I dont really wish it, but wanted to say that so much for at least once coz it sounded so cool hehehe. Also, negative bonus points for mysterious diseases. Popularitasnya mulai mencuat pada tahun sebagai artis komedi romantis seri rooftop room cat, dan juga dikenal untuk peran utama dalam film my little bride , love story di harvard , gourmet , a thousand days promise dan punch What I can’t get behind is a main character who is: I watch it because of KRW Wallpaper posted by jun ji. Download the latest version here.

KRW wades into the fountain as he spots a coin in the water, which looks alot like the coin that Song Yi dropped in there, when she maked aloud her fervent wish in front of KRW that she would realize her true love. Song-yee, who is naturally hot-tempered, doesn’t enjoy this job too much, and is seen by Hyun-sung who also works at the amusement park and his friend, Yang Sam-yeol, bullying some kids after they touched her chest. What she does know is that he’s important to her, therefore, she’d rather to be with KRW and shoot, I would too! Er, did you just change your drama rating for MLP? Your email address will not be published. So glad I wasn’t eating or drinking!!! Be the first to create a discussion for my love patzzi. Later, during a class exercise, when the teacher asks the children to choose a boy to sit with for the new seating arrangement, Song-yee immediately grabs Hyun-sung’s hand.

Song Yi walks up to a stunned KRWtaking the coin out of his hand and tossing it back into the water. Every subs that withS2 put up will all be taken down and there’ll be no more subs for the future eps if the uploading or hardsubbing still continues after the third strike warnings issued.

There is only true ending for our lovely Patzzi. Am going for a long retreat in the Himalaya Turning this classic folk tale upside down upsets the school and the parents, resulting in her being fired. EVEN IF she’s not the kind to outwardly exhibit affection with a boyfriend, there should have been little hints in the way she acts with him to show that their relationship has moved on to being more than friends – sknopsis there ISN’T.


It’ll be posted on the thread when the uploader is done with the uploading. The ending was just KJW dropping in to say, hey, ”no hard feelings, we is still tight”. I am not dissing the merits of the drama – it was, still, an enjoyable watch, but not, I think the best that K-drama has to offer.

Article on Golden Bride. My love patzzi episode 1 watch korean drama online. Hee-won, seeing lovw two men have fallen for Song-yee, proceeds to do what she does best, and tries her hardest to steal Seung-joon from her while making Song-yee look bad in the process, though Seung-joon might be harder to steal than she originally expected.

Except here, it isn’t such an easy decision. Shes cute but her expression can sometimes be really overacting These shows typically involve conflicts such as marital relationships, money bargaining, relationships between inlaws usually between the motherinlaw and daughterinlaw, and often, complicated love. Er, did sinosis just change your drama rating for MLP? Furious, she throws her shoe at Hee-won and then proceeds to beat her up.

Sinopsis my love patzzi episode 2 part 1

XviD-Ental by skara P1: Heo Dong Gu The statistics will go off the chart. That aside, Sinoosis all with you Samsooki. Just like subbers hate to be rush for the subs, uploaders hate to be rushed for Vids uploads as it take hours for them to upload takes more time if they are using wireless.

I kind of found both the rebuttals to be completely weightless, sorry JB and DH!

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It says Heechul is going to play a college student. Song-yee quite obviously likes Hyun-sung, and when Hee-won finds out about it, she tells Song-yee that she will not like the same guy Song-yee likes.

Synopsis you fall for me is based on an art university and is about those who run towards their dreams with sweat, tears and sweet love. Sinopeis my love patzzi episode 2 online with english sub.

Then you guys can decide whether Jang Nara has actually chosen Kim! What happened to the episode recaps of the most recent episodes of Pasta? Perhaps why so many have different views on the drama. Posted May 4, In most as in bright Girl its the rich jerk that needs the girl to get past whatever mind freak he having trouble with and thus grows up and sniopsis forth becoming a full adult and better person with his ‘soulmate’.


Why did this Patzzi war start suddenly? Their relationship develops over the length of the drama and you’d have to be blind not to see that he’s the one she’ll end up with.

Song Yi thinking back to what KJW told her: In this take on the story, Patjithough still hot-tempered, is a kind and caring girl deep down, and Kongji, though she appears to be nice pazzi caring, is actually very nasty and constantly plots to make Patji look bad. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Episode 4 by jun ji. Please enter your username or email address. Episode 5 by jun ji. Watch my love patzzi episode 1 with english subtitles or eng subbed online streaming free, read my love patzzi episode 1 summary or dramawiki watch korean drama online home my love patzzi.

I want a patented Kim!

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Plus, there’s more after this scene that isn’t mentioned here. I think she is talking about him, and sinoopsis way she feels about him. Latzzi lawyer jo deulho 2, the crowned clown, whats wrong mr. I think it’s ambiguous too, coming from a person who hasn’t seen a single minute of the drama. Talking about love I think a girl can feel butterflies for a person and find a soulmate, a partner who will be able to share her life with another.

It also seems to me that this show is not bearing up the weight of analysis that’s being heaped on it.