Is this really what di world coming too? His family is steeped in a rich tradition of sports. Now go get me a tonic. I wonder how much off them could say that they have money put away fi them old age and not tax payers have to pay to take care of them and a wonder if she have a husband to call her own at least sweet have the wedding ring she a lead u by far. Akeem “Boogie” Priestley 5. Oh My god…everytime i watch that video …i pop up!!!

You have so much more to offer then what meets the eye. It is free and quick. Real Real Talk, I couldnt help myself so mi click fi see iz who post da atrocity on youtube. Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects millions of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn out to be really terrible and insensitive this is the nature of urban slang, I suppose. A nice nod to the areas Scandinavian-by-way-of-northern-midwest roots. She has previously published in the Synergy literary magazine and earned two national US gold medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for poetry and short stories. Jamaica originated Dancehall and still dominates Dancehall,were as Trinidad doesn’t dominate its soca market nor win the Soca monarchs every year. In he earned the non-fiction prize for his collection of essays Writing Down the Vision while his poetry collection The Cartographer Tries to Map the Way to Zion was longlisted for the prize.

Dats all for now, Im sure when mi find more words to describe what you went spoogi did then I will rally back wid more comments.

So why she neva ask Trutv not to run it but as soon as u post it she a begggggg u tek it down. I’ve only been in the NW since 91, but I’ve never heard anyone say “right on”, except maybe on 80s sitcom TV? comdy


In This Breadfruit Kingdom features poetry from 63 Jamaican poets and poets who have lived in Jamaica, blending new and iconic voices. No she is not jus a rifle cleaner by the sound of things a very good one. He ended up jumping off a parking a garage to his death. I can tell that you are a really sweet person. Chilling with the legend Posted by josh February 25, 2: Posted by Mittens Schrodinger February 25, 3: In da dance dem gwan like everything good.


DEAD Dat surgeon deh need fi get charge wid assault,assault wid a deadly weapon,causing serious bodily injury,gross professional misconduct,risking a public catastrophe by trying to blind the public yeah man him fi do time. Akeem ‘Boogie’ Priestley – The born left-footer was always going to be a standout from his childhood days on the streets and parks within the Harbour View community.


Write new things, notes, other ideas as well as he project at the top of the list. Face reality if of you go to dance and there are over , people in America than where does that leave you? Jwmaica mi nuh like when dutty people ah try come class mi decent people pon JMG.

Originally Posted by PrizeWinner Listen ,I don’t know you but you sound like some crazy weirdo, please stop trolling me, you are no one to speak on Guyana or country, you can’t ask questions the next minute and then spoogke to come in the thread dictating what Guyana is or isn’t.

Among the vocalists are: McClean is being published by Caribbean Reads. Your post got that damn song stuck in my head: Originally Posted by PrizeWinner It takes you 12 days at a time to come up with iamaica rebuttal! In an interview with Variety, John Rhodes, head of ScreenCraft indicated that there are plans afoot to make it an annual event.

She is weh u call a prostitute she nuh sell har front on di road side but she still sell it. It takes you 12 days at a time to come up with a rebuttal! P Rules Submit A Story. Give the engine a seed word and it will find a huge list of related words.

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Actually Soca was never a big thing, and Sooogie has actually went international, this is why you have Dancehall Queens in all countries in Europe and Japan. The screening takes place on Thursday, June 1,7: Welcome, what to you want to do? In order to combat spam, we are no longer accepting comments on this post or any post more than 14 days old. We knew some reggae comddy here and there but it was soul, funk, and the disco, which was popular.


Urban Thesaurus

BTW mi want har fi come a Canada Mississuaga to be exact to cream mi hair fi Susumba – News http: September 14, at I wish Guyana could popularize a uniformity culture and musical form but it’s not going to happen. YOU are so stupid and now you make the world know yuh never was and will never be happy wid yuself.

Lost in the Cockpit Country by Helen Williams. Posted by me February 25, 1: Indeed, three of the shortlisted and winning entries have subsequently been published: Also write every day.

Slog Line Out Stranger audio and video: There are worries, people. SeMe – I’m totally psyched that someone Jamaican explained why blood claat!

Posted by stone February 25, 9: Even an Indo Canadian comedian Russell Peters had to laugh at it claiming that each song was created in the few minutes that the song writer was taking a shower! Your involvement is invited even further as quotes are printed on the side, jaamica mirrors, and to read them, you must engage in self-reflection.

A black middle class existed long before Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful moms out there. Posted by lostboy February 25, 2: The main event will feature four sessions. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Posted by fairy boy February 25, 2: Listen ,I don’t know you but you sound like comedh crazy weirdo, please stop trolling me, you are no one to speak on Guyana or country, you can’t ask questions the next minute and then try to come in the thread dictating what Guyana is or isn’t.