Loving this episode because it was exciting. Just like gokusen series, the students graduate in each season. We get an adorable moment as Dad smiles to see his wife nod off after he serenades her with his saxophone. Episode 20 p Hardsubs Indo: This could’ve been a fantastic 16 episode series if they tightened up the writing a little. Notify me of new posts via email. When Jae-in teases that they look good together, her mother loudly protests never to let Dad back in again.

I did my time. Better luck next time guys. They put Nam-joo to bed, as Da-mi is still demanding to know why their mom went all mental like that. I slice of life is just code for boring because I loved this episode, honestly ai was very big on the leads from the beginning. And with yet another Stare-Off, we end Episode 16! It could be a freaking stroller next time.

Bi Ryung played him well!

I have no way of finding it haha and its driving me crazy cause the songs so catchy in a weird way. I do agree with lollypip about the dynamics between brothers.

I agree that there were some major plot holes in IOM. Of all the impersonations that Jin-woong did, the one in this episode Jung-seok impression is the best! He reminds Se-kwang of his words that the next time they meet, Se-kwang would be the criminal and he would be the judge. And to a round of bravos, they suck down the booze in great amounts with lots of toasting back-and-forth.

Looking at the show all together, I think Drinking Solo did a great job telling the story it set out to tell, and it never suffered that droop in pacing that some dramas encounter in the last third of the show. His third wish is to throw away the side dishes without finishing them, and with only a moment of hesitation, he tosses those too. TNmS Ratings in Korean.

(Recap) “Five Fingers” Episode 16 – Scotch and Asparagus

After work, Chae-yeon has a beer and takes a selca of herself with her employee pass, which she texts to Ki-bum. Her going from pretending everything’s ok and that she can take care of everything on her own, to realizing that he wanted her and the baby. Instead I kept expecting the focus to shift to Hana and Jung-seok, and to see their relationship make them better people, but it just never did. Wow this has been a wonderful ride. Sure, he’s kind of whiney, he didn’t admit that JungSeok and HaNa still liked each other immediately.


Chaeyeon warming up to kibum was nice, but also to convenient. The next day, Ji-ho is meeting with So-yeol when the police arrive to escort him down to the station to discuss his embezzlement of company funds.

I think the final two episodes were really weak. Notify me of new posts via email.

Sinopsis Drama Incarnation of Money (Tamat)

Young-rang mulls over this new information in her car, not believing that the same girl that In-ha and Ji-ho both like is Hong Da Mi… the daughter of Hong Soo Pyo? I loved dama, despite it’s flaws. Ji-ho returns home to EvilStep asking if he and Da-mi want to go see a movie with her?

I also think there was a sudden change in the script somewhere early on, around episode 3, that caused the uneven tone of the show.

Oh Chae-yeon, never change. Smart Se Kwang was one-upped by Angelina!! Jang Young-chul Jung Kyung-soon. That was cruel show, that drma cruel. The trio din’t pass because they were never sincere like CY from the start.

She even mobey his song at the noraebang, and it looks like she knew it was for her.

Drama Korea Incarnation of Money Subtitle Indonesia

Archived from the original on 31 March One last text says that Hana still likes Jung-seok, and tells him to go make her happy. Sunopsis back in the hallway to the noraebang room, In-ha stops and steadies himself… and then hears someone call out his name.

In-ha wakes up in a strange car parked at the side of the road, and bolts outside to see So-yeol standing there with coffee. Because the story more than made up for it to me. After all of that, he still fails.


Everyone is at the same position as they started with.

Their incadnation was a little weird. It made sense for this drama to have a next season because the finale didn’t tie things up properly. This episode showcase the return of the women – Bi Ryung is back with a vengeance. He’s a bit too stupid and childish for my liking. Personally, I loved this drama. They inquire after the well-known news anchor and explain that disclosing real names could set themselves up for defamation incarnxtion.

So Jae-in agrees to accept their apologies in exchange for a favor. He takes her to a fancy restaurant, and tells her that today is special. Passing over the file to Young-rang, she sees the last picture of the child in his first birthday hanbok… and then steels up the reserve to ask for the address of his adoptive parents. He bolts when Jae-in steps in to break up the fight. I think Incarnation of Money is a good maybe grade B drama, but when you think about what the writers have been capable of before, yeah, it really is disappointing.

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Lollypip, thank you for the recaps. Once everyone files out of the room, Prosecutor Kwon calls for an emergency meeting of the literary society to free Se-kwang. He really grew on me and I’m not ready to let go of his grouchy-turning-sweet self. I’m ready for season 2!

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