So CairoScene just about made it. Find out more about how you can help Cairo Gossip get the inside track on everything worth knowing about in Egypt before anyone else! We chose George Azmy and Ashraf Hamdi for that because one of them was a stand-up comedian and the other wrote his own films so we thought they would be very relevant. We encourage people to focus on content. On set of new TSN series ‘Omlette’. Ashraf Hamdi is really about the drama and structure and the proper writing for the industry.

The event drew nearly 4, people and brought to light rising comedic stars, such as artist turned comedian George Azmy. Dana Gas to drill second largest Egyptian natural gas field 2 weeks ago. That man of course was Bassem Youssef, the programme became A l Bernameg , and the rest, as they say, is history. So how did you get into all of this showbusiness stuff, Amr? After 8 on Wednesday night, around 10 p. Everything you need to know about the 31 Mosalsals coming to your screen this year.

The King of Sting: A factory for television talent, TubeStar Network emerged after the success of parent company QSoft’s Al Bernameg, choosing 10 finalists from thousands of online submissions, including our very own El Scene, to turn into stars. I was in Amsterdam Egypt announces high alert to confront desert locusts 1 week ago. Oh, the loud parts. Garhy says the modern local stand-up comedy scene started inwhen The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour visited Egypt to perform and hold auditions for local talent.

So we hope to trigger that in people and make them want to produce better content. The facility’s launch comes as part of a bigger focus on students with disabilities.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: From there, they started looking at things regarding the revolution and they got to the stage where they were putting stuff out on YouTube.

You do get a lot of countryside shots with Nokia phone videos on a farm. Watch a six-minute compilation of his best skits above. We were able to entertain them once and that was it! George Azmy, an excellent comedian, presents what might just be the first regular stand-up comedy show in Cairo. Saudi is number one in the world for mobile playbacks because they have advanced internet and it allows them to watch things faster.


Express newspaper 2 weeks ago. Following the unparalleled success of the infamous political satirist, QSoft decided to make the bold risk to invest their finances in giving absolutely unknown personalities a chance at the same cosmic trajectory to fame with their new enterprise, TubeStar Network.

You can be a star. We go by the chemistry, for example George Azmy is very Egyptian and really from the streets and he can really talk with the same lingo as a your average youth, and gets that sense of humour. Egypt’s 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of It was also almost the only English submission.

So I have to try and see where the show is and where it could go and try to bridge this gap. We encourage people to focus on content.

At least 3 out of my top Tell us about the process of actually choosing submissions English For Dirty Foreigners is the only show on the internets that will lie to you stwnd about British language, traditions, customs and stuffs.

UAE eases Qatar shipping ban: Prolific and consistent in his posts, this anonymous comic keeps his k coomedy giggling every morning with near-perfect one-liners and photo comments. Do you have to spend money entertaining these athletes? After 8 on Wednesday night, around 10 p.

And another submission was continuous interviews with famous athletes and that gets expensive really quick.

The following year, Obeidallah and his comedy tour, Arabs Gone Wild, came back to Cairo to ccomedy and hold more auditions. All of them getting picked up by TV.

Six Funny Egyptians You Should Be Following on Social Media By Now, Cairo, Egypt.

In MarchQSoft, a small production team, began filming a middle aged man in his laundry room, ranting about the revolution. Although not exactly relating to the thread please eypt me, dear friend, to tell you of the newest home of British comedy on the online.


The biggest challenge is with the scriptwriting because most people are not professionals so their scriptwriting is weak. Several short months after the 25 January revolution began, Al Hezb El Comedy was born, empowering an alternative form of creative expression. So there was an actual production team right at the beginning? If you have an article up your sleeve that you think is perfect for publication on CairoScene, fill in the form below, paste in your xtand and upload any relevant photos.

He’s expected to land in Cairo in three months for the El Sobki-produced film. At the time all the cool stuff was like Egpyt William Johnson on YouTube so they wanted to start off with that. So you have mentors to get them started. This entry was posted on November comddy, at They performed in theaters, nightclubs, weddings and later films, presenting their societal comedg musically.

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George Azmy

What did you find was the most common misconception about show business from applicants coming in? Email required Address never made public. No one expected it to grow that fast and that big, but it was definitely planned with a well thought of process. What makes a good submission video? They have recently performed there alongside Adham Abdel Salem, Iman, Shaheen and georgge act Noha Kato, who received a standing ovation at the closing of her set.

You also have the option to resubmit in the future seasons. Write for CG Find out more about how you can help Cairo Gossip get the inside track on everything worth knowing about in Egypt before anyone else! Mo Salah victim of racial insults, football players express solidarity 1 week ago.