Moody died of a heart attack, which is what all the victims in here are dying of. A hand grabs him from behind and turns his face around. DEAN flings salt at her and she disappears. Personal tools Log in. He turns around and sees no one. She opens her mouth wide and yells.

And, uh, you know the rest. Sure, his heart stopped right after the guard stopped using his head for batting practice. Suddenly, the light above him flickers. Season 2 Episode CUT TO a cell block hallway. Nurse Dolores Glockner Alistair Abell Moody died of a heart attack, which is what all the victims in here are dying of. DEAN looks through the cellroom slit and sees a clock in the hallway, which reads 8:

That’s when the killings started. Retrieved from ” http: Two of the cops walk closer and handcuff them. I get supernayural you’re trying to help me, okay?

Innocent people are dead. I’m 54 years old, mopping the floor of a crapper with bars on the windows. John Shiban Directed by: Search for ” Folsom Prison Blues ” on Amazon.

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Extradition papers have already been filed from five separate states, Missouri and Wisconsin being the biggest concern — the bank robbery and the murder raps. Truth is, I have low self-esteem issues. The door opens and two men enter. They are wearing their normal clothes. There is a noise off screen, and SAM looks up. He continues walking, then hears a noise and turns again.


SAM turns the axe around in his hands. Rear bus doors open, revealing a shackled man, who gets out.

2.19 Folsom Prison Blues (transcript)

And I gotta say, there are some weird inconsistencies. Don’t give me that, all right?

Do yourself a favor. Was this review helpful to you? Look, if you’re as smart a P. The ghost walks through the fence she was standing behind. Three months later, Dean and Sam are arrested during a heist to be sent to the haunted prison to help Deacon, a former friend of their father. Mike Rohl Air Date: Hey, I wanted to ask you, ’cause I couldn’t help but notice that you are two tons of fun. The door creaks slightly, then pulls free.

Folsom Prison Blues

SAM is walking across the yard. You don’t think that I can? We know he saved Dad’s life. He looks up at it, startled. The second hand is just past the 4 and is not moving. He exhales again and turns around. SAM is now standing near two guards. So, this nurse, she would have had white hair, one screwed up eye — is that ringing a bell? I have already told you. There is a whooshing sound and two narrowed eyes look back at him, framed in the slit. Nobody ever proved anything.


They set off across the cemetery. Following him is DEAN, holding the chains attached to his wrists and feet.

I mean, he did everything but yell boo. Three months later, Dean and Sam are arrested during a Our favorite trailers of the week include another superntural of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.

I don’t know that it is. SAM nods to his very large roommate, who stands slowly and glares at him.

I mean, we’re not really out of the woods yet, Dean, you know? Season 2 Episode Keep that game face on. He sees DEAN enter the yard and holds up a hand to catch his attention. Edit Storyline When an old block is reopened in the Green River Supernnatural Detention Center after thirty years, a fiend is released, killing the inmates.