This site uses cookies. Just once, let go of your pride and explain to me. She bumps into the harpy, who apologizes for not being able to keep her promise, but Seo-young just ignores her and continues on her way. While Sang-woo was angry, he also uses this chance to break up with Mi-kyung, citing their social class differences is too great and that his heart changed after learning about her real identity. Episode 37 My Daughter Seo-young: But as he slowly straightens his legs, stiff from waiting so long in the cold, the pain causes him to stumble, and he quietly sobs for an altogether different reason.

This site uses cookies. I was planning to just skim through it to get a few screencaps, but I ended up watching a good chunk of it. As for Lee Sam-jae, even though he knows his daughter lied to him about moving away to the United States, he quietly accepts the situation and secretly watches over her. Thanks for the spoilerfest and pictures. KKK I love this show so much!!! Eventually, Sun-woo confronts Seo-young about her lies. Episode 9 My Daughter Seo-young:

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 36 Spoilers | Carrotblossom Patch

It just makes me worry for HJ. Yoo Man-ho she had heard about is none other than Papa Lee. Yes, everyone keeps information about themselves from others they are in important relationship with.

However, Sang-woo now loves Ho-jung, assures her he is not leaving her, and finally embraces her as his wife. We better be starting on the road to redemption.

Yoo Man-ho was your father. Some time later, Seo-young moves out of the Kangs and rents her own apartment.

Seo-young secretly has watched over her family as well. To his shock, he accidentally attends his own daughter’s wedding as a paid phony guest. Hopefully Seo young could patch things up weo as possible, and not let this drama be so draggy.


It recorded a peak viewership rating of Episodes Weekend Dilemma: Sayanfku was the sassy and strong heroine from the beginning? Ho-jung makes a tearful vow to see Sang-woo once again, despite the awkwardness. Episodes Share this: Hope SY and dad can repair their relationship. After Sam-jae quits his security job to avoid discovery of their relations, Woo-jae discovers Sam-jae’s photo of Seo-young at his locker.

What did he do???? Without Seo-Young disowning him, I doubt he would have syaangku up and remain on the narrow path. I really love Ho Jong and Sang Woo. I heard you told Sun-woo you would tell me everything and then break up with me.

Desperate to survive, the twins have taken various odd jobs while Seo-young studies law and Sang-woo studies medicine in episoed small rooftop house in Seoul. He goes outside, and just then Papa Lee comes in. People scare me now. Please dont feel burden doing the recapping. Thanks, Yumifor your request! My Husband Got a Family. Thanks to Seo-young’s educational assistance, Sung-jae has successfully entered college. Thanks for the recaps for this show!! Retrieved from ” https: Seo-young is once again Mrs.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. Woo-jae, despising politics within his own house, plans to stay for a short while and then to go to the United States. Choi Ho-jung has returned from her overseas studies and resumes her one-sided chase after Sang-woo, not knowing he has a girlfriend.

The symmetry makes them quite attractive and almost, but not quite, boring to look at. Having similar events to her father, Seo-young runs off to avoid being identified with Sang-woo and is saddened to know her lies prevented her from attending her own brother’s wedding.


Seo-young, though, takes care of him throughout the night. The face-to-face meeting that has been three long years in the making. Even I dram have wanted to abandon a father like me.

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This is who I was. The mother-in-law is just way crazy and everyone accepts her craziness because of her power.

Filming was cancelled temporarily on December 18, when 30 actors who were members of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union KBAU joined the strike to protest the network’s non-payment of overdue salaries. I apologized again to Mother and was told their wishes.

Thanks for the recap. Cancel reply Enter your comment here In gratitude, Woo-jae lands Sam-jae a security job at the company, but Sam-jae displays unusual behavior to Woo-jae whenever Seo-young was around. We were going to get a divorce. He stops her in her tracks and asks: Decision My Daughter Seo-young: Million thanks for the recap, carrotpatch. The stress finally does Woo-jae in, and he suffers through a fever.

Sephora Stone, i always love reading your comments!! Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Bo-young. At the same time, Woo-jae tests his wife Seo-young and has her attend her own brother’s wedding without realizing it.