Olive Hui as Hae-Won’s Hotties. Going toe-to-toe with Poehler in arguably the movie’s funniest scene in which the two attempt to hurdle the language barrier by pronouncing her name, Hae-Won is the kind of quality character every other supporting role had the potential to be. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bobby Moynihan Derrick Simmons Hae-Won’s Hottie Crystal Chau Ride Along 2 Dethrones Star Wars:

Party Guest uncredited Kara Rosella The sisters finish up their shopping, and stop by James’ house where Kate forces Maura to ask him to come to their party, and he agrees. Madison Davenport Brooke Mescher Kate McKinnon as Sam. It’s vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. Hae-Won’s Hottie Vera Lam

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Watch now on “UnMade”. Maura and Kate apologize to each other, and Kate convinces Maura to try and connect with James. Ike Barinholtz as James.

Sisters Kate and Maura Ellis are summoned home to clean out their childhood bedroom before their parents sell the family house, much to their dismay. As the party begins, the sisters realize that all of their high school classmates have matured and do not want a wild party.

Hae-Won’s Hottie Farrah Krenek Bolos Softball Team Kenny Bermudez Edit Storyline Sisters Kate and Maura Ellis are summoned home to clean out their childhood bedroom before their parents sell the family house, much to their dismay. No, it is not.


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James leaves the party with the music box up his rectum. Once the parents kick the guests out, they tell Kate and Maura that they are tired of taking care of both of them, and that they need to get their lives together. Nov 4, Rating: What kind of last name is Geernt? Yes No Report this. Deana Ellis John Cena Speaking of award-winning performances, Greta Lee, a relatively unknown actress who plays Hae-Won, a nail salon worker, deserves a trophy for bailing out every single scene she’s in.

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Pilot uncredited Michael Simon Hall More Top Movies Trailers. Feb 22, Rating: Kate convinces him to pretend to give her a job so that Maura will think that she is taking responsibility.

Patrick Campbell Darren Lee Film Crazy Super Reviewer. Kate McKinnon as Sam. Emily Tarver as Brayla. John Haewom as Joel Barme. Yes, but that is about all I enjoyed it for. Newcomer Greta Lee is the funniest person in the movie Getty Images. Haley and her grandparents show up at the party and are horrified by what they see.

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Search for ” Sisters ” on Amazon. View All Videos 2. Officer Higgins Olive Hui Airport Traveler uncredited Eduardo J.

Party Guest uncredited Jonathan O’Reilly Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. But in Sjstersit’s almost like Fey and Poehler have been waiting so long to use the word, they overcompensated by trying fit it into every other line. The Washington Post Company. Maura’s job is to entice Kate to return home and together, they must clean out their bedroom which has remain untouched since they moved haaewon of home.


Airport Bartender Dan Byrd Alexandra Licitra as Party Dancer. The next morning, the sisters are awakened by the new homeowners coming to see the house in order to begin to plan all of the things they want to change when to move in, and tell them that the home needs to be in perfect condition in order for the sale to go through, causing great distress to Maura and Kate.

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Official Facebook Official site. Katrina Yaukey as Bolos Softball Team. There are also the overt gross-out moments that were way more suited for a Farrelly brothers movie than this one, like the opening scene gag about Fey’s character’s landlady whose dog eats a used waxing strip, or the trailer-spoiled scene where Poehler’s love interest has an unfortunate injury involving a ballerina music box that’s going to make sitting difficult for quite a while.

Airport Passenger uncredited Leila J.