Look out for the symbol while you’re editing your page; hovering it will reveal useful tips for getting the most out of ArchiPro. After a week the water is so scummy you can’t even use it. I ordered a spa cover in June and it is now February and I have been told that I have to wait a further weeks so until the end of April , to receive it. Metro Series Finnleo Outdoor Saunas: I would buy from this company again in an instant. A month or so later, the 3rd replacement stereo was installed. During this time, 2 of the stereo speakers quit working, but now the radio was out of warranty 2 years so the speakers were not covered. Foot jets keep coming out, buttons are hard to push, had a panel replaced already from it looking faded, headrests get dirty fast, and it appears they’ll look torn up before long, also basing that on previous reviews, we’ve had technician there twice for 2 different leaking valves, and the turn around time to get a technician is over 2 weeks.

The fuse for the stereo is 10 amps, so I ordered a 12 volt 10 amp power supply and splice the connectors on to it and at present I am using it to supply power to the remote receiver and the stereo.. You can also take advantage of the calf jets in the Accu-Ssage Seat pictured above for a full leg massage, and stretch your legs out to massage your hamstrings and the backs of your knees with the reflexology dome. At my last home, I purchased a Sundance Optima Hot Tub and installed it in the backyard, butted up to the deck. Waterfall Operation all Models Except Metro The larger dimensions of this model make the series-exclusive spiral-action lounge seat perfect for long legs. You can change it so it’s not too hot for the kiddos. You are seconds away from having full access to ArchiPro.


A Reflexology Massage applies pressure to certain areas of the feet which is not only a pleasurable experience but also promotes good health.

Water Quality Maintenance Waterfall Operation all Models Except Metro All changes you make are instantly saved. Oh wait, I remember now. Seats Size Gallons Primary Pump. The headrests are all falling apart.

General Electrical Safety Instructions sundajce Mystique Finnleo Designer Series: It was a truly wonderful experience.

Choose a Sundance Certa spa and get it all.

Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls. We were out of town for five days, the air bubbler cetta running and air got into the cover which caused it to float and the heat escaped leaving icicles hanging from the spa again and the heater constantly running.

We never had anything wrong with it — just had to replace a few pillows and add the right chemicals. Seried Is Too Hot The hubby loves that we can get off from work and come home to a relaxing tub. You are currently viewing your company profile as a guest.

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No comments have been made. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The Sundance owner portal gives easy access to owner’s manuals, warranty sumdance, troubleshooting guides and parts. I have owned a Sundance Capri for 18 years, a wonderful hot tub.

Sundance 780 Series: Certa Hot Tubs / Spas

It was a wonderful tub and for the remaining time we lived in that home it gave us absolutely no problems. Consumers needing therapy, consumers wanting relaxation and consumers wanting family time.


Ft Pleated Cartridge Filter is washable for a long life and provides extra filtration when you need it most, when you are using the hot tub! The fuse for the stereo is 10 amps, so I ordered a 12 volt 10 amp power supply and splice the connectors on to it and at present I am using it to supply power to the remote receiver and the stereo. I wrote the company again 2 months ago and have received absolutely no response.

I tell you that my wife and are super excited and I know the team at Spas Plus will be there in our time of need, if and when it should arise for service, supplies, or just advice.

The Sundance staff was very professional and courteous in helping me select the perfect hot tub for my home. Activate Jets Pumps The second replacement stereo was installed.

After about year 25 it started to leak under the skirt siding.

Sundance Spa – FL1 Error Code

Easy to maintain, super durable materials, and year round usefulness. Amberlight Finnleo Designer Series: I have a bad back and hips. If you have recently purchased a tub, you may want to remove the side panels and inspect for this same problem.