Not words to take lightly. The different is, this time, it will be LJK who’s trying to avoid her. Selalu suka dengan drama-drama Joo Won She became a slave as they said before. Officer Moon meets with Gojong to report his newest findings, and now we get an official name for the society of Sugu supporters led by Lord Kim, which calls itself Suhogye. It is so cute how Yoon Kang is still flustered everytime he sees her.

Episode 6 by Helcat. Yoon-kang relocates to an inn, where he drops the Hanjo act to chuckle with Sang-chu, who congratulates him on his return to Joseon and asks why he acted that way with the merchants. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Ho-kyung assures her they can return another day, but Soo-in notes an opening when the two sidekicks get distracted with other matters. We may not agree on everything but the one important thing that we all agree on is that Lee Jun-ki is just super duper fantastic. I loved the way she carry herself, like a noble lady even though she is of a lower class. There were two little things that I particularly liked. She is more my type of girl and I’m loving her character so far.

I too love how it is being used in “creative fighting” ways, balancing the old way of the sword with kadlrama the new way of the gun. She is more my type of girl and I’m loving her character so far. The new arrival looks familiar…. Also, shouldn’t finding out what happened to his sister be Yoon-kang’s top priority? The two men engage in a rather bumbling fight that ends badly for Sang-chu, and he loses Sohn in the process.

And so, Kim Ok-kyun had instructed him to find a way for him to succeed before making the journey home. Then we’ll many have excuses for SI and YK to meet. Thanks so much for the recap JB. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Ditto about the Legend of Korra part.


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I loved her in episode 4 and 5, and I think she’s practically flawless in emotional scenes although not so much in light cute moments. Its like city Hunter Joseon era style But Lee Jun Ki. Anyway, I’m all the more excited on what this show can bring.

I think he aims to find her trace too while researching his father’s death. The aegyo part in the first few episodes is essential to her character- how she was naive and curious about the world like a child, and how she’d change after what happened with YoonKang etc. That said, I do hope they bring them together soon because I’d much rather see them take on the world together!

The second was when Yoon Kang’s sidekick asks Soo In, while he’s dragging her away from Hanjo’s room, “Do you know who he is?

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I hope the ratings would kkadorama to rise as it gets more exciting. Jun Ki’s action scenes though. It also gives Hye-won a chance to shine, because she has always seemed to be a strong, decent person with a solid sense of righteousness.

And he is so effing cool. Although I’m sure he’ll deny knowing what she’s talking about haha, but that’s part of the fun. Yoon-kang acts offended at her rebuke, and when she offers to send them to a gibang instead, he gets up and declares his connection to their trading association over. Ho-kyung just looks at her with a pained expression. Otherwise, I think she should continue to be a huge motivation for our hero and I hope we see more of her sooner rather than later.


I did notice him, and looked for other shows with him. Znd like Nam Sangmi, I think she’s adorable, I don’t get the criticisms though. Ah, so he did notice Yoon-kang after all.

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He gives him to the count of three, and Sohn starts blubbering that spilling anything will get him and his family killed. I’d love to see her as an enlightment lady, but considering she witnessed so many pprime no wonder she would lose all her hope.

I don’t know how many times I shrieked and screamed because of fangirling over Lee Jun Ki oppa! Iljimae was okay for me; he acted well but I didn’t liked how they wrapped up the story. He trudges back to his room and takes out the shattered compass he still carries with him. But yeah, that’s not the show to go to in order to see what miniwter can do.

If you guys can watch two weeks he’s was a great actor in that drama.

That’s not a lot to base on. Gah, nobody beats Lee Jun-ki for expressive eyes. Song Soo-jung Gong Seung-yeon adalah seorang aktris papan atas namun dia sangat sombong.

Oh god Lee jun mimister I like that the show is still fitting in scenes like that, where the new and improved Yoon-Kang still gets all flustered by her. So far these father characters have been great. One step at a time.