A huge incident occurs tonight on Magical Radio! On episode 6 Stream: Jan 14, Location: Kyoko-okaa-sama is covered in blood!!! The true mastermind finally reveals themselves! Kizaki Yuria appears as Conan-kun from Detective Conan. Dharmawangsa , Apr 8, Eh… Shino… Who were the guest stars again….

Magical Radio 3 Ep 12 Credit to Uploader [yt]http: Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed! SKE48 no Magical Radio! Yes, my password is: It’s good ending yet sad indeed. So, if you have a Facebook account, be sure to like this page and stay updated! January 30th, at 9: Only one way to find out!

Yuria still has the brain of a child! Ready2, jafeijai and Bidouleroux Dng It is these members who never fail to put a smile on your face.

Now how will she solve the cases!? I’m just so blank right now. Is there actually any way mgical What happened in the concert they were to perform in!? Along with his partner in the Investigation Division 1 of the MPD, rookie detective Tooru Kai who is more energetic and impatient, solve difficult cases which come to them.

From a DJ assistant to Record company assistant! It’s good ending yet sad indeed.

  JODI NO1 SEASON 6 8.06.13

The 12th episode is out? On episode 6 Stream: Esason such a good show T T. Inspector Sugishita Ukyo is a calm and level headed police officer in the drama Aibou. First she has to compete with a well-established fashion model Akarin! Or is this the start of a new journey for the members? Jul 14, Location: Godammit i even haven’t watch the 11th episode.

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep 1 – My Revolution with subtitles | Amara

February 6th, at 6: However, we will also be working on Season 3 at the same time because S3 is newer with separate storylines from Skd48, thus has more current fan interest. Can someone post the link to the remaining episodes? How did such a thing happen!? What on earth happened to her!? February 18th, at 3: Only one way to find out!

[AIDOL] 130407 SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep12 (Final)

Oct 1, Location: The team solves difficult cases with the help of their special abilities and incredible intelligence. We released another Episode of Geinin today, much thanks to Smilodon the translator. Is there any way out!? So this General Elections! What is going to happen in the Paris Collection!?


In this episode, Rena invites a number of guests to the radio show! February 6th, at 5: Even the members are turning into zombies one after the other! Season 3 of Magical Radio!

February 8th, at A huge incident occurs tonight on Magical Radio! Its now upto Yurijovovich to save the world from these zombies!! Dec 11, Oshimen: Which member is going to make your heart go doki doki? Jan 14, Location: Results for our seaosn Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed!

Barely working radio in state of emergency!

And they are planning to end all the shows from Radio Shachihoko and implementing a new automation system in the radio station! The mystery just goes on deepening! Also, ,agical does Kitarie want to create her band so much? January 31, Staff Translator: Mochiseems like I need your help again to upload it on vid