But can his wife seriously not see that her own husband is acting weird? She reveals to Da Mo that a stranger once told her not to marry him because his family had strong spirits. At first his wife is so happy but he just stands there complaining about having to cook and that now he has no appetite to eat, so she gets upset with him again. She goes to the bin and takes the tissue out with Ms. The results prove that Sa Ran is Ms. But next he is possessed by a child.

They meet for coffee and Ms. Da Mo is shocked too when he hears this. Ms Oh gets the DNA test results. He agrees and so Sa Ran and Da Mo move back home. After this, he seems to be back to normal but then, on the way home from playing golf, his driver has to stop to go to the loo there are SO MANY toilet related scenes in this drama. After breakfast Sa Ran stands at the gate to see her father-in-law off to work.

But when he gets up, Sa Ran and Da Mo are already sitting in the living room waiting for him in their hanboks to formally greet him! So she decides they should move out of the house and back to the apartment so that he can realise and appreciate all the things she does for him.

He is also very concerned about what others think. The newlyweds get up to formally greet the parents. That was a mean comment and it hurts her.

New Tales of Gisaeng 1-52 (Final)

But he still seems more interested in the dog: They go to a Chinese restaurant again and the ladies have a fortune cookie. The female ghost leaves to be replaced by a warrior ghost on a horse.


This series explores the premise that gisaeng still existed in modern-day Korea. Now his behaviour changes to a halmoni, old woman, and he puts the toilet seat down to sit on like a woman! He becomes kinder to his wife and they go out for a walk together with Andre for the first time! Ah Da-mo Sung Hoon is a cocky second-generation chaebol with his own set of daddy issues.

And one night, he goes out with his friends for dinner. Dan Sa-ran Im Soo-hyang lost her mother at a young age, and never quite got along with her stepmother and stepsister.

In the morning the adjummas wonder who ate all the ramen. New Tales of Gisaeng Promotional poster. But she also worries about his relationship with Da Mo so while Da Mo is out of the room, Sa Ran goes on her knees and asks her father-in-law to let Da Mo go back to work at the family company.

She reveals to Da Mo that a stranger once told her not to marry him because his family had strong spirits.

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But the next day, with Sa Ran away, he is not impressed with the breakfast especially when the adjumma brings him orange juice which Sa Ran said was too sugary for him! When they come back talez Seoul Sa Ran is determined to win her new father-in-law over ad she decides that they must all live together for her to be able ov do this. He can also read fortunes: So he takes umbrage when one of his friends makes a sarcastic? This means that he is softening towards her.


I suppose she wants her husband to acknowledge that he neglected her and to try harder now.

This ghost is macho and wants to eat meat, drink makali, and show off his strength by arm wrestling. Han to ask where she can find someone to help.

His daughter-in-law, a grandchild, and several ghosts all work to make him see the light.

The weird out of character behaviour continues at home: She knows he will want them to move back in when he misses his evening vegetable drinks and healthy meals. Sa Ran and Da Mo do the traditional newlyweds greeting to her parents. Oh then asks a doctor friend to do a DNA test. Ms Oh gets the DNA test results. She suggests that she make him jealous by doing things like commenting on handsome actors on TV. While the car is parked on the side of the road, a lorry driver asleep at the wheel crashes into the car.

She goes to the bin and takes the tissue out with Ms. He finally gives in and goes around to the apartment where his wife is staying.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: 41-51 Sa Ran and Da Mo

But suddenly he becomes possessed. Retrieved from ” https: Sa Ran has to go backwards and forwards kprea the house and the apartment. Then one day Andre disappears.