Tae-hee, on the other hand, has been the alpha dog her whole life, and worked her way up with her whip-smart business sense. The only thing I’m disappointed about was how Jung Jun-ho’s role was ruined in the show, though he was really supposed to be a loser anyway, I think since I’ve seen him most portraying strong male characters in his past productions so I was quite hyped that he won’t become a total loser but anyway he was still good and I still like him as an actor. Too much of a workaholic to make time for romance, she is taken aback when she falls hard for Bong Joon-soo Jung Joon-ho. Hwang Tae Hee has officially become one of my favorite characters! I love that the “second lead” male and female both win in the end. Of course, the circumstances were somewhat different in that drama, since there were nice-guy and first-lead characteristics to some degree in both male leads, but still Thanks for the overview GF!!

So PSH gets the girl? Thank you for the recap GF, i totally agree with you that its a classic ,beautiful story of how to handle divorce in a very positive way. He has so much chemistry with the lead female and he’s not even the lead! I think he’s cute and very hilarious, sort of in the same realm as Hyun Bin’s secretary in Secret Garden. Park Shi Hoo totally stole the show at least for me lol but I also loved everyone else in this as well and that is rare. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 4.

Go 2nd lead power! Retrieved November 19, Truthfully, I don’t think Yong-shik would have won queeh girl over if this drama was only 16 episodes long. So Park Shi Hoo got the girl! What a waste of great chemistry! I enjoyed it tremendously though I had picked it up as an easy watch after my meals in between my studying time.

Love Isn’t Stop Get Karl! MiMi February 6, at Screenplays by Park Ji-eun. Ever the strong and decisive career woman, she is successful and beautiful, but lacks one important thing in her life: My bias effected my statement lol. She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. And you’re right, if a guy that looked like him passed by, I wouldn’t even look twice, but PSH in Prosecutor Princess in sunglasses, brooding, or smiling slyly before swooping in for a kiss I can watch over and over and over again.


This was a lovely drama with a wonderful cast of characters. I wonder if switching the male lead was the reason that Queen of Reversals decided to extend their drama?

Queen of Reversals – Wikipedia

When I read your opening statement: I also know, having watched Reversalsthat I much prefer the reversal to the straight story. Also, it would’ve been more satisfying to see them o their pride, their weakness and work things out, slowly but surely. I just like her.

So you have second-lead-syndrome at it’s highest, but the fact epixode it looks like he’s overtaken the lead but you don’t know gives you that crack addiction to see how the ending will turn out. At first, he thought Tae-hee would make the perfect wife and their marriage would be great but five years into their marriage, he deeply regrets marrying her.

I found it so moving seeing PSH losing both sinopsia birthmother and KNJ at the same time and his despair – yet fighting spirit to persist.

Didn’t watch the end. Gu Yong-shik was a day-player in the first half of the drama, showing up for the occasional moments, but in the latter half of the drama, he becomes the full-time hero, complete with tragic backstory and cutthroat battle to the top.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. There are so many wonderful characters and relationships in this series. I also adored how his character acted once he fell for her.

However, her longtime nemesis Baek Yeo-jin who went to the same high school and college as her and even got hired at the company where she works, is a constant nuisance who pokes her nose into her business!

I love the second lead too. I really enjoyed this drama epusode there are plenty of cute and funny moments. I revfrsal the reversal of how Tae hee changed from Mdm Iron Fist to a Team leader though technically not since she’s a contract staff but her team respects her from her past role in the company who encourages and pushes for excellence.

I love this drama, well most likely because of PHS, but can he drop his hair style here? I constantly rooted for Taebong and when he didn’t get the girl, I, and probably many other viewers, was disappointed.


And the relationship is actually quite interesting, since Jun-su is a total epiaode male with no dreams and goals, and little talent to get him anywhere. If the drama had ended earlier, then Tae-hee and her ex-husband would have probably gotten together again, but because the drama was extended, Tae-hee’s and Yong-shik’s relationship got to develop enough for them to be together at the end.

Korean-language television programs South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas s South Korean television series South Korean romantic comedy television series Screenplays by Park Ji-eun.

Tae Hee tampak sukses dalam cinta tapi, maslaahnya baru muncul dan disadari saat dia menikah. I giggled when YS always professed his love to TH in the cutest possible korez.

I forgot to mention, but I think another great pull is the episde that Yong-shik starts off as the second lead. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. If I can manage to get through all the angst o divorce. All of this story took a while, mind you, and the angsty divorce was no picnic in the park. By Episode 5, the official lead was still annoying me and Park Shi-hoo quern making me swoon with the way he would start to smile every time he looked at or even thought of the heroine.

I’m so happy you wrote about this drama! I seriously believed we’d get a “In the end, we can’t be together and must follow our own paths. And you know she will. I’ve done my re-watch just yesterday and it revegsalthe longest I can ever remember! Thank you again for your time, thoughts and excellent sense of humour. I hope I never see another ” total bitch monster from hell” K drama again I have had my fill.

SINOPSIS Queen of Reversals Episode 1- 31 Terakhir

It is about a career woman who experiences the many ups, downs, and reversals of work, family, and romance as she falls in and out of love and marriage. But thankfully, you did it!!

PSH is a breath of fresh air!