Pinfall after an Unprettier. Undertaker hit McMahon in the head with one of the shovels. Edge — Elimination Chamber. He went on to say that McMahon respects nobody and that McMahon disrespects his family. John “Bradshaw” Layfield — Elimination Chamber. Letters from the Sky. Thanks so much for putting these together.

John Cena at WM No Way Out — Kurt Angle vs. Survivor Series — Chris Jericho vs. Nobody told Booker T that Even though a lot of people would usually mention their WM17 promo video as the best of all time and the best of their trilogy but I would always prefer the WM 19 one.. In his first act as General Manager, Heyman booked a handicap match , with Undertaker facing Brock Lesnar and The Big Show , with the stipulation that if he won, Undertaker could choose to face any superstar at any event. Looking over this list Punk vs Rock Rumble might be my favourite promo. WM19 match had a better story and the video package showed it.

Team Austin vs Team Bischoff WWE Survivor Series Promo – video dailymotion

Out of curiosity, since you’ve been looking into all of these, which promo package happens to be your favorite of all time? Austin promptly accepted the challenge, with Bischoff announcing the first two teak of his team as Scott Steiner and Chris Jericho. At Unforgiven, Goldberg defeated Triple H with the title and his career on the line, when he performed a Jackhammer to win the title. Pinfall after a Batista Bomb by an interfering Batista. So here’s a list of ones that I dug a lot, like: For that reason, guys like Edge are really underrated too.

Cena – Vengeance Of what is here, which, holy hell dude, you did an amazing job! Kane vs HHH Promo: Jericho was eliminated after Michaels countered the Walls of Jericho into a Cradle.

Team Austin vs Team Bischoff WWE Survivor Series 2003 Promo

At Unforgiven on September 21, Orton defeated Michaels in the first of many high-profile matches billed as “Legend versus Legend Killer”, with the help of his stablemate and mentor Ric Flair. Tajiri c with Akio and Sakoda defeated Jamie Noble [4]. Kane interfered, attacked Undertaker and threw him into the grave. Perfect for promo videos. Views Read Edit View history. At the end, Goldberg attempted another Spear on Triple H, who countered the maneuver by hitting Goldberg in the head with a sledgehammer for the win.


Pinfall after an Angle Slam. Its probably one of the least liked Manias ever but it was my first pay per view event I got to order as a kid, so it will always have a soft spot for me. If they feel it’s significant or unique to be up despite seires rules. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Bisschoff and Privacy Policy.

Enjoy it my dude; maybe bischodf go own to watch some of the matches after watching the promos! Exactly man, I swear they need pomo metal promos, because that’s what having a good song can do.

Legit maybe my favourite promo ever. Sabu – Vengeance Edge vs.

John Cena at WM Man, I wish Lawler could have gotten a better wrestlemania match that year then what he got with Micheal Cole. The Image of Benoit locking Rock in that crossface had me fearing for that ausitn life.

Night of Champions — Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio — Elimination Chamber. Triple H vs Booker T: He attempted to injure Batista using the same technique that Batista used on Goldberg. And I give him alot of credit for what he’s done with developmental and I feel the business will be okay in his hands, but Jesus I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get over that fucken main event run of his in 03 04 I mean, even the announcing from JR and Heyman right before the match fit perfectly. On the October 20 edition of RawBischoff proposed that he and Austin should face off in a traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, with both selecting teams of five and the stipulation being if Austin’s team were to win, then the restriction that Linda McMahon had put on Austin previously would be null and void; however, if Bischoff’s team were to win, Austin would step down as Co-General Manager of Raw.


Posts focused on sexual content will be removed. Daniel Bryan Battleground — Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt Promo: Triple H Backlash — John Cena vs. Great American Bash — Rey Mysterio vs. It literally felt like anyone in that match could win it, and that’s exactly what a promo should do. Clash of Champions — Kevin Owens vs. Too bad it’s not on the network well the music. Backlash Lesnar vs Undertaker: Kane defeated Shane McMahon. Triple H — Hell in a Cell.

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Austin then announced that Batista and Goldberg would go one-on-one on the November 10 edition of Rawjust six days before Survivor Series. It was still a cool run either way!!!! The time is now. Bischoff had control of the seriies since July 15,but on April 28, the night after the Backlash pay per viewhe was forced to share his General Manager duties with Austin.

My favorite promo of any Shield vs Shield match, as Dean sums up the entire story and emotions in a great promo package. Survivor Series — Randy Orton vs. They need to headline Wrestlemania for fucking sure. Bradshaw surviivor then eliminated after a Chokeslam by Big Show.