To make matters worse, Flint reveals that Amanda is going to study abroad in Paris with him for the summer! Ciara Bravo as Kylie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nickelodeon portal Television portal. Owen Reynolds Gracie Dzienny Edit Details Release Date:

While Mike and Owen are trying to rescue her, Owen gets turned into a personal doll, too. Meanwhile, Julie breaks up with Mike and Owen tries to fix Mike by testing him to see if Amanda likes him. Writers Guild of America. That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson guest stars. This episode is a reference to Marvel’s The Avengers as they have shawarma quietly in the end on the episode. Tensions flare after Grandfather traps Mike, Owen and Amanda in the dojo to stage an intervention, realizing they’ve forgotten the true meaning of being Ninjas.

The series premiered as a special preview on Nickelodeon on January 17, in the United States and started airing regularly on April 16, Legends of Awesomeness —16 Mia and Me —16 Fred: Meanwhile, Connor is filming everyone doing embarrassing things for his made-up show, “Conn’d. During Spirit week, a rival cheerleader from Amanda’s ninjaas named Kylie Coors is released from juvie and visits Benjamin Rush.

DJ Elephant Head 01 Oct 8. With Owen, and later Amanda, they are ushered into the world of crime-fighting, forming the team “Supah Ninjas. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Quake, a giant, beast of a man, has been tearing apart Empire City. After Amanda and Owen want to go public and Mike doesn’t, just because it’s two against elepant, they decide to go public. At the end, when everybody is arrested the building behind them is the same one that is used as Rocque Records on Big Time Rush.

Connor Matthew Yang King With all the kids locked in with a canister of the venom, it’s uspah to Amanda to save them. Meaty —09 Wonder Supan

Edit Details Release Date: Owen desperately tries to woo Isabelle, a new Junior transfer, but has no idea she’s actually an undercover detective who’s also pursuing the Skeleton Crew. Meanwhile Heae is upset, thinking that Amanda and Owen have a thing for each other, after Connor tells him they are into each other.


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It sent him to Madagascar, after getting Mike’s mon back of course. Even though Hologramps didn’t appear in this episode, he is voiced when Mike makes a voice reenactment of him while remembering about his goal on defeating an enemy. A villainous brother named Optic Dennis Keiffer and his sister Buzzsaw Danielle Burgio the duo steal purple diamonds around the city to bring their dying father called Mechanov Curt Lowens back to life as a robot.

Meanwhile, the ninjas fight a villain known as Snakeskin who is really their attractive guidance counselor, Ms. Full Cast and Crew. Limedark Danny Mastersona former college actor, kidnaps his former cast mates, who have become famous, and has horrible plans for them. Retrieved April 19, Retrieved 27 February While Mike practices what he’s gonna say to Julie, she doesn’t realize he’s actually talking about herself, and once he finishes, she touches his hand and says, “Perfect.

They then decide to not go public, after their final decision Mike asks “Grandfather, we weren’t really caught on tape, were we? But while fighting the Ishina, and after realizing that Connor was lying since he’s fighting them too, they push Connor into a cargo box.

X Christopher Malekian assassin hired by the mob, is trying to kill a boy Michael Blaiklock with smart computer skills that Mike’s dad is protecting. He tries to retrieve it, but Mike defeats him and takes the sword.

Mike and the gang are suspicious when unlikely suspects turn bad, including one of Mike’s own uncles. Mike goes to his locker and finds his grandpa’s brother, who kidnaps Mike ending the series with Kagema flying off with Mike. Nickelodeon portal Television portal. Mike is left broken hearted when he misses his chance to ask Amanda to the dance.

When Mike is grounded after his father catches him sneaking out, Mike has to find a way to help Owen and Amanda stop the Ishina and Kagema Fukanaga from finding the dojo. Action comedy Teen Sitcom.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April TV. Flint Forster returns and learns Amanda’s real identity; Mike must rescue Flint and Amanda when they are taken hostage. It is also revealed that Mike can do perfect voice impressions.


Scott Amy Lucaswho is stealing Devil Diamond Snakes and plans to use their venom as revenge on the popular kids at Melanie’s party. Mike and Amanda scold him afterward but Hologramps casr pity on Owen because he was trying to do the right ninjaw, he also knows how he feels about not receiving enough attention and not getting credit for helping to save Empire City, but he tells him that a ninja’s strength comes from within, not the opinion of others.

Mike’s cousin, Connor, returns to Empire City to obtain the floating sword and set up a trap to the ninjas.

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The ninjas take on headd chess prodigy villain named Checkmate Rick D. But soon, they realize DJ Elephant Head is a criminal! Whenever they attempt to have a date, its always ruined by either Mike or Owen.

The ninjas end up in detention and discover Jellyface escaped from prison. Start your free trial. Audible Download Audio Books.

Cousin Connor plans to infiltrate the dojo, and after he fails, the Supah Ninjas must get back Mike’s mon. Mike goes on his first date with Julie, with Owen giving him advice through an earpiece.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Isabelle goes to the school with backup, they unmask the ninjas, which actually turns out to be the Skeleton Crew The Supah Ninjas switched masks with them before Isabelle and Martin arrived. Add the first question. Mike and Owen revive their old childhood magic act, “The Amazing Owenini and Friend,” in order to go undercover at the Magic Castle to uncover the truth about famous magician’s Vince Corazza disappearance. Victorious star Daniella Monet guest stars.