released from her detention at the Office of Investigations, she turns her anger at the lady investigators, especially Lady Yu.

He then brought the young Musuri to his bed chambers. Geum gets kicked out of the Palace, and later, while crying in an isolated place, he meets King Sukjong. The rumor soon spreads that Dong Yi will be the wpisode Queen. Hello to all Rizalians! Geum and Lady Jang Episode 44 recap: