He raises his hand in the air and calls out to the test officials. Hope SKKS ‘ rating will get better The pronunciation, in case you are wondering, is sung-gyoon-gwan. Turn him over to the police? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Woah, I was skimming through the comments and was surprised to see my name here. Then he tells Bok-soo that eavesdropping can become a habit, as can running away.

That night, the three roommates spend the night apart, each caught up in their own thoughts. Yoon-hee has a gift for this kind of literary work, but her talents are wasted because as a woman, she cannot pursue education. Park Min Young Main Cast. After all, the cost of her one meal can provide enough gruel for two to last two days. Seon Joon Micky Yoochun falls for a forbidden love, cross-dressing Yoon Hui, and is expected to bring some funny scenes to the drama. True that InSoo can find the culprit faster, but J4 in their progress can find way beyond the who-done-it. Moving away from the campus, we find one young man hurrying through the busy streets of the capital city.

But in all seriousness, I think it will be: I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy this drama for a while or at least until the subs come out. Minister Ha is furious that the merchant thought to control the nobles with such evidence and he orders the ledgers to be burned. An archery competition brings about startling consequences for Yoon Episkdes.

I do agree that he’s missing that spark, that undercurrent beneath the beneath. Although most dramas wait until after it is finished to begin selling related goods, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ will complete all marketing, merchandise and production plans before the drama ends.


Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Bang Joon Seo Supporting Cast. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Top Star Yoo BaekVariety: See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Yoon-hee bows her head in dramscrazy, awaiting her punishment… until Sun-joon declares that all the scholars here are the wrongdoers, and the officials as well. Posted May 28, Further more I can’t believe I am having a discussion sungkyunjwan who is more girlie looking and why.

Favorite scene of the episode: Sadly, straddling the fence means I get hit with mud or manure when both sides start slinging. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above epsiodes required to play this audio clip. I’m particularly interested in Yong-Ha and Jae-Shin Thanks for the recap.

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Sun-joon is intelligent and confident, and therefore looks with disdain upon the desperate superstitions of his peers. Nobody in this forum have seen this masterpiece? Thanks for recapping SKKS! If only they hadn’t sunngkyunkwan it in a slot with two big contenders.

Park Yoochun and Park Min-young. When I watch kdrama, i usually skip the boring parts yeah, make time for.

Park Geun Soo Supporting Cast. Her mother is being harassed by men who are sungkunkwan to collect on her loan. I’ve been looking forward to Sungkyunkwan all week! I am actually intrigued by this drama even before its broadcast.

She says no, all he has to fear is public sentiment. Yes, you made the point In-Soo and Baek Kye-Soo Hwang Jin Yi both shared the same character rich snobbish creepy and loved beauty gisaeng ,they could be brothers so sooooooooo funny!!!! He does look like Tablo at certain angles!!!

The expectations for the drama is high as the sungkyunkwwn team who have come together for it is as good as it can get. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page.


Set during an era when society does not allow females to be educated nor employed, Kim Yoon-hee Park Min-young disguises herself as her brother, Kim Yoon-shik, in order to make ends meet for her family.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

By tealee Started December 9, Instead, he tells her that the best way she can repay him is to not show up in front of him again. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast.

I am in KD heaven this week with the 3 dramas. Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast. I just accidentally clicked on this review, and I’m glad I did. And if Yoon-hee doesn’t want Guh-ro, than by all means pass him over. And these photos aren’t even when they are in full drag. I can understand about it. Well, I’m hoping all the best for this drama. As far as newbies or idol actors go, he’s one of the better ones because he doesn’t overact and the emotions he does display, he displays well. Now for Mickey Yoochun aka Park Yoochun.

Yesterday I watch this drama via internet. I’ve seen too many multi-millionaire ballplayers in all sports allowing their emotions to take over and costing their team a game so it can happen.

Comedy, historic, romantic, drama, action series doesn’t translate easily.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, suspicions continue to arise regarding Yoon Hee’s true gender and identity. As a person who has played sports and i still am a avid watcher of sports too.

I usually like second or third male lead too. Episodes by LollyPip.