It was exciting to him as watching the sunrise. But now that he’s seeing Minori in person, he felt guilty for judging her before they even met. It’s easy to see him as a womanizer what with his popularity with women and the complaints from Fritz Raeger bragging about his exploits, which isn’t true and is just Fritz exaggerating out of jealousy , but he’s not. Bachelors’ High School Stereotypes. He sighed in relief, then gave his attention to Akiko. Sorry for — ” “No, no, sit back down,” he said, gently pushing her back down to the bed when she tried to get up. It Takes a Village by hnathe vesuviusPrivateer Fandoms: She was a bumbling idiot around him right now!

For a moment he was worried when he heard that the new farmer is going to be a young woman – he has a certain stereotype towards them due to his past experiences. No worries, it’s my pleasure and I’ll look forward to your new recipes soon. Everyone has been so nice to Minori and she feels really grateful for this opportunity, and for everyone’s welcoming warmth. She couldn’t see but the color of his cheeks visibly matched hers as he looked inside the basket. I’m just trying boys out on one file. Did the bath really tire him out that much? Always eager to be downstairs early, multitasking in the morning was a must. His confession was so adorably bashful that she couldn’t resist the urge to giggle.

We are quite busy this Monday morning, aren’t we? He had ordered some crops from her and today was the promised delivery date. She just got back from Iris’s house where she bathed and received some last-minute tips. Did it mean that she and Raeger would —.

Licorice, her best friend, has known all along who Akiko truly desires. I’m here with another Story of Seasons, RaegerxMinori fic because my dream is to overpopulate the community with them though in reality I’ll probably only write like, 5 max. Title’s kind of boring and straightforward, which is very unlike me, but I couldn’t think of anything else besides “Tea Time” and that’s not even half the story, so Iris took her hand away from her face and smiled.


She blushed, gripping the handle of the picnic basket more tightly. Minori covered her face, making it quite obvious that she, in fact, had not. Could she press her luck…?

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Was this just a game to her? The Maid Mission Here are the store links reder case you are interested: Oak Tree Town’s economy was finally living up to its potential. Well, the more you play, the better you get. It’s good to meet you.

He watched her walk down the stone steps to the trade depot, holding the reins of her brown horse which towed along the large cart of goods through the small window of the front door.

They were endearing and very thoughtful, and she would have to remember to properly thank them if everything went well tonight.

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Her cheeks flushed and she grabbed his pillow, hiding her face in it. Once again thank you for your suggestion and it’s nice meeting you. It didn’t take long for her to realize how small of a bed it was, though. Also, I will be changing the default name and appearance of the main character.

Boards Story of Seasons Is reager a womanizer? I just would have liked some time to prepare, I guess. She was initially afraid whether she would fit in here, but now. Did he mean the dish or the confession? Even late at night when they would meet up like this, their kisses were sweet and chaste.

Happy Birthday, Raeger “You mean you guys haven’t done it yet? Minori allowed herself a few brief glances before he atory her still sitting on the bed, and afterwards she grabbed the pillow again, hiding her face.


He grabbed her hand and led her through the restaurant and up the stairs, making sure she was fine walking. She walked over to the table and poured the tea before seating herself. He moved himself to the bed with her, pulling her into his embrace.

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At the same time, he felt happy that someone could finally prove him wrong. Either way, it’s pretty dang long, so I hope all resder Raeger shippers appreciate this! If he hadn’t been so simple and thought she was just sick, he surely would have wondered what she was doing there.

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I only have 5 of each right now! The girl in question blushed but nodded, eager to help out her friend. Always eager to be downstairs early, multitasking in the morning was a must.

She needed to leave Jonas to do his job, as his desk started to get extremely busy, as it did every new season.

How does it even feel? Her insides were positively on fire, but what he was doing felt so great she didn’t want him to ever stop. Although I feel like something is still missing from this Potato Pancake. He changed relatively fast and came back out looking good as new.