PC thugs are Nazis. More information Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren’t sure whether you need or not it’s usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site. The sketches actually make the show worse, sewage coming out a television, I pay a license for this? Death by a thousand cunts. I wish he’d fuck off, the unfunny cunt. I prefer to be reached via email at contact ratingraph. He’s not even as good as Janet Brown. Stewart Lee doesn’t actually exist, does he?

I see the jokes, but they’re usually so drawn out that I see the punchline a mile away. He uses power of suggestion so that some people assume he’s being clever and actually means something, when really he’s just a complete fucking dickhead. He’s so unfunny he has to bitch about how there are funny people that are popular, and I’m positive the audience is paid to laugh, and when they do it’s clear it’s uncomfortable laughter. Good, cos there isn’t. I originally thought I was being obtuse in the first 10 minutes of the show, as a couple of people around me quite literally burst with side splitting laughter to jokes that were so innane I was wondering if I was too stupid to understand. He does it a fair bit, often when he improvises. To be honest he isn’t and I would advise anyone who isn’t a fan to not bother seeing his show on a whim.

The Phlogiston theory of combustion? Brooker is a weetabix haired trendy tosspiece trying to cling on to anything remotely cool these days and Stewart Lee is a hypocrite. You get the picture. Web server log files are deleted after 90 days. Brisket headed, slanty eyed, repetetive dog’s log.

And the head of Channel 4, whoever he is this week, when he looks at the old schedules, he must feel like an elderly, syphilitic ladies’ man leafing through a photograph album of all the society beauties he used to romance all of them now dead because of him, because of what HE did. I was watching in HD. He’s like Ian Huntley to me. The evidence of this has been carefully sifted out along with his Shropshire accent as he has adopted both the speech and cognitive vocabulary and conventions which are the default position of the speakers of Estuary English with whom he presumably spends his days.


Only 2 on stage in nearly 4 hours.

Maybe he thinks comedy should be challenging conventions and intelectually complex. In fact you’re just silly, cruel and crude. He’s disgusting and i hope they ban him lef performing.

I was surprised to see no negative reviews for this. Self obsession does not automatically mean intelligent “meta” comedy gold. I was as well. It was so bad i was stunned.

Cos I started reading about mallards, the mallard duck, which also occurs in nature – it’s from nature. Anyone with half a fkn brain cell can understand being “politicly correct” and a “liberal” is a conflict of interests. Why do you do this rubbish?! Brown’s literary construction lends itself to being battered he writes as if his prose is converted from stage directionsbut Lee just made up a line.

My only hope, some weird w01e02 of cosmicjustice, is that in a parallel universe somewhere, there’s an inaccurate documentary about Morgan Freeman narrated by a dishonest penguin.

It’s probably because he’s unfunny. To me, morally or comedically this is no better than Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson both of whom were genuinely funny even if you now think their jokes were racist but neither of them were genuinely bigoted, IMHO of course, like Stewart Lee and his fans. Don’t waste your money or time.

He’s vehile comedian people say they like, just to appear more intelligent than the rest of us, a bit like those student union bores I remember from the ’80s who seemed to think all indie music was automatically more radical than pop when it was often more conservative. He gets some things right but his deire to challenge modern life and society dont quite hit the spot and come over as clmedy studenty and smug.


The 1, Greatest Episodes of Anything Ever. Sometimes I think he’s quite funny, but most of the time overwhelmingly smug. An absolute fried cunt’s testicle.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle Season 1 Episode 2

Sorry Stew, Bill was already doing the “Comedy of Hate” when you were fumbling stewarf doing student-targetted humour. If you have to analyse comedy, it ain’t comedy. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

He fell through the bar, Stew. Stewart Lee is vehiclle pathetic little man. They are both exercises in smugness and try to be clever.

Because, um, you can watch it on telly and laugh at that, but when you see it falling through the bar, it’s actually happening in front of your eyes. This is dead time. Probably laughs at farting noises too. I liked Stewart Lee briefly about seven years ago but I haven’t been able to stand him since. Love Will Tear Us Apart Once you’ve started to feel like this, the evidence of the collapse of civilisation is everywhere.

Anyway they’ve split up now and my wifes cousin seems a lot happier.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

Ten minutes of last week’s show was enough for me. Not exactly falling about are they?

The Top TV series and Movie sequels also worth a look, they are ranked by a custom metascore which is calculated vehkcle the number of user ratings and the sum of their averages. The inexorable rise of Adrian Chiles makes me long for the days when a regional accent was considered a professional disadvantage.

But professional comics can probably appreciate it, and laugh or whatever.