Star Driver [11], score 6. Normally a season with no Mugi would send me into a severe withdrawal, but Milky Holmes was standing by with a completely vapid blonde girl with lurid fantasies and I was able to come down slowly. It has a loli half-maid to start trying to kill this masochist character There were a lot of bungaku shoujo vibes in this one, which isn’t the best thing to have going. The Sengoku Basara Chibi Specials are everything chibi specials should be, and contain absolutely no uruchais. Maybe a refresh will help. It would have less scantily clad Kurokos as well, and that’s good for everyone. At least that’s how I understood it.

Stop trying to make me enjoy this and let me go back to detesting Kirino in peace. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [4], score 8. Well this was a Xebectacular scene. The nurse is a Michiru, but not a good Michiru found at Tsuruya residences. The only way to improve them would be to have ridiculous hyperinflated Yui faces. Sado becomes the prize. I’m going to try to watch episode 2 instead of episode 12 now, but I’m too pissed off to blog any further.

The Sengoku Basara Chibi Specials are everything chibi specials should be, and contain absolutely no uruchais.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte 2 English Sub [1/2] – video dailymotion

What’s going on with Beta 7? Week 10 placement Week 10 raw Nyarlko-san is tomorrow, I still haven’t figured out why that is. I’m not going to be putting it on the charts until this season ends.

Week 12 is the week where shows start ending. This episode was marred by a large-breasted character sounding like Aki Toyosaki and being impossible to take seriously. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru [10], score 6. She’d cry if you didn’t pick her. Only by kissing her through the glass without the glass can you get a true glimpse of who Kanako Watanabe truly is. Why am I doing this?! Yuuno is WAY better than Inami.


Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [4], score 8. Fortune Arterial [12], score 6. Every skit with Sanae in it is awesome. That guy made the first couple episodes of this series. Where’s Twenty when you need him? On the other hand, every skit with Ika otohimono it is also awesome, even if they are mini-Ikas.

That is quite a fantasy that Sado just had. Those square-frame glasses are so terrible I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been working 7am – 11pm for two days and this will continue tomorrow, so any attempt at putting together power rankings will cut into my already limited sleep time.

So now Kouhei has become Erika’s servant in the epic battle against Erika’s mom, and the fate of all vampires, nay, the world, rests upon him providing blood to this girl eoisode so clearly wants to plow.

This is a terrible idea! The long awaited fire trucks episode. Milky Holmes [5], score 8. How episodde Ika not be 1? The OP is pretty bad, in case you were wondering.

Week 11 charts will be up in the morning since I finally have a day off yay! That’s been the best part of the show to this point. There’s not even a contest. This would be pushing tier 2 if I was only grading the Deicide arc. Bleach [9], score 7. Maybe it’s a sign that I totally should not be doing this. There’s a huge gap between 2nd and 3rd Fall Week 9 Power Rankings.


There were a lot of bungaku shoujo vibes in this one, which isn’t the best thing to have going. Now I’ll try and watch the rest of np in the correct order, though I make no promises. I guess they can’t really do much in one episode, so here’s hoping it’s a ridiculous exploding panties fest.

Nishishis are the only exception to this rule.

sora no otoshimono season 2 episode 1 english sub

Thanks a lot, misdirected links. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that gag used in that fashion before. How could you go any other way? Previous 10 – Next The guy’s name is Sado? The High School Wife Mrs.

I hope this goes better than that time I tried to live-blog my reaction to watching Ladies vs Butlers but couldn’t because it was epically terrible. Legend of the Legendary Heroes [5], score 8. Who put nekomimi meido Kana Hanazawas into my show about irritating incestuous Azu-nyans? At least that’s how I understood it. The Oriana arc of this season has been pretty good, surprisingly. Cordelia and Twenty were both hilarious as usual, and Kokoro took full advantage of everyone being retards to make sure the detectives all got sick.