But, it turns out to be from Anthony: Marcellina Chiazor June 25, at I was waiting for them to appear, those fan MVs. Drama ini diadaptasi dari serial komik atau manhwa yang berjudul “Habaekui Shinboo” oleh Yoon Mi Kyung melalui naver media, dan salah satu drama yang lagi on-air di bulan ini melalui channel tvN. Anthony the victorious gladiator! Apparently he lost weight to fit this role better? You dont need to be superstitious to feel Survivors Guilt. Soohyuk suddenly became happy cheerful and joking around because he met Junyeol even his fans confirm it.

They all want to work with her again. However, you do have a point, and a good one. I have never seen lovely fans as I have in that thread unless you really find it difficult to differentiate between actors thread and Shippers thread. Sure some were epic fails in my book but there were a lot more that left me still liking her a lot and I can see how her charm has captured the hearts of her male actors too. I loved seeing Anthony being very protective as well, however I slightly disagree with you on the reasons why he acted so protective. I hope at the end of the drama he’ll still be seen as the big bad from the outside, but everyone at World Production already knows him better than that. They are both utterly clueless, adorable and dorks of the highest order.

And yes, those historical dramas do have a lot of actors, which is one of the reasons why they are big budget dramas. He hearhs for Lee Go-eun first! Anyways, as much as I hate hate hate forced kisses They sure are scary! This episode is epic.


I thought BN tears at the end were spot on! But he had his life all orderly and organized. I love love love Anthony in this episode because we’re seeing his kinder side in clear daylight. The Amnesia bit was too hilarious.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

It is difficult to picture him carefully selecting his tight suits and fur collars every morning. Yes ofcourse we do realize Bo nui is not a real person.

Why should i empathise with someone that does not exist when the writing is not giving me any scope to feel for BN. It was a small moment, but you could see Bo-nui pull herself up and look Amy right in the eye when she said that yes, Su-ho did tell her about his accident. Her character reminds me of another one: She is scared to love as everyone she loves dies or had something bad happen to them. Their demanding nature and willingness to heartx what is given is what lets people like Anthony and Ji Wan get so greedy and make the industry so dirty.

I liked how the two sincerely care about each other. They are so perfect for each other!

I want to see her journey as she moves from blind superstition into a simple faith that good things will happen to her and she can accept and kingg on from the bad things that happen to her having her loved ones by her side. I can’t wait for episode 8.

For q4, they worked it out so that KHM got the call about his mum while he was at the meeting with the drama people where he had a drink and had to rush off immediately forgetting that he did drink and he didn’t know that his mum had been released because dramatised got in an accident before finding out and then he couldn’t go see his mum, hence why he went to see her hearfs next day. Love watching these two interact. Episode after episode, this drama gets better.


I know I wrote a lot, and I didn’t mean to give a lecture. Thank you for the recap!

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So far, we had never seen Anthony hit anyone, and I don’t think he had lacked the desire to do so in the past. I want to hug her and say, “its not ur fault” thousand times.

OMG, thanks for the recap! Tya June 25, at 7: There is such a noticeable difference in his look now vs the first episode This klng shooting is murder on actor’s health.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

Why the dismal ratings? As someone pointed out in the comments above, strong female characters alpha females? Hyun-min just stands there in the ward, shell-shocked.

You must remember me. Seriously, this writer is so wonderful. The way he voiced it, almost like a whisper. Dong-seok ribs Anthony outside: I just find it annoying that dramaland recycles character descriptions over and over.

It’s so episoe how playful Anthony and Go Eun are becoming.