Retrieved May 14, Magnum gets some surprising news about his theory that Higgins is really Robin Masters, when Higgins admits, finally, that he is indeed Robin. Elsewhere, Jessica labors over submitting a cover photo for her new book, not liking any of the ones Honey took, and soon realizes her apprehension is fear of possible rejection of the book itself by the reading public. In order to break him out, Walter must work with Ray and his “Ray Way” of doing things by having his man on the inside smuggle drugs for Sylvester to take, appearing dead. Erin Gray and the voice of Orson Welles Note: However, the plane suffers damage and is unable to land and a controlled crash-landing proves to be impossible as well. A musical prodigy Scott Mescudi , who created a controversial algorithm that generates the perfect hit pop song, helps Scorpion investigate the murder of his friend who was a music industry blogger.

She asks Magnum to handle the ransom drop without telling her father, who never approved of the marriage in the first place. Retrieved August 16, Retrieved June 9, After waking up from a car crash while on a case, Magnum suffers from amnesia, having not been able to account for several missing hours. They set about trying to work out who is so desperate to get hold of the manuscript that they are willing to resort to attempting to kill Higgins and drugging Zeus and Apollo to get it, in scenes reminiscent of those portrayed in the stolen book. The team infiltrates a company selling tainted food by posing as magicians. But when their mark’s true motives are finally revealed, finishing the con gets just a little harder.

The Pentagon lost contact with a low geosynchronous orbit satellite that controls a sinetrkn drone used to support their operation and the team needs to reconnect it to give cover to the four-man strike team. Retrieved October 28, Meanwhile, Drew takes Ralph out to a baseball game and later visits the team’s garage to seek Walter’s advice to help him connect with his son.


Jack Burditt Teleplay by: When acting grown up fails, he decides to vandalize her prized Christmas angel.

This episode was initially broadcast as a minute commercial-free presentation. Cabe’s trial is a bench trial overseen by a judge with a history of handing down harsh sentences.

Retrieved November 26, Working undercover as a carnival ‘roustabout’, aided by Rick, Magnum learns that even before the killing, the carnival had been experiencing a string sinopssi ‘accidents’, and must pin-point exactly who is trying to force the show out of business. Meanwhile, Louis tries to help Emery prepare his valedictorian speech, while Grandma attempts to make a new suit for Evan. In a crossover with Murder, She WroteJessica Fletcher Angela Lansburyon vacation in Hawaii, offers to help Magnum, who has been accused of killing a hitman with an unknown target, and continues in his corner when another murder occurs.

Retrieved December 2, TV by the Numbers. Not wanting to go back to work, Jamie tries to get herself fired; Paul confronts the newspaper journalist who wrote an error-filled article about his film Buchman.

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Meanwhile, Happy seeks her own distraction from their failed relationship by going out with Chet, who is actually her comedy coach. Paul injures Jamie’s back during sex and has to run her errands Jamie finally sees Murray’s mouse, and Paul translates on the fly. With time running out until Dorie releases a deadly gas, the team implements a plan that releases them from the bunker and locks Dorie in an unsolvable challenge. She tries to get him moved into gifted programs but the school doesn’t have them.

Retrieved July 1, Evan is tired of being Emery’s costume sidekick every Halloween. The case involves characters who also bear strong resemblances to the “modern day” T. Retrieved February 23, Jessica is overly enthusiastic when she learns that Tiger Woods is half Asian. It appears that MI6 agent Gleason is killed and that the team decides to carry out the plan to take out Madaky.


Paul’s documentary gets a surprisingly good review at a film festival and Jamie has a labor false-alarm. Retrieved March 31, The team races to track Daniel before the S6 do, but arrive too late and then must save a panicked Daniel. They are helped by their new neighbor Flo, a chemist, who devises a formula that dissolves plastic.

Elsewhere, Eddie’s fear of talking to Alison on the phone leads him to make a mix tape for her instead, but the tape falls into the hands of Reba, a nerdy girl who has a crush on Eddie, giving her the wrong idea. Retrieved December 7, Magnum teams with the samurai, but they must cookiew fast, as the samurai code of honor dictates Tozan must commit Seppuku if the precious plate isn’t retrieved.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To sneak past the armed-guards, they must disguise themselves as the film’s superheroes so they can disable the warhead.

When Magnum and old school private eye Luther H. Robin and Higgins simultaneously ask Magnum to do some investigative work, so Thomas calls on St.

Fortune Cookies

Retrieved November 16, Retrieved September 26, However, they only have two hours when they find themselves in the path of an F4 tornado. Retrieved June 11, The team investigates a case involving two murdered cops and a young man on the run. But this brother doesn’t believe the cops and is convinced he should talk to his brother with a button camera.

A documentary film project about a small greeting-card company takes a strange turn when the Leverage team arrives, posing as efficiency experts. Later, after episodee receives a failing grade for his coding project, Ralph’s college professor steals his sound wave software, causing him to hire Haywood as his attorney.

Retrieved October 25,