Thanks Red pill for the recap It took first love and history and did an admirable mash-up to produce a true gem. I am truly humbled by them He grabs In-soo by the arm, and reminds him that all the students are looking on. This came out wrong. As long as they find out by 5:

And thank you to all who have worked so hard recapping the series! Which is exactly what Minister Lee tells King Jeong-jo: I already miss them all before I surrender to a new addiction! What SKKS did to me is to get me interested to learn Korean language I am very impatient to wait for subtitles and to seek more information about Joseon era try to imagine myself live there during that time. I love how he runs his thumb along Jae-Shin’s cheek. Thanks for making my life so entertaining, the one and only Ladymoonstone!!!

I’m so sad that it ended! Nam Myung Ryul Supporting Cast. Before this, Kdramas are something that I watched on and off, when I got time to escape from my busy “real world”. Power, how short and bitter is thy run. Sihopsis really did a great job. My favourite character is definitely Yong ha. The king has found the container holding the geumdeungjisa episdoe only, he claims the geumdeungjisa was not found inside.

My most fave scene: Sung Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. What do you think about YooChun?

Sinopsis ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ All Episodes

Professor Jung acknowledges that Western Learning teaches that all people, no matter what gender, are noble and valuable. Kim Mi Kyung Sujgkyunkwan Cast.

KBS ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. Even so, I understand that your resentment towards me must run deep. Birdie November 11, at Thank you GF for many moments of blissfull joy! NcNeo November 12, at 8: Thank you for the memories, the tears, the laughs, the squeals, the giggles, the sighs, the cringes, the waff, the thump-thumps, the insomnia, the dreams, the fantasies, the discussions, the love, the shipping, the great times, the smiles, the late nights, the early mornings, the procrastination, the cheers, the oh-nos, the arguments, the factions, the alliances, the heartache, the heartbreak, the bliss, the grief, the tingles, the tangles, the conspiracies, the bromances, the flutters, the gasps, the nail-biting, the TGIM, the curses, draka hallelujahs, the prayers and the fun times.


Actress Park Min-young – Part 3″. It took first love and history and did an admirable mash-up to produce a true gem. Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast.

Siti Syabania: Sinopsis Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode

Episodes by LollyPip. Awesome episode – awesome recap.

Sungkyunkwxn could go on and on. Enter twirling Yong-ha who tries to tag along for the reunion with Yoon-hee — only to be stopped by a more tactful Jae-shin who sends Sun-joon alone. Please enter your username or email address.

Park Dong Bin Supporting Cast. She asks Yong-ha how all the partt could actually believe that Sun-joon is the Red Messenger, after having spent all this time with him at school. T Hate that we’re seeing him in heartbreak.

As much as I love and adore Moony and all his silent heroics Meanwhile, a Blue Messenger is running across the rooftops, dropping blue leaflets everywhere. Daddy finally comes in to throw his weight around, but Jae-shin just pleads with him to let Sun-joon go. South Korea portal Television portal. Thank you again for your hard work!!! Best way to ensure silence. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Ahn Nae Sang Supporting Cast. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 … Page 5 Next page.


Melissa November 10, at 9: He was the highlight for me throughout this drama! For you to step out of line. He pulls out her leaflet, marked up with a red pen, and tells her that writing bad grammar will become a habit. Kim Min Seo Supporting Cast.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. If you look at it in that light, daddy Sun-joon’s decision makes a lot more sense. Episode 6 by Helcat. I’m so sad it finally ends: Oblivious to your hard times, I was reading in a warm room, and I cannot forgive myself for that.

Actor Yoo A-in oart Part 1″. Period, romance, comedy Episode: That’s what I felt the show was really about, the friendship, not just the romance.

Informantxgirl November 12, at 1: He acknowledges that he once pitied his brother because he thought his brother died for a world he hated, but he realized only now that his brother had actually loved the world too much. I enjoyed and appreciate it very much.