Lady Choi thought the job was automatically hers! There is time for romance too — at the sea she bumps into Sir Min and they frolic in the water and get to know each other better. An epidemic is spreading in the country and they have to contain it. The King gets better and the Chois are released from prison but then Jang Geum and Sir Min are arrested because the king has gone blind. The king asks what she means and Jang-Geum replies she knows one method of opening up his internal organs which is to use knife and do surgery on him. The queen mother has beriberi. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ji Jin Hee Main Cast.

One Valenzuela Aug 22, The king shoots his 5th arrow and misses the center. Anyone who fails the test will have to leave the palace. We were told earlier how Yeonsangun put an arrow in a eunuch when he was displeased so the atmosphere is tense. Its as if i was watching it on tv. They live in fear of being caught by palace guards and have heard how terrible the king is.

So Jang Geum and Geum Young have to make the noodles themselves.

Only two students Shin Bi and Jang Geum refuse to entertain the ministers and turn up for practical study with Dr Shin. To help him Jang Geum is given the job of accountant and must write down everything that comes episofe the kitchens. He wishes her well and hopes that she will learn more in a even bigger country.

But Lady Han is furious and as a punishment sends her away to a temple to help an old court lady who is dying.

I have fallen in love place this beautiful story. The king tells Jang-Geum she is a great doctor whom everyone loves and respects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Luckily the king enjoys the noodles.

This part of the story is based on the Third Literati Purge of He also asks to be put to death as he can not come between the ruler and a woman. Yeon-Sheng goes to see the queen lady queen and begs her to pardon Jang-Geum. Then Geum Young turns up to with an ink well he wanted.


They suggest to the king to decrease the land for one out of 10 officials. Im Ho Main Cast. Jang Drsma and Sir Min are together again at the palace. Choi Pan Sul sees an opportunity to get rid of Jang Geum and Lady Han while they are out of the palace and sends his assassin to follow them. I enjoyed every bit of the story….

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The prince gets better but the king is frustrated that the doctors know so little about products from Ming. Suddenly an epidemic breaks out in the palace and anyone with cold symptoms must leave the palace. Her mother, Jang-Geum, appears from behind the girl. LadyMin replies yes but senses the king is speaking about something else. The king asks what she means and Jang-Geum replies she knows one method of opening up his internal organs which is to use knife and do surgery on him.

Emma Rono De Jesus Feb 21, One evening the king passes by and notices her.

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The guard shows Jang Geum the wanted poster for Jang Guem. Asiegbu Chioma Faith Nov 15, Geum Young tries to warn Sir Min about this and begs him to back off from the investigation. Back at court we see the young crown prince innocently playing jweel and seek with the court ladies.

Thank you so much for dis. He is in charge of dealing with the invasions from foreign pirates.

Jewel In The Palace (Dae Jang Geum) 1-72 (Final)

Not a pleasant task! Mangala R Nayak Oct 02, Lady Choi wants to destroy the letter. She nervously tells him what happened and is worried what might happen to Min Jung Ho. The queen is speaking in code. Newer Post Older Post Home.


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Then Jang-Geum goes outside the palace to look for him. So-Won hides behind Jang-Geum when she sees her father running toward them. After reading all your episode blogs, I can understand it more, thanks for all your effort. She tells her mentor Lady Han that she wants to become the Head Kitchen Lady so Lady Han begins her training with a simple request — bring her a basin of water. The king stares at her, tells her he is the king of this nation and asks her if she knows what consequence her answer can lead to.

Before she drinks the poison she prays that her son the crown prince will punish all those involved when he becomes King! Jang Geum then tastes her own dish and realises her sense of taste is back. Jang Geum wants to help Geum Young so they both secretly leave the palace to get another tbe. But Lady Han is never happy with the water Jang Geum brings her and she has to perform the task over and over again. Suddenly the palace bean paste is sonopsis strange. As they enter the palace, So-Won asks questions non-stop, she is surprised by kewel she sees.

Then she plans to hand herself in to try sinposis save Geum Young.