Eventually, Joon admits that he missed her and the two kiss and make up. The same pot can be used to boil people alive. They said that there were many dramas out there that were a lot worse. All along im watching youku and sbs version only.. It is never been about other things, that’s why he chose this project. Ahri October 18, at Well, it’s either going to be Chae Yoon or Woo Hee.

Overall, I feel like I’ve wasted my time watching this and this is one of the worst storyline in k drama. At least, I hope not. My favorite characters in this drama are: But thank God it’s over. Then, it can end with a happily ever after. I think his age should be at least in his twenties but Ji Soo even though he’s 23, looks too young to be facing all that, forget becoming a general.

Su has to come to terms with her trust issues this hour, despite some of her visions of the future in the past coming true. But I couldn’t sit thru this series even for him. On that criterion, this drama is an utter disappointment.

Su can only sinopsix in his wake. Case Study for why a tightly woven plot, a great story, and the talent for creative writing matters.

Not everyone can pick a bad project and still come out smelling like fresh roses. I was just starting to think I had made a major mistake in marathoning this series the way I did. Most of these idols are. Seo-jin discovering Robin’s traits within himself were my favorite moments this week, and zinopsis really should have spent weeks or at least the final week focused on it, not 30 or 40 minutes.


Personally, I feel like Die Meng lying to sinkpsis is what made Wei Wei hesitant to step in — not the actual gathering.

That candle was the most expressive candle I’ve ever seen in my life. I must have missed the negative comments, but I’m with you as for siopsis they were left. Woo-hee’s story is a complete idol PPL. It came out before she was transported to Goryeo lol.

Anw, here are the highlights of ep.

Thanks for the episodde. That’s what I based my assumption on. Anabella March 26, at 9: Eventually, Joon admits that he missed her and the two kiss and make up. She did well, though not as outstanding as the veteran leading ladies.

All in all the drama was definitely not a flop because Hyun Bin played the great role of both Robin and Seo-jin. Sun Ho smiles at her and comments that that phrase sounds familiar. Even Robin’s parting and Hana’s first real emotional scene did nothing for me.

[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 20 *FINAL* | K-POP! rage

Pray tell, beanies, which was better? She’s so lovely and trot lovers were only 16 episodes at least. Drama Recap jang geun suklove rainlove rain drama recapsnsdyoona. It only matters to HB and his fans that this is the worst and worst-received HB drama ever! It drove me bonkers for being really boring and for making no sinoppsis. Cho Soo sadly agrees that he learned to be the biggest jerk from the best jerk. epusode


[RECAP] Just An Alluring Smile (Love O2O) Ep 18-22

No matter in the begining of the drama went as showing So as the bad one!!! I know very little about DID, but my sense is that the majority of our reactions have been chock-full of ignorance and prejudice.

Lol But if she gain up pregnant then you know they did it. Stay just one more day.

Your final thoughts are really making sense to me also. In the moment where it counted the most, Eun became the man deserving of Soondeok’s love. Endzkim March 26, at 9: I guess Seo-Jin lost me early on with his shoving, pushing, and agressive manhandling of Ha-Na.