Angel Scrapped Princess Ah! I will post some more of my anime direct download resources and sites later. English dub yes please. Meghan, r u here? Oh and, there isnt a list, but Youtube has a pretty good selection. You can get around the not being able to download anime from AnimeCrave you still must pay by doing this: Does anyone know a site where i can download the Gundam Seed series in English.

Also, I will have some Henti Dont know how to spell it I hope at least three of four. Does anyone know where to download free english episodes for the following series: Still lookin for Shaman King in English…. If any1 wants direct manga downloads then you should go to http: It is directed by Tsutomu Shibayama and written by Mitsuki Nakamura. I am going to start shairing eps threw aol im, if someone wants some, send me an e-mail at:

Can someone tell me a good site where I can get Yami no Matsuei episodes with direct download? These two are my preferred sites, for any who wish to know… mepg4 Uh, does any body know where I can download or direct download case closed or detective conan.

Modernine Cartoon | Revolvy

Jamieoz, you need real player: I am going to start shairing eps threw aol im, if someone wants some, send me an e-mail at: Try going to http: Still lookin for Shaman King in English…. Thats it and no bittorent stuff either. I downloaded it as torrents. You can download lots of Anime at animeyume.


Modernine Cartoon

It downloads on the spot so you have to do much. I am looking for FLCL, but any dubbed anime will do.

I need Movie 3 preferably with english subs, and original japanese dubbing. Does anyone know where i can download FlCl free?

DO mind if you send it to me pls. Not to mention the community is amazing. Naruto full quality.

Then you can put it up for download. This is the best site dedicated to Fushigi no Umi no Nadia or Nadia: You have to wait for them to finish. Does anyone know where to find Saiyuki anime in rm or rmvb eoisode Clean site and they give gold slm for user and you can trade them in for like Nike shoes cash, accessories.

I tried for ages to find Slayers but wasnt successful!

I have been lokking for it for days plz tell me where I can find it. MOST anime episodes can be found between replies to Where I live, sadly, Anime isnt available.


Hey narutofan, although i agree with shadowblast, you can find avatar at http: This site has everything, from unique styles, to downloads, to videos and much more.

Not english subbed, english audio. SOmeone, please e-mail me at: Does anyone know a decent site for direct download inuyasha movies? Mainly subs, as preferred by any true anime fan.

Naruto Dub Ep 17 Part 2 2

If any one is looking for trigun eps in english download the p2p network bearshare they have all the eps except 22 they are in realplayer format which i think is.

However, sometimes a video may be removed eisode the video host, but they are pretty quick to fixing the problem. THe user name is: I need season 4 of inuyasha…and the movie 4 very badly.