The contents are provided directly by beneficiaries and reflect the views only of their authors. The project is interdisciplinary, challenging and promotes teamwork, innovation and lifelong learning. Karelino contains next modules: Logo Karel O logo Karel zdecydowano podczas pierwszego spotkania projektowego w Beypazar. W trakcie spotkania podsumowano projekt. Polish version of the Internet site During the project a Polish version of the Internet site was created.

The attached file contains the paper and the magazine extract. Po spotkaniu uczestnicy zwiedzili zabytki miasta Rybnika. Robot Base Prototype We created a prototype for the robot base. Eight presentations were delivered and a workshop was organized. Motor Drivers Design This result refers to single 1×2. The first version of the site was presented during the meeting in Greece.

The pupils girls and boys will participate in all stages of the project. English Polish Turkish Romanian Greek. Just one of prototypes satisfied stabllizatoare the specifications. Karel Upper Board Design This result refers to the upper board of the Karel platform final prototype, which is an improved version of Karelino board. Claudia Tudosie, a former student of the Romanian partner, and her colleague Andra Carmina Radu created MicroBlocks, as part of their university stabillizatoare project.

The Polish team organized a bowling competition and a meeting in the gym under the “cloud”. Attached folder contains agenda, presentation, certificate, and photos. Trzej partnerzy zaproponowali logo. We disseminated the partners and the Karel project.

Our aim was to promote and encourage sport and physical activity during the free time. Karel Programming – Workshop. The attached folder contains codes for led blinking, motor control, analog inputs staiblizatoare, and Bluetooth communication.

We seerie movies related to robotic contests. Moreover, the teachers and students gave interesting lectures on Karel project, the specification of Karel educational platform and the rules of building the mobile robots.


Karelino Design First prototype of Stwbilizatoare controller that we designed, manufactured and test it, was named Karelino by Cristina-Maria Agape; Karelino suggests a small Karel, and similarity to Arduino.

The article present the activities and the results of the first Rybnik project meeting. During the show the students presented the fearures and functions of the robots and they answered the participants’ questions.

The attached file contains the invitation and the program of the Symposium. The attached folder contains three presentations. Minister of Education,Silesian Voivode Stabilizaatoare of Schools and the authorities of Rybnik took honorary patronage over the tournament.

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During the workshops they helped the teams explaining orders and rules for writing a program. Karel Upper Board Design. The attached folder contains the paper, and a document with CD extract. W trakcie spotkania podsumowano projekt. They visited the museum where they could learn about the history of Zywiec Brewery.

The students and teachers were acquainted with the production process and the precept of technology line in the brewery. Karelino Robotic Platform During the first Rybnik project meeting we integrated the available solutions for mechanical, electronics, and software.

Study trip During the rrferat meeting in Rybnik we organised a study trip to Zywiec Brewery and to Power Plant pumped-storage hydroelectricity “Porabka-Zar”. Our students tested LineFollower i MiniSumo robots during the contest and they presented the Karel project.

Rybnik – reports, interviews, articles. Lodz, Hranice, Bratislava, Vienna, Opole and many others.

Okręty podwodne typu XXI

Some project team members have been recorded playing and singing a version of Jingle Bells in English, Greek, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish languages. Personal experiences turned out to be very valuable as staying in our own environment we could learn more about customs of the people from different parts of the world but also, what is worth noticing, we overcame the linguistic and cultural barriers which divided us.


The attached folder contains graduation thesis, and movie about using MicroBlocks. They will research, design, build and test the robotic platform. Rybnik Robotic Symposium During the first meeting the robotic symposium as part of the project was organised in Rybnik. This project involves both pupils 14 to 19 years old and teachers. Prototipul bazei robotului Au fost fabricate patru prototipuri diferite ale bazei robotului.

During the contest 7 competitions were carried out i. Karel Lower Board Design. Emitters are organized in groups of three LEDs connected in series. Teachers women and men will guide pupils and will develop the curriculum. The regulators keeps output voltage constant when the battery voltage decrease from refedat.

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We obtained Karelino platform. Robot Base Preliminary Design. In the second part are presented detailed specifications for Sedie platform mechanical, electrical, software, financial, environmental, and robot challenges. During the meeting, where the representatives from the Polish-German exchange were also present, we could exchange views concerning changes occurring in the contemporary world, which taught us mutual respect and tolerance and also facilitated breaking stereotypes.

Switching Voltage Regulator Design.