Wilson Eileen Atkins – Mrs. McGee – Guy at Window. Both are bequeathed half of the club in a will, and Morris and the Kid want to handle each of their halves differently. A fun-filled getaway for four teenagers becomes a season in Hell in this tense British thriller. One young man’s dream takes him on a remarkable journey in this sports-themed drama. Now that the wall has fallen and the two Germanys have begun to become unified, a moderately poor Leipzig family has chosen to drive to Italy in their little car on vacation.

But their potential budding romance is put on hold when Starkman Al Pacino arrives from New York, angry about how his affairs are being handled. Soon Sam comes back into contact with those he knew in life, and he begins to learn piece-by-piece of his close friend and co-worker Carl’s Tony Goldwyn embezzling plot which caused his death; the apparent mugging was, in fact, a premeditated murder. Timms becomes a key suspect, and he reveals the first of a long trail of troubling secrets, but Hoover has secrets of his own that he’s trying to keep covered in the process — including the fact that he and Allison were once an item. Eventually she has to fight her old enemy White Shark Jang Sae-jin. Director Stephen Frears returns to the grittier themes of his earlier films for the urban thriller Dirty Pretty Things. Sidney Poitier makes his long-overdue return to films in the thriller Shoot to Kill.

But Ray finds he’s not the only one with the wonder engines — the entire exhibition is being powered by a handful of them, and the O’Hara group is using its pavilion hall-cum-battle fortress to seize the rest. She survives with the help of her son Pasquale Francesco Casisa.

Barry Atkins Victoria Pratt – Cpl. A monk and a pickpocket become unlikely allies in this action adventure story. With the help of Dr. Cut off from the outside world, Ash is forced to hole up in the cabin and wait for the next demonic onslaught — which arrives sooner than expected, led by Linda’s rotting corpse.

Thus, it’s up to the insufferable but brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot an unrecognizable Albert Finney to activate his “little grey cells” and determine who’s guilty.

Goda Tsukamoto grieves over the suicide of his lover Kyoka Suzukiwondering if he might bear some responsibility. One day, the brothers arrive in a town and offer to help its people drive away evil spirits, unaware that the community is bordered by a genuine enchanted forest, and that young girls in the village have been disappearing at a frightful rate.

As her psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Dick Patterson – Mr. Vincent assumes Jerome’s identity and is scheduled for a flying mission. As conditions in the mines become more desperate and unsafe, and the owners propose to cut wages, Maheu at last stages a massive strike of the miners.


Tolkien’s classic to a close in suitably epic fashion. The gig includes living accommodations—one room—which the entire band shares for the summer.

Popular vocalist Aaron Neville has a cameo as a singer at a night spot.

The relationship between the two men is threatened when Mays falls for Karen Saffron Burrowsa no-nonsense dancer. Complementing the period story, Coppola evokes the style of ’30s gangster movies and musicals through an array of old-fashioned devices like montages of headlines, songs and shoot-outs.

A fun-filled getaway for four teenagers becomes a season in Hell in this tense British thriller. Over the next few days, Nicholson takes a few minor jobs to support his habit, while his mind wavers between past and present. And it turns out that there’s plenty worth gossiping about, especially after Sir William turns up dead, and everyone is ordered to stay at the mansion while the police investigate the killing.

After hearing the news of a film being made about his parents’ murderous legacy, Glen sets off for Hollywood, where he promptly brings Chucky and Tiffany back to life. Schanberg has an opportunity to rescue Dith Pran when the U.

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Gangsters is the directorial debut of veteran writer and actor Olivier Marchal, who spent ten years as a police detective in France. Since Arthur accidentally saved Ford’s life years ago, Ford does him a favor — he first gets him a ride on a spaceship passing by, and then presents him with a guidebook that will tell a beginner everything he needs to know as he hitchhikes through outer space. Clair Cicely Tysonthe queen of Harlem’s numbers racket. The white-run Mafia and the black-run numbers game meet head on with explosive impact in this period crime thriller.

Then a beautiful woman Jennifer Lopez shows up at his door. The Fellowship must also do battle with a troll, flying spies, Orcs, and other deadly obstacles both natural and otherwise as they draw closer to Mordor.

Frustrated by his inability to find a job, especially as his wife Kelly Lynch is expecting their first fulm, Thomas thinks he’s found a sympathetic ear when he meets Bob Matthews Cilm Gallagherthe leader of a white supremacist group called “The Order. The third world is England, where Gulliver is thrown into a lunatic asylum when he tries to relate his astonishing adventures.

The mishaps that befall them will be appreciated by anyone familiar with the funny little car, and the actors make the most of it in this German answer to Chevy Chase’s “Vacation” films.

Gatewood is torn by a grudging respect for Geronimo and his people and his duty to his country. The wealthy can choose the genetic makeup of their descendants.

To accomplish his goal, he enlists the aid of DNA broker German Tony Shalhoub and makes contact with Jerome Morrow Jude Lawwho was paralyzed in an accident and is willing to sell his superior genetic materials. Normally, the police would handle the investigation, but the train has been stalled by a snowslide halfway between Istanbul and Paris.


She soon finds herself a patient in the same facility where she once treated others, and finds that her claims of innocence and sanity do little to kalsndok Dr.

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Wolf has had years of military experience in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, but he doesn’t know much about raising kids, and he soon discovers his new job demands he be a nanny as much as a bodyguard.

An interesting hybrid of popular film genres, Ghost showcases the talents of its entire cast. Russell previously made a splash with his independent debut feature, ‘s Spanking the Monkey. A military detective uncovers some disturbing truths while investigating a shocking murder in this made-for-cable mystery, based on a true story.

Liz confesses her infatuation with Mike to Martin Taylor Daniel Brocklebanka science-minded geek and longtime friend who happens to be in love with Liz, though she prefers to ignore it. However, Regis soon learns that the Secret Service, headed by Nick Spikings Daniel Benzaliis launching their own investigation, and they want Regis to stay out of their way.

Believing her father was murdered by Ash, Annie plays the rest of the professor’s recording to learn the truth, and discovers her possessed mother was buried in the same cellar kalandpk and not exactly resting in peace. The trouble begins when a plutonium transport is botched; somehow this disturbs an atoll, causes sivafagi disappearance of a professor and an entire village, and reawakens three Gyaos, gigantic flying lizard things with enormous wing-spans who fly about Japan making a lot of noise and causing infinite destruction.

In this comedy, a cop assumes a new identity in his valiant battle against crime: When the neighbors are murdered by a group of mobsters, one of which is a former boyfriend, Gloria takes the couple’s seven-year-old son Jean-Luke Figueroa on the run.

Aryong and Gi-cheol don’t get along at all, despite the best efforts of translator Yon-hi Hyeon Yeong to buffer the insults they toss back and forth. She is outraged as she sees a young woman horribly murdered on the tape, complete with a truly foul sequence in which a blade is graphically plunged into the victim’s eyeball.