Yin Si then calls for his brothers and the three leave I love this annoying, childish trio! No easter bunnies or chocolates but all ab One day she accidentally travels through time and ends up returning to the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor. While I understand what he means, it still seems really heartless. Qing Chuan stops him and asks how she is materialistic. Kang Xi then asks if Yin Reng wants the punishment of lying to an emperor. Wow, her second proposal! Scarlet Heart Ryeo Korean adaptation.

She tells him to become a government official and marry a good woman and have lots of kids to prove that she is not wrong about him. The younger women praise Consort De for her patience and thoughtfulness — no wonder she takes care of the inner palace in place of the late empress who died shortly after the crown prince was born. He says that he will. Two maids come out with piles of shavings and one maid stops them and asks what is going on. Gu is shocked by this and wonders if they can actually do what Qing Chuan is doing. Jade Palace Lock Heart Palace: The 18th prince calls Su Yan over to teach him the moves and Su Yan says he cannot learn them and asks him to play hide and seek.

Xi scoffs at this and jad that she is not sad for him, nor does he move her at all. The emperor succeeds in disarming the girl and tells her that she can live if she supports him, but must die if she stands in the way — even if she is the woman he loves.

Fu Jin approaches her husband with a plan — to make the fairy his second wife! Although Xiao Pingjing also figures prominently in the first phase, his moment to shine is actually from Episode 28 onward. Qing Chuan calls for help and a man passing by hears her and immediately jumps in after her and saves her. Why, that Tai Zi wants to marry Qing Chuan. Yin Zeng goes to leave and Su Yan calls out that she will go, not for his sake, but for her own.


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When the door opens, sawdust and shavings fly out and the maids step back. Was this review helpful to you? Qing Chuan then hires models and puts on a fashion show drawing in a large crowd. Thus she decides to stay with Yin Reng and utilize his power to help her find the place where she was sucked into the past.

At this moment Fei Fan begins the the event, which is the grand opening of the shop.

She asks to work for food, but he refuses saying that selling those he would not even have enough money for himself. Qing Chuan asks why she went to the trouble to bring her there. If she truly did that, then she made a mistake because if you displease those three, they make your life a living hell. Qing Chuan tells them not to worry and that she will work there and help them make big money. The series opens with the emperor arriving and a young woman coming after him with a sword.

Gu pulls her asisde and Qing Chuan cannot believe that she is being asked to marry Xiao Chun.

Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Sinopsie practices a greeting when Xi stops by. Poor Su Yan, she really wants to help Qing Chuan. Yu San says that she almost won but a girl came out of nowhere.

Hearing this, Su Yan sets off fireworks on stage and the sparks set fire to the nuptial room. William Feng Yin Si [8th Prince].

This intrigues the woman and Qing Chuan then tells wpisode that the Gu store was unpopular and broke until she hdart and now makes a lot of money. We then cut to the past where a group of brightly dressed maidens dance on a stage. Qing Chuan then turns on Yin Si and tells him to stop accusing people of being materialistic.

Home About Contact Log In. Xi replies that she recalled what Qing Chuan said about tricks to getting the emperor to notice her. Jxde day she accidentally travels through time and ends up returning to the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor. At that moment the emperor then arrives for his birthday celebration. When he leaves his chamber he sees a eunuch recording all of his movements.


Xi says that the majesty is growing tired of the skates — does Qing Chuan have epjsode new ideas? They finally arrive and Qing Chuan is amazed epiaode all of the historical and luxurious items in the room. He tells her not to be sad for him as his greates wish is to be near her. He tells Yu San to rest early, but she does not leave.

Yin Zhen asks why his mother is doing such work and she replies that Kang Xi likes her needlework. In China at that time, women were supposed to be devoted to three men: Su Yan says she fears that she cannot continue, but Yin Zeng tells her that she must as there is no turning back now.

Can’t wait to watch.

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The assistant director tells her to become rich and become the boss and then she can complain and demand changes. Su Yan is then tied up and gagged and thrown in the closet. Yin Reng then starts crying and this stops the emperor in his tracks.

Ying Zeng thanks him for his loyalty. Su Yan comes and he asks if jsde lost.

Qing Chuan then asks the MC just what year it is. The assistant director comes and tells the tourist group to leave and Qing Chuan says that they cannot portray the emperor like that as it is not historically accurate.

Yin Reng cries and begs for mercy, but his father will not listen.

Tai Zi is immediately disturbed by this and frightened as to what his father could possibly want.