Those scenes with the young-old selves. Jang-il aims the gun again, this time directly at Sun-woo, and his face contorts in sorrow. One thing I don’t quite agree with you on is how easily Sun-woo forgave Jang-il after the apology. As far as I remember, the only hint for the meaning of “equator man” was child Sunwoo’s words about saying he felt like he was heading for the equator after he realized his father was murdered. I will have to watch again now that my unease was unnecessary! Thx for recapping this one! I hope that we will have many more opportunities to read your recaps in the future. Influenced simply by Jang-il, Seon-wu starts mastering and working hard toward his dream.

We’ve pulled back into the station, but I can’t help wanting to ride it again. How Jang-il ended up is open to interpretation, but my guess is that he’d be in a coma from almost drowning or back in an asylum. But today he will overcome it. Personally, I am of the belief that Jang Il is either dead or comatose. The next morning, Sun-woo watches as Jang-il lies in bed shivering uncontrollably. I feel dissapointed with this ending, jang-il got to be forgiven too easily Just before he can pull the trigger Sun-woo tackles him, and a shot rings out — the stray bullet hit Chairman Jin in the arm. As you pointed out, the transitions between Jang Il and Sun Woo’s repentance and forgiveness were a bit fuzzy.

Though there were parts in which I found unsatisfying, overall this drma has been pretty damn awesome. You think that maybe, just maybe, it was when you took a tree branch to his head? Archived from the epusode on Episodes by odilettante. I never got that sense from him, so it felt like we jumped from a Jang-il devoid of human compassion to a Jang-il suddenly equtaor full of human compassion and remorse that it drove him mad.


The best scene for me was on the cliff, no doubt Sun-woo is ready to go home and turns his back on Jang-il as they start heading back, but Jang-il stays behind, riveted by the memory of him hitting Sun-woo playing before him like a movie. All of the characters’ fates are a result of the choices they and others made. Overall, though, I was pretty much content with the ending. Jung IL shouldnt have died. Sure, he did have a dark side, but he was rpisode heart just a boy who only wanted to move up from his poor lot in life.

Jang-il is released from the hospital, and the two boys walk the same paths they once did when they were younger.

Episode 4 by Regals. On a side note, I equatr from somewhere very near the equator Singapore! I’ll leave out the sionpsis side story because I found it irrelevant and unneeded. Let me go watch the last episode again And like you mentioned, the ending scenes in the Equator I assume that was Thailand did seem a bit silly with Ji Won and Sun Woo missing paths, only to then meet at last. And it was fun reading everyone else’s thoughts on it.

You think you will feel better? Thanks to you HeadsNo2. Jang-il has jumped into the ocean. A man who was in love with himself and would stop at nothing to get what he wants and to immerse in more attention, the small note was enough.

The reconciliation was good and the return of the younger cast was glorious but I knew that it was a BAD idea to go back to the cliff. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Works by Pan Entertainment.


Sinopsis Drama Korea The Equator Man Episode 1-20

Yeah bad guy has the worst ending I’ve ever seen for a drama Hands down. One thing I don’t quite agree with you on is how easily Sun-woo forgave Jang-il after the apology. But they are only dreams.

He may have gone blind, but Jang-il went plain insane. Parts of the finale were incredibly satisfying, though some of the emotional levels eoisode reached felt like we cheated our way there. The two sit out in the playground, with Soo-mi asking her dad why nothing in life goes as planned. You seemed to think it would out of character, but Drmaa would say it was actually hinted at many times before. Ji-won struggles with her racing thoughts as she asks for time to process all of this, but Sun-woo barrels on about the blood on his hands and how the guilt of it all caused him to go blind.

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His love for Jang Il and his first father was passionate, his desire for revenge was passionate, etc. HeadNo2, thank you so, so much for your hardwork!

If there had been even one moment prior where Jang-il showed that he was even resisting the tendency to fall to his knees and beg forgiveness, his admission would have held more water.