Kyung-joon spends the entire next day trying to see Da-ran, but the Gil Family is on high alert, taking shifts to watch her every move. I knew he was odd, and that I was afraid. And In-Ho misses out on the love of Soel’s family, too. She just sat down and that was it. Their characters deserved more than what we witnessed. It would have been more memorable that way! I felt the same way too. I thought it was man.

Voiceover Jung says I’m sorry for making you cry. Hearing about them would have been fine. You write well, but you spend your time trying to justify artless drivel like this. Does anyone know if the extended special they promised aired? Teddy and Rabbit worry that they yanked too hard, and we see that the Miracle picture has been torn in two. We later learn that Se-joo left out a few key details, like who was responsible for Hwi-young taking his own life on that cliff. That is so dramatic I do think Lee Min Jung’s acting could have upgraded a bit.

I did not come on the bandwagon until episodes 15 and Having everything more or less open for everyone except maybe Bora and Eun Taek would not have bothered me, but to make it neat for everyone but the main pair.

I’m not sure if you are a troll or just severely ignorant of good film. My feeling for this plot is ‘lacking courage’, rather than ‘giving a riddle’. What will he look like then?

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Wasn’t he supposed to not play piano until he had the surgery? The ‘twin’ story would work, if the body swap happened to be permanent. He remembered the elisode they saw this typewriter for the first time and admits that he was overjoyed when Yul bought him that machine.


This is why Kdramas need to be written and filmed before airing. My faith in TvN is sinnopsis there but this director is never getting another watch from me.

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She needed a break from the upheaval rdeam was always causing to focus on her goals and gain perspective about herself. Granted, this could have been done earlier, but since they were experimenting with smaller events and stronger characters, and I feel the hand of the director this time who was doing slice of life before hogh they opted out of doing it earlier. I also love how understated the scene when Jin Oh finally disappearing.

What about the mysteries? You just made my day!! Rdeam also has strong, interesting female characters which is always a plus for me. Korean viewers said he as Hwi Young could’ve been the creation of CG all the time?????

His piano pieces were so touching at first few scenes, but it gets tiring and at the last episode I was just!!!

That Jung read seol’s email? The journalist concludes that CT uses “romance” to deliver the true historical message and overall the drama is very meaningful. His scintillating preview of action, melodrama, and tragedy puts Seol and Jin-oh on the edges of their seats.

Okay, calming down now. Kyung-joon stops by the hospital to check on his coma body, and is alarmed to hear about the near-heart attack.

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To me, you revolutionised the significance of having great dramaland wigs, and I will never look at other wigs again without thinking of yours. I really hope that he can enter MS soon so he can return sooner with great projects. Da Ran has been sheltered her whole life.


She smiles up at him now, and his watch reads The ‘hater-mamma’ would work, if she didn’t create a permanent connection between her husbant and his beloved one by givin her own child to her. I had the feeling that TvN gave up on CT long time ago so the production team didn’t have enough money to shoot the scenes. At least she could have watched some romantic movies, to get some ideas. Gom July 28, at 6: Also, it did follow the original Big movie closely, leaving me with a stronger senstation of the ending than the original Big movie did and that’s where I was suddenly thinking–hey, this works.

How did he get his memory back? This is so unclear to me too: I really liked the understated parts of dreak drama. This isn’t one of those dramas that need a “leave it to their imagination” kind of ending.

I had initially predicted that she would follow Hui-young by ending her own life but that scene in Carpe Diem was totally badass.