The Goa’uld has his race addicted to a drug that can be supplied only by them, but he repents at the last moment and asks Sam to help free his race from the drug. SG-1 is captured, and discovers that Apophis controls the moon. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. While she was busy in Daniel’s mind, he used the Ancient knowledge she was retrieving to get into her mind and stop the Replicators in their tracks. Skaara, who was now an Ascended Being, said that he had not seen Daniel after Anubis destroyed Abydos. Major Samantha Carter Christopher Judge SG-1 uses a particle beam to breach the iris that formed over the offworld gate, and retrieve O’Neill.

Daniel passed on knowledge to his friends to help Jack escape from Ba’al’s fortress, as well as comfort Jack with hope of an escape 6. Oma in Daniel’s death encounters. Through the monk’s words and demonstrations and Daniel’s own desire to be given the powers of the ascended to protect the boy, Oma Desala recognized the purity of Daniel’s soul. A Goa’uld named Seth has lived on Earth for thousands of years and now is the leader of a dangerous cult. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In order to keep it from landing on Earth, SG-1 disables the deceleration engines so the ship burns up in the atmosphere and crashes in the Pacific.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The fight was fierce and Master Bra’tac saw many of his Rebel Jaffa apprentices killed.

Oma Desala

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. He traveled through the Stargate back to Earth, having fallen in love with Carter at first sight. The baby boy was in the protective care of the Ascended Being Oma Desala when Daniel found him on Kheb and after Oma demonstrated that she could take care of the child better than he, Daniel appointed Oma as Shifu’s step-mother.

Daniel Jackson Amanda Tapping Oma engages Anubis in an eternal battle. The SGC, however, gained valuable information studying Khalek, and this research enabled them to fight the advanced human Priors of the Ori. Finally, with the help of Oma and, ironically, Anubis oheb, Daniel found out some of the things that happened to him during his first ascension. Daniel relinquished the baby’s care to Oma and she saw in him the deep sadness and grief of letting the baby go—one of the last ties that he held with his beloved Sha’re.


He, in effect, created a Harsesis with his Goa’uld genetic memories and his thirst for power through death and destruction. Originally a minor god stargqte Buto, as he became more epiode Harsiesis gathered to himself all the attributes of the other forms of Horus.

Anubis had discovered some of the Ancients’ research on ascension and went to Kheb where he tricked Oma into ascending him. Apophis, the father of the boy, searched for the baby on Chulak and killed indiscrimately many, many Jaffa. Who actually did those things to save life in the corporeal plane remains a mystery.

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While buying time for SG-1 to get off of Abydos and to protect Abydos itself from the new superweapon, Daniel pushed the boundaries by directly confronting Anubis and using his powers as an Ascended Being to attempt to destroy Anubis’s existence. Oma Desala, whose name means Mother Naturebuilt a temple on the planet Kheb and wrote on its kyeb the instructions on how to reach a higher plane of existence as epidode Ascended Being.

She continued to watch over Daniel after she helped him retake human form 7. Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced stargae from December It would seem nonsense to the average viewer It’s not everyone’s cup of Zen tea.

Jackson then starts seeing visions of a residual thought transferred to him by Sha’re epidode the last moments — he must find her son Shifu who is known to be a Harcesis. Her sacrifice drew the attention of The Others and Daniel was left standing along among them.

The boy, whose eppisode was accelerated through nanotechnology, contacted Kasuf, Sha’re’s father, on the planet Abydos, by calling out Sha’re’s name in the winds. The knowledge was evil, according to Teal’c and Shifu both. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Oma Desala took Daniel from a final death and placed him into a semi-ascended plane so that he could have a second chance to decide if he wanted to ascend again.

Anna, oheb by rogue NID scientists on Earth.

As soon as Daniel answered, Shifu, whose name means lightappeared in a whirlwind and was taken back to the SGC so that they could talk about Sha’re and the Goa’uld genetic knowledge. Carter must ask Colonel Maybourne to help her retake the base.

The writers went out on a limb here and I respect that. When they return to the planet, giant aliens who have vaguely humanoid but insubstantial forms, appear and return Daniel to normal.


They also assumed that he had been kicked out and that Oma, by the dictate of The Others, buried his memories of his life before and during ascension as punishment for his khsb. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Universe Home page Season one Season two Major characters.

This page was last modified When a Urrone reaches a certain age, their nanites are harvested and eepisode regress to an infantile state and remain that way as the Orbanians have no concept of traditional education. List of Stargate SG-1 episodes.

This was the quality which attracted Oma to Daniel from the start. Awards Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Master Bra’tac Terry Chen Through the monk’s words and demonstrations and Daniel’s own desire to be given the powers of the ascended to protect the boy, Oma Desala recognized the purity of Daniel’s soul. Oma was radiant and shown with a bright light.

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Because he was forbidden to use his powers as an Ascended Being to help humanity, Daniel chose to return to human form. He walked a very fine line as one of Oma’s followers who believed it was their duty to help people to ascend. Oma in energy form. Bra’tac repeated a story about Kheb which his father had told him: After four hundred years alone on the planet, Orlin realized how very important that rule was.

Daniel pleaded with The Others, some, but not all, of whom were Ancients, to stop punishing Oma and stop Anubis from killing everyone in the Milky Way Galaxy.

They find a Zen monk who teaches Daniel about the ways of Ascension and an ascended being Oma Desala saves the child. Moving forward, ascension plays a very important role in the series, as well as in the spin-off, Stargate Atlantis. Stargate Command moves most of the population to another planet but O’Neill is trapped. They manage to rectify the problem by visiting Urgo’s creator on P4X, who implants Urgo in himself instead to improve his personality.