The Head Eunuch recognizes Jang Geum and promises to help her in some little ways. Official Min Jeong-ho, who’s in love with Jang-geum, follows her to Jeju Island and offers to help her escape, but she refuses since doing so would mean never being able to return to the palace to not only clear Lady Han’s name, but obtain justice for her mother’s death. This Day in History. Jang-geum’s presence allows her to open up and she treats her as both a strict teacher and a kind mother figure. But jang-geum gives the letter to him. Min jung-ho arrives and explains the meaning of a word to that jang-geum ask and tells her that palace women are prohibited in the library.

The ministers and scholars of the court bitterly accept the decree, but demand that the king punish Min Jeong-ho for supporting Jang-geum’s appointment. Learning to see; techniques in developing your creative eye Photojournalism He asked the hermit the reasons behind his misfortunes. In Jeju, Jang Geum tries time and time again to escape, but she always gets caught. On his way home, he suffers an accident and is rescued by a mysterious hermit with a cryptic message — that his life will revolve around three women: Lady Kim told the rude Jang-geum to pay her respects to Prince Jinsung. Lady Choi, on the other hand, asks to be demoted to the pantry. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life will become a beautiful success.

Shin, Jang Geum dares the Queen Mother to to gamble with her.

How to save your marriage alone; All about women; Why do men think the things they think, say the things they say, and do the things they do? The King finds out that Jang Geum was the little girl who brought him the wine the day before he was enthroned. Casting for the main characters: Shooting groups Photojournalism The two girls start arguing. He also informs Jang Geum about the selection and training for new lady physicians.

Jewel In The Palace (Dae Jang Geum) 1-72 (Final)

Lady Han wins the rice-cooking competition and officially becomes the Highest Kitchen Lady. Lady Choi trains Keum Young according to the traditions of their family ln which has come the last five Highest Kitchen Ladies.

He deliberately injured his horse, thus throwing himself off the saddle and hurting his leg. At the Palace, Jang Geum and Shin-bi are treated coldly by the senior lady physicians.


As Prince Jinsung is closely guarded,Official Park sends a message under the pretext of a birthday gift. Shin, but Yul-yee becomes her enemy. She asks Jang-geum to become the Head of the Royal Kitchen Su-ran-kan-jae-jo-sang goon and writes her grievances in the journal.

In one instance,Jang-geum went up the mountains to catch rabbits She wonders why rabbits cannot walk on 2 feet and was being canned by Mrs Park as she was afraid that Jang-Geum might get into trouble with their past identities.

Reading pictures Photojournalism Jang-geum will choose to train the daughter of Geum-young, Jang-geum’s rival from the first series. Where do we go from here?

Later, he gets into deeper trouble when the Royal Physician accuses hhe of poisoning the Crown Prince through the duck porridge that he prepared.

A conflict arises between Dr. The hermit then prophesies about how his fate will be determined by three women: After regaining her strength,Lady Park decides to leave and thanks Seo.

Jewel in the Sinoosis. Meanwhile, in the Palace, a palacce competition is held to choose the next Highest Kitchen Lady. Flashback to when geum-young was young. And to look for her secret recipe book that she hide in one of the kitchens inside the palace.

Jewel In The Palace | summary of all the episodes of serial drama \”Jewel In The Palace\”

Jang-Geum finds out that her flour is stolen by palacw when she went to check the ingredients during the night. There, he talks to the non-commissioned officer in charge of Jang Geum; he also secretly hires a boatman who can help Jang Geum escape from the island. Before passing out, Lady Han orders Keum Young to take over. But she finds him and Jang Geum happily talking to each other. Choi Pan-sul ‘s younger sister and Geum-young’s aunt.

And she has to make do with what she has left. Years later, driven by guilt and fear, he resigns from the Royal Guards and begins working at a temple. The backdrop story is set during the reign of King Seongjong Because of Yeun Seng and Dr. Seo gave Jang-geum a silver jewl small handy pocket knife that can help her in cutting vegetables as well as a self-defense weapon or an instrument to end her life should her virtue be attacked.


She says yes and he offers to give her new books to read in a few days. Lady Han and Jang Geum discover that the fermentation of the bean paste has been disrupted by the cutting down of the trees near where the jars of bean paste are stored.

This site uses cookies. Being strong-willed, Jang-geum strives to reach her goal regardless of the obstacles she is sinopssi. The Jewel Polishing Team. Summary for the first Five EpisodesUncategorized The backdrop story is set during the reign of King Seongjong No,they were not in order, rearranged them and introduced the name of each wine and told him that she needed to bring back a reply message to Official Park.

They threaten to kill everyone unless Jang Geum treats their leader. This is one of the most highly-watched scenes of this drama, with over 1. Jang-Geum has to sneak back in the palace all by herself but the route that she used to escape was sealed off therefore she is stuck outside the palace and gets caught by the guards who took her to the kitchen department.

There, Jang Geum meets men and women who either sleep or drink wine all day, having lost all hope of ever leaving epiaode herb garden.

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Keum Young starts to prepare the cold noodles, while Jang Geum runs off to get some spring water from the forest. Unaware of who he is, Jang-geum saves him upon being shot at. The smallpox also spreads throughout the city.

As the days go by, Jang-geum realizes that her only way back to the palace is to become a female physicianand begs Jang-deok to teach her medicine.

The purpose of investigation which included the use of torture rpisode not to find out the truth but to exact confession from the accused.